How To Fix Engine Idling Problems (Rough Idle) In Your Car - DIY With Scotty Kilmer

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Scotty Kilmer: ⬇️Things used in this video:
1. Throttle Cleaner:
2. Screwdriver set:
3. Shop Towels:
4. Disposable Gloves:
5. Common Sense
6. Full HD Camera:
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J Beckmann: scotty sir, 07 Altima 4 banger, idles terrible, stumbles upon acceleration and sometimes even complete loss of power while still running to where it will only do 20mph. all intermittent and idles fine in neutral. Only code thrown is generic lean bank one. preciate your work brother.

Liz Vic: Make a video on diesel, please.

Spencer Tapprich: HEY SCOTTY!!! please see my newest video and see what you think is wrong with my jeep wrangler. 2 years and I can't find the problem anymore

Joshua Salmons: Do NOT clean your throttle body like this if you have a newer vehicle with electric throttle body sensors. You will be taking your car to a shop to relearn your idle or like me have to replace the sensor.

John Hamilton: My 3 year old loves watching these videos with me. Scotty is the best

Daniel Fonseca: Hi master , I been having code po015 on my bmw 328i 07 I get rough idle jerks stalling when I drive it it run ok when I slow down it stars jerking and feel like loose of power or choke. Plz help I change the solenoids n it's the same I change sensor to

Jose Pina: Hey Scotty, I have this issue were my car starts a bit rough and almost doesn't seem to want to start. This happens sometimes only, other times It starts up just fine. And It's usually only the first time I start the car for the day. It seems to drive just fine, could that be the spark plugs? I'll admit, I haven't replaced them In over a year and I've driven the car 30k miles In that time frame. I've been so busy with work that I haven't had time to fix the issue, but now I have some spare time. Please help, any replies will be appreciated.

Robert Clark: You've GOT to be making a killing. Lol

Singh jinder Nagra: I think scotty is idling too much 😂😂

Abu Hurairah: I have 1st generation swift and the problem with it is it vibrates whenever i apply brake just before a hump and the rpm comes down to 600 and the engine also make loud noise when the is in the gear but these all things occur when the car is in drive or reverse gear...please help

yort002: Hey Scotty an old mechanic friend of mine once told me. That alcohol swabs work really good too is is safe to use alcohol on some of the more modern alloy throttle bodies ....
Thanks mate

InDreamsYourMine: My ford Taurus overheated duo to a failed thermostat, and now I have a problem with rough idle and temp gauge fluctuating between 1/4 and 1/2 with the heater on, with heater off temp gauge stays at or very close to 1/2. I've replaced the thermostat which fixed the over heating problem and replaced the spark plugs and spark plug wires which failed to fix the the rough idle. Any possible cause for the rough idle and temp gauge fluctuation?

Red Lantern___: Cleaning the IAC valve. Never thought of that. And i was thinking of other possibilities.

trankt54155: Scotty, you look and sound like Steve Perry.

Asthetikk: What kind of Toyota is that? Lol

That's Awsome: Thanks again Scotty. This has been an interesting learning curve . I think this time I will win. Dual fuel car. Ran for a decade on LPG and of course, caused me to pay for a petrol tank removal and clean with new pump and fuel line and injectors flush. Yep! This was as a result of not being able to start the car on LPG and deciding to fix the petrol side of things. Later on just changing the plugs seals and coils got the LPG going. Also thanks to backfiring blowing the fresh air intake to bits and holding it together with glue and tape (Mitshibishi- a metal assembly is better) meant years of running with poor air filtering. Yep! So now I am paying the price for neglect. I do change oil though every 6000kms or so. Don't laught too much (or cry). I expect the idling part will be choked up. Wonder what the EGR is like too? LPG runs well but on petrol is only firing on 3 cylinders. When the petrol was fixed it ran fine for 15 minutes then strated missing badly. That led me to changing plugs and coils hoping to fix LPG and it did. Now LPG is running well but petrol is as discribed. Any other tips very welcome but cleaning throttle assembly as per this video hopefully will complete the job.

ClubSexy Gameplay: I drive a 1988 toyota corolla stick shift. When i start the car it idles fine at 1000 rpm. As soon as i start driving it the idle rises to 3000. Sometimes it lowers with the ac but not really. And i cleaned my carburetor already. Any thoughts?

heyzeus023: God, that's so much work :(

snts14: Does the 2006 sienna have a stand alone iac valve? If so, where and what's the best way to clean it? P0505 code. Thanks.

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How to Fix Engine Idling Problems (Rough Idle) in Your Car - DIY with Scotty Kilmer 5 out of 5

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How to Fix Engine Idling Problems (Rough Idle) in Your Car - DIY with Scotty Kilmer