Blank Gun Conversion To Live Ammo

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Martin: to convert you have to drill the blank barrel and you cant shoot a 9 mm live ammo, the only ammo that wont blow your hands up is the blank ammo with a 6mm bb

Javier japich japich: Y como cresta solda el cañón o la apreta

Enki Nagas: El video tratava de una pistola de fogeo modificando la para aserla que dispare balas reales ??

Bob Cammarata: Yes I from the USA and not from Europe. So I must say SORRY! LOL.

ronzor7: Firearm barrels (bolts,etc) are not free of sale in Europe, only licensed gun owners can buy these parts.
On the other hand, fully functional lowers are easy to acquire. lol

Eirikatana: While it's interesting from mechanical point of view, at least for me, it's not worth to mess with the law.

Bob Cammarata: One can do better by just buying a new 22LR barrel off E-bay, I did, and it was very cheep bucks. It works grate. No crap.

Congo Bongo: If Turkey ever does, it would be a miracle, join the EU, this sort of crap will come to the rest of Europe. But of course it's already; but we don't need anymore of it.

bezmi alem: Hesap makinesiylemi çektin

1776 1884: Holy crap thats going to blow up in your hand and leave you with a stub

Yudhy Saja: pret..!!

Eng.abed hossari: missing step how connect new barrel

SmoKingPackRaT: I guess one end of the barrel is threaded, and then you screw it in the chamber

jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen: Lotsa work?buy a real one

thra5herxb12s: Die cast zinc is called MAZAC not Zamak. It's also called pot metal like toy cars are made from.

P.LOKOE UNO: did you finish the gun!!

Miguel Angel Palacio Cadavid: como se hace para pegar el nuevo cañón ya que el armazón del arma es de antimonio? quien me puede ayudar

treck rex: a lot of work I thought so I don't see how this would work. I don't know of any glue that would hold the barrel. even J.B weld would brake off. I think this was just a demonstration of how they are made and they left out how to mount the barrel.

the homemade lathe on the other hand, cheers for great mcgyverism.

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blank gun conversion to live ammo 5 out of 5

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blank gun conversion to live ammo