2014 Chevy Impala V6 0-60 MPH

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thweepz: I noticed the 4/cylinder 2014 has shorter gears. Why does Chevy use such tall gearing?

David Vanderwaal: Kia cadenza is still better. Not a old boring dash layout and it has stunning looks! The impala doesn't even have LED tail lights that's cheap 

marc1093280: They should make an SS version of the Impala with the TT V6 and AWD.

Fordguy1997: @mpgomatic It would be nice if you included the time in the 0-60 runs :)

RyanAudi39: I love GM......

David Caudill: Kia sucks

Daniel Gray: 2014 Impala? Da! Loads of views on this one from Europe over the weekend ...

David Caudill: Hay Kia the worst brand I can think of in the car industry so is the brother hondia at least chevy is doing something with trucks and cars and super cars 

Hallphamazing305: @ MPGomatic why there is no red line in the tachometer of the 14 Impala I see that in the Big GM truck too like the Tahoe, Suburban with no red line mark in the tachometer?

Jay mans: How do you like the car so far?

Jerrod Spring: 6.16, 6.75

Joshua Johnson: fast car, I see the police using these now.

Marco Driver: nice acceleration

Nela Zakula: Its time for 1080 HD its 2013!!! Plz

adam rashid: good test

David Caudill: Chevy rules

373axle: That's pretty fast

zeusl074: I think the 5.3 was a better motor for the Impala SS due to the broader power band. Peak power is fine for top speed, but you want that broad power band for acceleration.

John A: I counted about 7 seconds

knightrider1545: Most powerful NA FWD sedan currently produced.

Felix Wiesner: How comes GM still builds cars with such antiquated gearboxes?

MPGomatic: Everything would need to be cleared with the manufacturers.

Scott Hellickson: I bought the 2LTZ in Champagne Silver almost 2 months ago and I absolutely love it. I once drove a 2012 Impala LT as a rental while my old car was getting body work done (someone slid into it on a snowy day while it was parked!). I really do find the difference to be almost breathtaking, really. Handling is *vastly* better, by a long shot. I did not, at all, like anything about the handling or steering of that 2012 Impala. Transmission objectively feels faster to me, too.

Slash396: What are you using to time? It was around 5.9-6.0.

Dest Droid: I think these videos would improve if they had the times actually in them at the end of the run.

Steve Miller: A 6 speed automatic is far from antiquated!

Justin Humenik: are you sure i have a 2013 buick lacrosse and it had the same V6 as this car and i get 20.5 average and i'm not a hard driver. I rented a malibu turbo on a trip and i got 24.3 average. So the turbo is more efficient. Plus it doesn't require premium gas.

Trance88: Dayum! That thing has some punch! Anything under 9 seconds seems pretty quick to me, so this is quite good.

Jimmy Kraktov: That's the same size engine I had in my '62 Falcon. It had a whopping 85 HP. I never 'cut loose' with that monster but if I had 0-60 would have been around the half-minute mark and the tappet noise would have hurt my ears :~)

knightrider1545: What engine?

MrRockfish5: Fast

knightrider1545: Sounds a bit like a touring car at the end.

jsnevels2: No Not Really. No Other 6sp Auto In It's Class Hits 70mph In The 2nd Gear. Naw I Rather Keep Driving My Altima. :) My 4sp Auto Is Geared For Economy And It Doesn't Hit 70mph In The 2nd Gear Or Hit 42 Mph In 1st.

Zack Anderson: A 6 speed and it hits 70 in 2nd gear? Damn.

Eli0829: 300lbs heavier than the 12-13 Impala and has the same drive train... the 14 is easier on the eyes though

aquaticko: Don't know why it seems like GM's stopped labeling redlines in their newest vehicles. Not a big deal in an automatic car, but it's nice to know when a gear change at full-throttle's coming.

josh1303: I think ppl liked the old one better LOL.

TheLBCSublime: oh yeah, in 1993 this thing would have been considered a super-car sedan lol

MPGomatic: I wish. I might be able to make one ... before they shut me down ... =)

SwPiotrek: I like this car.

Cdubp01: Lol. When your balls to the wall it hits 40 something in first. Drive it normally and its plenty economic. I average around 26mph in my 2012 impala (same drivetrain) and Im pretty heavy footed.

jsnevels2: Yes , I Really Expected 1st Gear To Go About 30 or 35mph Then 2nd To Be Around 55-60 !

Zack Anderson: It has a 6-speed and is at 70mph after 2nd? That thing could go on forever.

Rtvoll: Holy crap! 6 seconds flat. For a 3855 lbs sedan this thing seriously hauls ass! I am defiantly going to get one. Even if It takes me years it will be mine!

Scott Hellickson: It feels a lot better. The 2014 makes 305/264 @ 6800/5200, while the 2012/13 is 300/262 @ 6500/5300. The axle ratio increased from 2.44 on the 2013 to 2.77 on the 2014. It certainly is not a carbon copy from the old one in certain ways. In everyday driving, it certainly does not appear to lack any power whatsoever. A vast difference, as you can imagine! The biggest change, by a long shot, is the improved handling, however.

Patrick Hightower: But for some reason! here in Tx, the car is actually not selling as good as i would expect!!

Americanmuscle1968: Damn! For a car that size it sure has one potent V6 if it can haul it that quick!

fe1138lix: Looks like a nice car for the price!

splewy: High legacy costs and a poor business strategy that involved too many unappealing and redundant products is why GM went bankrupt. It had nothing to do with recalls. Times have changed. Some cars are still more reliable than others, but no company makes truly bad cars anymore. This idea that all American brand cars are guaranteed to be plagued with problems, is outdated, and was mainly based on conjecture in the first place.

knightrider1545: Funny, last gen had 300 hp 5.3, this gen has 303 hp 3.6, lol.

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2014 Chevy Impala V6 0-60 MPH 4.8 out of 5

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2014 Chevy Impala V6 0-60 MPH