EarthRoamer XV-SLT Diesel 4x4 Expedition RV

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Matheus Campos: Vai tudo toma no cu

Dr. Vinnie BoomBatts: News flash... People that make millions that can afford this; don't want to freakn live off grid... hahahaha

David Thegan: to much stuff to go wrong when you're far away from anything but I suspect this sort of rig appeals more to those that want to show up for a weekend with the most expensive ford pick up on the planet.

William Demers: Me three

Super Hero Suprise: Way to expensive. I've designed and am building a prototype modular overland RV system with the same extended off grid capabilities as this and the Global X vehicles with a higher passenger capacity. The final sale price will be around $150,000 which will include the chassis. Hopefully will be ready for production in 8 to 12 months. Hopefully can let a lot more people afford one of these incredible vehicles .

kornfreak78: If I had the money... I would buy this.. and live in it for the rest of my life.

Tom Chippie: comes complete with the sign that says "Steal Me".

PIMA20132770579: Does it come with free blowjobs for life?

PIMA20132770579: The manufacturer is laughing all the way to the bank. How do the sum of all parts add up to half a million? Look at the boring ceiling and the cheaply done bathroom. Its ok but cheaply done for half a million. A real hose job for half a million.

Miranda Sings: I want to live in there

draden haven: Too expesive, 200k is the right price for this type of RV.

John Arizona: Profit margin above 60% is nothing but shameless greed.

jinksn: Salamat po!

D' ARTICULATE: ne of the best 4x4 campers I've seen, NICE !

I-dont-Agree-to-Your-Terms: Half a million bucks!?

How much is a helicopter with the same amenities?

Nothing seemed to slide out of its place very smoothly either...I could build something better myself...

...They're hoping they sell just one to a fool and then retire.

Harmonika Nis: awesome

Harmonika Nis: incredible

Başkan 3.Devre: If i have got this truck i no need home and car

MuhammedAli Al-Sharif: Boy!!! I have got to get me a truck like that one.

ivan smith: The 6.7 is going to need def for the emissions controls. Good luck finding that in 3rd world countries. Plus you will have to deal with the regeneration cycle to clear the dpf.

EarthRoamer XV-SLT diesel 4x4 expedition RV 5 out of 5

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EarthRoamer XV-SLT diesel 4x4 expedition RV