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Clancy Clawson: Has this changed much? I don't really have the time to play new stuff and haven't read any old reviews to compare with

Underlord 26: Game journalists should be at least your average player in skill, not asking for an expert or Esports player (that would be bad for the average review viewer) but someone who can’t be beating by a child

Bryce Humphrey: Personally I enjoyed Brink and Homefront.

Wojack Feel: This video really made me feel like Batman

Chris Jackson: Undying praise

Ashton Blacker: Thank you so much

Kieran Desmond: I literally fell into game reviews. A friend of mine started writing for, and said they have a position for a PC and Switch editor... As it focuses more on managing a team of writers, and checking their work with a minor focus on my own writing, I used my previous work experience to go for it... I submitted a review and got it.

It's been a fantastic experience so far, and I completely agree with this video. The state of games reviews is in a state of "meh" at the moment. Having come from a academic background in terms of writing, I'm quite hard on my writers. I expect better than "this is awesome" and "it's very _____", and so do our readers.

As Robin Williams once said in Dead Poets Society, "So avoid using the word 'very' because it's lazy. A man is not very tired, he is exhausted. Don't use very sad, use morose. Language was invented for one reason, boys - to woo women - and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do."

The Dudelino: Hmm, not sure about this. I absolutely hate New York Times movie reviews because they always try to sound smarter than their readers by quoting other movies
from the 70ies or something. They are reviews that are written for the reviewer, not for his audience. I want to know whether action movie YXZ is a good action movie, not if it's a sophisticated take on cultural references made in a movie in the 70ies or why Humphrey Bogart would play this role differently.

FooMantis: NOCLIP/Danny O'Dwyer is making some pretty huge strides in his own way. Love that dude.

Golden Constellations: I can't believe this video is so old! but it's basically still true/relevant, for all forms of reviewing

Danny BRITZMAN: In a similar but not quite the same vein. We need more 'literary breakdowns' (Is that the right way of saying it?)of games, and less 'lore breakdowns'. Don't get me wrong, I love lore, but I love the other connections that run a bit deeper.

Lore is always in universe, it never breaks the 4th wall because its an explicit part of the game when you isolate it. But our games are more than that, they exist in the context of the world we live in. When I play God of War 4 I love the lore side of the characters and their relations, but I play it for its commentary on rage and fatherhood.

We need to stop looking at games in isolated distant places and start beginning to full realise them as a part of culture that should be treated in as mature a way as books and movies.

Dennis Navarrete: Does anyone knows in wich video extra credits used this song? Mega Man 2 'Air Shooter' by Joshua Morse OC Remix

Marley Vengeance: I know a great way of improving game journalism! Tell the producer to stop buying the ratings. If the the producer of review content cannot earn their reveneu by selling top ratings to publishers they have to improve their content to succeed in the market. right now we have a system in which the magazines and website can literally sell theri approval and make their living by selling out their credibility. Change that and you change the whole game.

Bruno Mailly: I think reviews are obsoleting.
The future belongs to distribution platforms that track your votes or just usage, and then with some analysis magic push the games YOU would like.
They could even manage to say WHY you would like them.

Case in point : Who uses reviews to choose what to watch on youtube ?

Vladimir Gološin: Is that Yachtzee at 1:04 ?

Mustafa Kulle: 20 years ago, was my number one reference for game reviews. It was my local library at the time.

Some games with low scores were actually really fun despite their weaknesses. Video games need time to get used to. Some grow on you, some don't.

But one of the things that ruined gaming for me as a hobby was the following; They gave good games bad reviews and bad reviews to good reviews which is why I lost my trust. I think this was due to developers paying them to write good reviews about their game. Often prior to the release date. It was dishonest. With so many games out there and a limited budget to buy them, let alone limited time to play them, it was overwhelming so I lost interest.

Like any art, video games are open subjective interpretation. To all the reviewers out there, i suggest you be honest about your experiences about the game.


wundrweapon: At 3:56, you pull and example from a movie review. Here's a segment of a movie review I found on Rotten Tomatoes for a 2017 movie that shows the exact same exploitation of film literacy:
"This concept could be used for stock shenanigans worthy of a John Green novel, but [the director] unleashes a twist early on so clever and cerebral that J.J. Abrams and Christopher Nolan will kick themselves for not thinking of it first."
Though this isn't the complete review, I don't doubt that anyone with the right level of film literacy would get the complete picture in the writer's mind from just this one blurb - their opinion on the movie, how its story compares to similar plotlines, and just how good the twist is

S0oo: I wouldn't spend a single cent on a game reviewer from those big websites. Because they are wrong, cosseted and overeaten from the amount of games they reviewed already. The less games you play the more you enjoy a game with mediocre score and the more your mind explodes during a fantastic game.

I choose my games way befor release or trust people that know my game desire. You will miss real gems if you trust those IGN Metacritic reviews.

fusobotic: Honestly game reviews aren't even something I go off of anymore. I just talk with other developers that I trust. Reviewers aren't giving good critiques and are useless because they don't usually develop. Good reviews come from people who are informed of what makes a game feel right, and the best way to know that is to be in the process of developing and researching, not just playing 40 hours all in one sitting.

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Game Reviews - How Can We Improve Game Journalism? - Extra Credits