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Yolanda Bernstein: i love you, Athena. Thank you very much!!!

mari hashimoto: Thank you will study very

Mobile Massage Ubud: Balinese massage is designed to lessen the pain brought about by stress. 

Mobile Yoga Ubud: Balinese massage is a bliss from the gods. Thanks for sharing.

Indalecia Caicedo: los masaje sir para la presión alta muchas gracias<><> 

jose leonardo cedeño moreno: MASAJES...

Fevimaster: You also wear them when it's cold. I don't get why Western people decide to leave their cheeks to cryo-freeze in the winter windshear.

debby501: on dirait plus des caresses qu un massages..mais sans nul doute des tres agreables caresses

Abdulaziz J: اول سعودي يجلخ على مساج انا هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

Yuliani Reinhardt: I had learned the balinese massage since kid,hello...many technique missing.

Andre Sihotang: Indonesia is not an Islamic country..... Even Bali is a Hindu majority island, more than 5 millions in Bali are Hindu !!

Dee Morrison-Jones: Excellent technique & movement must have it 2 a month at least. Check out Jejusauna net the very best of services.

Lou Perrone: Great hands...great music

kam singh: Fde

Andre Sihotang: As far as I'm concerned, jobs like doctor, paramedic, and therapist (and many other occupations) are excluded from the Islamic law of touching female bodies...because that's their jobs and that's for health purpose or any other positive purposes

demotto44: @borg386 STFU

MaterialBlade: dude couldve been sick as well

H. Felton: Too much oil. What is she, a can of tuna?

Spyrogram: Ask your parents to buy you a Playboy kid. You need to grow up.

MrStan1941: Nice music, relaxing.

tah srisak: For your information. This is not Bali, On his shirt wrote "Thai massage&Spa Academy" and in Thai สมาคมแพทย์แผนไทย).. I've never try Bali massage but I like Thai massage though.

xAnimeReporter: It's not very common in places like Europe and America but some eastern countries, Japan being a big one, find it common place to wear the face masks. People who work at the airport in Japan wear them and those who are ill or don't want to become ill wear them. So it's not really seen as something insulting but rather a normal gesture of respect showing you're not trying to make the other person ill. In a 'professional' situation like this, it would probably be rude not to wear one.

Ana maria santos silva Maria: gostei muito gostaria de saber como fazer o curso

Pedro h: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ

vino souls: Hhhmmm....

munztavizion: Hospice massage maybe?

Honoracharity18: Banana leaf @ 4:03 :)

masondarko: can you explain the difference between regular massage and bali massage? and if there are other kinds of massages.

Billy Dunn: he has great hands. very important to touch constantly like he does. would love a massage from him.

teppichsurfer: ...und was ist an der massge jetzt bitte "bali"?

naomieleonora: People don't see the T-shirt-This is Thai. It is not Bali massage.

craffte: I love this video, the masseuse has such a relaxing way. My frog likes it, too.he sings when it's on, so i put it in his playlist. The music is my favorite part. Lovely.

daojai thudang: he is my teacher.

clubpenguinshowzab: :( plzzz

João Fernandes: I like this technique

Rudy Ramos: This is someone in a massage school. The hair nets and facemasks are to prevent contamination and sickness. You can't practice massage if your are sneezing all over the place. This poor kid is constantly hyperextending his wrists to massage. That will hurt him later in life. He is hardly putting any pressure onto the skin and muscles. I'd pass out and not remember this massage and I'd want my money back.

jamjarstudios1: Relaxing and good music. Thanks

Koichi Kudo: Whatever

mnbaa88: This is not bali... This is thai... Anyway, southeast asia massage among the best n healthy...

Mel Simas: Is not Bali massage.

MaxGravitas: Too much flat palm stroking, not enough kneading and using the fingers.

karnspa: Fabulous feel fresh

baliweddingorganizer: that a great relaxation massage i wanna try but better massage you can also view at

Galatasaray HELLBOYS: damnn nice proffecional massage with relaxing music thanks for the upload its allways nice to watch this before you sleep it helping to make youre body lazy

Massage Ubud: It is relaxing just by looking at it :D

Spatoolbox: I disagree about the technique being nice as firefour101 states. I found it to be lacking. You really shouldn't use your thumbs so much it's the easiest part of the body to blow out. Even though he is reinforcing one with the other, it would be so much better to use the whole palm or a flat fist and even the forearms if the client can handle more pressure.

Анна успенская: nice massage))

Ury Glozshtein: amazing hands!

MsMaryam1979: They are not every Muslims, the masseur is not Muslim that it is sure.

bali massage 4.2 out of 5

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