Homemade Solar Air Heater

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Daisy Stoln: Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'inplix' website:)

Otha Langenfeld: Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think

energysavinglaundry: the best way to warm u this cold month and ave at the same time is to use the sun's power and enjoy your day..

Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc.: Great temperatures!

yama75: Wouldnt you have to build it next to the window? Otherwise the device just replaces the sun and heat that would come tru the window anyway. Put the device next to the window and you can catch the additional sun-heat you are looking for.

Cleevus: nice job

thomastidewater: The fan might be struggling to push air through such small diameter pipe, even though it is a small solar heater. As long as you are experimenting, try switching the pvc to a larger diameter like 2-1/2", 3", or even 4". If the larger pvc robs too much heat from the solar heater, you could have an adjustable cover over the end of the outlet pvc in order to adjust the pvc's outlet size. Fan should work easier (last longer), and adjustable outlet cover could compensate for hot days vs. colder days.

yksworte P: I wonder if one could be made for the car? On break time,one could go out to a nice warm vehicle or even at the end of the day to go home?? It would help in emergencies on the road and it could even be used for camping and also ice fishing.

zawy: Watts out = CFM*(F out - F in)/3

TheDarwitch: My panel tests right now are running about 120-130F as inside temps. I have some vids up and mine usr the cans but yours is interesting because you didnt use cans. I think sheet metal folded zig zag and painted black would be cheaper then $4-$5 a 12 pack its been running me. also i burnt up a small fan using it up on the exhaust side seemed it couldnt handle the 140 -150 during the summer tests. But please do more videos on your set up. its almost exactly what i have.

preparedchipmunk: I like it. I suppose the small holes are perfect for the small collector. Keep us posted with updates please

Homemade solar air heater 5 out of 5

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home made solar air heater/finished
home made solar air heater/finished
Homemade solar air heater
Homemade solar air heater
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Homemade solar air heater