808 #16 V2 D Lens Keychain Camera Full Review & FPV

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lan Nguyen: camera 808 can FPV???

Domino60: You can record and fpv in the same time with this camera?

Cesar Regalado: Can the camera also send audio when using it for fpv???

SanityLoss: is the lens d removable? 

Heather Massa: Is there a date and time stamp on this keychain camera ??

Charles Connor: How would you power this externally? You mentioned a UBEC. I am only familiar with UBEC with speed controllers. Would something like this wired between the 808 camera lead and my 3S lipo do the job?

2561Harry: my 808 cost 85 dollars and  it don't work with tranz or direct to moniter but does pitch and video fine enoufe .did I get a lemon yes does any one no what might have not been done right in the manufacturing like bad soildering lose wire falty thrust capacitater, lowe on blinker fluid ]]] come on somebody tell me some thing positive

Jason Nech: I think they are junk for the price when you can spend a little bit more and get way better camera.. for the price point I do not like them

Carlos Nonya: Wow your talking about something tall be out soon not like those squad ksp maggot's

StoneBlueAirlines: Its ok for day flying but again its just an extra bonus on this but i really like the dedicated fpv camera better but this is a good start. Not bad but not the best if you want that but over all really a nice cam.

StoneBlueAirlines: I would not use this for fpv but that is me. Get a real fpv kit and i have a system I can get you when your ready. This is a fun camera but just that best used for recording not flying on.

runningwolfkenpo: Thanks for all the information. I just bought one with the A lens. What lens do you recommend for FPV or just stand alone. I'm not sure I would totally trust this camera for FPV unless I never flew further then what I can see.

StoneBlueAirlines: I am running 12v and no you can't use that camera on 12v you will fry it.

StoneBlueAirlines: Nope you will mess it up right away.

Vass: Dear god get focus right before you start!

79carboy: Wow, I have the same camera. Never thought of putting the lenses on them though, will have to try that!

Walt G: Thanks for answering!! I found the mobius info and vid, that really looks good, have you used/seen/investigated it?? Also, I'm just starting in FPV(flying rc for many years), I'm trying to decide on which video frequency to use, a friend has loaned me some old 2.4 video equipment to use. It would be great If you and maybe Alex could do a vid on the advantages or disadvantages of the different video frequencies, covering signal quality and clarity of picture, distance ect.. 

Walt G: Question, it is hard to tell from the vid, how does it really compare to the quality and performance of your regular fpv cam? like the sony 600 super had??... Thanks for your great vids!

Damian Halma: Is it waterproof?

vsop333: Hello, can you give any suggestions/advice on SD cards? I read that it needs at least a Class 4 but some Class 10 cards will drop video frames. What brands/sizes/classes have been the most solid to you? Also, thank you for all of the help and inspiring people to build and create and maybe even invent. At the very least they will go outdoors more and sit at a keyboard less.

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808 #16 V2 D Lens Keychain Camera Full Review & FPV 5 out of 5

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808 #16 V2 D Lens Keychain Camera Full Review & FPV
808 #16 V2 D Lens Keychain Camera Full Review & FPV
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808 #16 V2 D Lens Keychain Camera Full Review & FPV