Blank Gun Conversion To Live Ammo

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reyjulio: nice work,i have a bruni gap glock 8mm...can i convert in 9mm? how? thanks

Realtreeredneck: Shoot it you ninny!

cybdrg2008: A great way to blow up the gun in the hand, another little thing, I'm very curious to see how they fixed the barrel at the castle of the gun

kevviinnn: can anyone tell me how I make from my alampistol a real gun w/ live ammo?! or how I can convert it?!

you238: Why not just make a zip gun; seems like less trouble.

VEVO Telekinesis: looks like it's more trouble than it's worth.

ogar franksteinberg: Heres my question how does the barrel even stay on the frame?

Pogar Johnson: Hey ferb I know what were gonna do today

francisco inzunza: excelente felicitaciones man

Puddehn Sowl-Reepah: Dat competition trigger tho

doctorno0070: Can you say "death wish?" Invest in your safety and get a licence, buy a real hand gun and eliminate the very real danger of catastrophic failure. 

kadir l.: bende yapıyorum çok etkili oluyor 50 adet civarında peş peşe mermi yattım banamısın demedi

Henry Stank: i have the blow 92 f thinking of makeing it a 22 lr but would have to get new clips made

SWAGGERDISS: How the flip did you make the barrel stick to the weaker metal zink then it's impossible cos no glue can hold that unless you welded it then you'd need to weld it to perfection otherwise it won't work so again how did you make the new barrel stick to the old one the zink one pls tell all as I know you know what your doing otherwise you wouldn't be doing it so let me know bro thanks

Albert Angkawijaya: that just make strong barrel, but the breech block is still weak metal

Javier56286: it is soo unsafetly so much troubles for going blind in the first shot forget about it . buy a real one is much easyer

MaGIKzIIx: Is this video Evan legal to be on here lol

Jean Nelissen: dude 5 grains is normal .380 ACP load those blank guns won't blow up from one shot of it,a 9mm PAK has more powder as factory .380 ACP round and Ekol's can fire 1000+ of those without blowing up you're talking crap

Danjer - (Hip Hop International SP -CEO): THANK you...Finally someone without a Call of Duty comment...I converted a Blank Gun to shoot .380 rounds...It even cycled...Until one day I put a .380 with 5gs in it instead of 2.5 (best for blank material) and it exploded and burned the crap out of me...But hey, I put 200+ rounds through it before destroying my wonderful tool....Took me only 5 hours to semi-rifle the barrel, and remove the plug....TIP - Buy a front fire blankgun.

Nwest82: it will if he tries to use the factory Blank slide return spring...but if he were to install a real 9mm spring and maybe even a buffer then the slide should be fine.

OoMrTurkoO: it is illegal

Danjer - (Hip Hop International SP -CEO): No, I shot one roundn that was double the power the firearm could take, and it shred into about 20 pieces...including dangerous shards of metal.

UNN Von Braun: cool "lathe"

imloved53: you didnt fire it?

BIll Georgoulakis: If the slide can take the forces of a 9mm blank, could they not take the real .380?

Imtiaz Patel: Vedicpagan

Daniel Bargas: ive done that, the only problem is the barrel isnt rifled so you cant hit crap past 50 feet but other than that its a gun

omfgrifk: Luckily the 7,65 br. bullit that it will be pushing forwards weighs only 71 grains, and the barrel is smoothbore, so there wont be that much of a backpressure.

ronzor007: it is 7.65 browning or .32 acp the shell lenght of 9mm pak is 22mm total lenght of 32acp is 25mm.

xilechile: concordo con te, forze la canna e' stata saldata sul corpo, e' quello k io farei

paolo de cataldis: ma come mai nessuno dice come e stata attacata la canna??

challenqer snitch: elinde patlar

ilko1979: This is a SUICIDE, If you want to fire real bullets,buy real gun

vedicpagan: actuall according to the british constitution ITS ILLEGAL to prevent us from having arms for self defence or defence of the realm its UNLAWFUL statutes & bogus acts that tricked us into thinking its ilegal AMERICA GOT ITS 2ND AMENDMENT FROM US BRITS ,AND ITS STILL VALID TO THIS DAY AND ACTUALLY UNLAWFUL TO CHARGE US OR JAIL US FOR HAVING FIREARMS the banker gov lied LOL PITY THE STUPID POPULATION OF BRITAIN NEVER BOTHERED TO LOOK AT MAGNA CARTA & OUR CONSTITUTION BEFORE GIVING UP THERE ARMS LOL

Hrajnoga: Great video ! I would just like to ask how do you attach the new barrel ? Drill the chamber on the frame and the attach it inside with 2 rivets ? Do you weld anythin too ? Does the magazine also need any modifications ? Thanks for any advices !

xilechile: Were did you get this video? is really interesting

Robert hoefkens: JewishJouleGenerator uses the powder from the blanks in his .380 ACP rounds, they work fine

ronzor007: That might work,like glueing a nice fishing sinker on top. Just kidding,in firearms with internal bolts like smg's you you can bore cavities and fill with lead or better tungsten/wolfram which weighs almost twice the amount of lead. You can use broken tungsten carbide milling bits. Or the tungsten barrel obtrusion which comes with the blank firer and put that on/in your slide. oops..

Nwest82: my guess is he had the backstrap of the gun out so he could adjust it to be able to fit a real 9mm mag. since most 9mm blank mags. I have seen have only enough room for the blank shell casing but not a bullet.

Vegard Håskjold: what?!

ronzor007: That is what cought my attention in the first place;this simpel ghetto lathe build for one purpose only.

Hannibal Barkas: 9mm

ManOfMeyham: To convert a blank gun get one that's not potmetal(zinc) like a kimar m85, m92 or 75 auto that are actually made of cnc machined stainless steel. Great tutorial

Ian Mangham: @bertobubba Please tell me more about umarex Conv to 32acp

Alterwisher: This is 5 years in prison.

Nwest82: its one of the reasons, they do still sell them in Canada but they have to alredy be here in Canada. Importation has been banned. I hope that someday they lift this ban.

tuipale: 9mm handguns have an optimum range of ~35meters and it drops down to 20meters with smooth bore. I can see that barrel made in the video is prob machined from very common AISI 304 steel because any super strong cold rolled steel types are extremely expensive or hard to find (CRMO 41xx is good steel for barrels/frames/bolts because it decays very slowly unlike AISI steel and its very tough + heat-treatable) 6.35mm x 1m² plate of CRMO 4130 costs ~900eur and CRMO 1.6mm wire (for welding) 40e/kg.

TheChandlersaurusRex: That homemade lathe doesnt look too complicated

john doe: This is in a country where blank guns can be made with steel frames, pretty much anywhere else they must be zinc pot metal, so there it is impossible to weld. even if you could somehow get the barrel on, the frame would break within a few shots if not the first.

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blank gun conversion to live ammo 4.3 out of 5

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blank gun conversion to live ammo