Home Made .22 PCP Air Rifle Spud Gun.wmv

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Weaponsandthings: What did you use for the barrel?

Qyuubi786: Nice shooting It would be good to see how it performs at greater distances. Subscribed (:

Qyuubi786: Nice shooting It would be good to see how it performs at greater distances. Subscribed (:

Angel Joel Francis: You sir have been infected by brain-eating virus. Get some medical help instead of bugging other people.

Angel Joel Francis: Don't listen to him bro. Don't your time to wannabes who sits in front of computer all day. You have a nice gun. Keep it up.

MrMuffanga: Looks a lot better than the homemade crap other people make. Good job

niksechtniks: 1:14 heineken =)

CustomCompressed: Couldn't believe the similarities between your rifle and the one that we designed and built. Check it out on our channel!

bravootome: 300 psi single shoot is a lot of power, it would knock down a cat or something.... why dont you make it multyshoot ?

Tungsten Carbide: Dobber

Aj Skrzysinski: Man that's awesome

franisc lini: very nice air gun!!

clarkespearo: Hahah no its not, it has a bigger ocular lens than a objective lens they are usually used on higher power calibers (.30cal +) with lower magnification needed but in this case its a dodgey $10 chinese scope off ebay lol.

refty raft: holy crap, hi 5 dude. i hate dumb f uck like thebuttonmash..

TheAngler2210: lol

TheAngler2210: Has the bullet to fit thight?

The Observer: i believe your scope is backwards, just check it, i made a nice airgun its powerful watch the video

clarkespearo: @clarkespearo Actually you are the moron, Quote "ummm´╗┐ pcp means pre-charged-pneumatic ... meaning it basically is a semi auto ... yours is not pcp. Get it right" If you actually knew what you were talking about you would know 80-90% of PCP's are MULTI SHOT PCP's but still have a bolt to cycle so in fact are not semi automatic, go read up before you act like you know what your talking about.

clarkespearo: @TheButtonMash Well considering 300-400 PSI is no where near HPA pressures i wouldn't claim it to be High pressure air. It is Pre charged (although not multi shot) as i can fill the gun walk around then dump the pre charged chamber. Either way i meant to reply to another user you at least sound like you know a thing or two.

Collinsforeveryone: @clarkespearo i need to learn about air rifles? how bout you get your facts straight. You should of named this a (HPA) gun ,even then 400 psi isnt that high of a pressure compared to commercial airguns you dipcrap.

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Home made .22 PCP air rifle spud gun.wmv 5 out of 5

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homemade pcp airgun test
homemade pcp airgun test

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Home made .22 PCP air rifle spud gun.wmv