EarthRoamer XV-SLT Diesel 4x4 Expedition RV

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Andy DBvet: freak this rip off truck. For the RIDICULOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS price of it, you can get TWO 2017 Duramax Isata 5 and have money left over enough to drive both Isatas across USA...... Bwaahahahahha

Nasser Alqahtani: ركود ركود صبي قحطان موجود اي خواجه هنا يدق لي تحيه

svenmega10022: I like the fact that Earth Roamer up grades to military 46 inch wheels and tires. All the other 4 WD motor homes have may pop at anytime tires.

Matheus Campos: Vai tudo toma no cu

Dr. Vinnie BoomBatts: News flash... People that make millions that can afford this; don't want to freakn live off grid... hahahaha

David Thegan: to much stuff to go wrong when you're far away from anything but I suspect this sort of rig appeals more to those that want to show up for a weekend with the most expensive ford pick up on the planet.

The Marksman: Way to expensive. I've designed and am building a prototype modular overland RV system with the same extended off grid capabilities as this and the Global X vehicles with a higher passenger capacity. The final sale price will be around $150,000 which will include the chassis. Hopefully will be ready for production in 8 to 12 months. Hopefully can let a lot more people afford one of these incredible vehicles .

kornfreak78: If I had the money... I would buy this.. and live in it for the rest of my life.

Tom Chippie: comes complete with the sign that says "Steal Me".

PIMA20132770579: The manufacturer is laughing all the way to the bank. How do the sum of all parts add up to half a million? Look at the boring ceiling and the cheaply done bathroom. Its ok but cheaply done for half a million. A real hose job for half a million.

Miranda Sings: I want to live in there

draden haven: Too expesive, 200k is the right price for this type of RV.

John Arizona: Profit margin above 60% is nothing but shameless greed.

jinksn: Salamat po!

D' ARTICULATE: ne of the best 4x4 campers I've seen, NICE !

I-dont-Agree-to-Your-Terms: Half a million bucks!?

How much is a helicopter with the same amenities?

Nothing seemed to slide out of its place very smoothly either...I could build something better myself...

...They're hoping they sell just one to a fool and then retire.

Harmonika Nis: awesome

Harmonika Nis: incredible

Tahir Kaleli: If i have got this truck i no need home and car

MuhammedAli Al-Sharif: Boy!!! I have got to get me a truck like that one.

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EarthRoamer XV-SLT diesel 4x4 expedition RV 5 out of 5

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EarthRoamer XV-SLT diesel 4x4 expedition RV