Smith And Wesson Bodyguard .380 Review (S&W .380)

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Dusty Boot: Talk about a piece of crap garbage weapon! I purchased the S&W Bodyguard for my girlfriend for self defense, and it jammed irrevocably after the first 20 rounds. I was finally able to pry the round out after soaking the weapon in ant-seize oil for two weeks. I assembled it, and it promptly cracked LITERALLY down the left side and was deceased. Smith & Wesson, YOU MAKE CRAP!!!
I' m out $360.00, and my girlfriend is skeptical of my gun knowledge now!

Back to Glock, who I never should have left. Screw you Smith&Wesson!!!

Robert Bowen: I have a tee that says "the reason I carry a gun is because a cop it to heavy.  on the front it says I'm only a threat to the bad guys.  I love my bodyguard but I had to switch my sights to Big Dots because without the marking on the front post, I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn wearing my contacts.  The Big Dots are fantastic.  Agree with the safety not being necessary but I just don't use it.

Gary Mercer: Safety not needed, laser is too difficult to turn on /off. Love the gun. Have a keltec P-3AT with pocket clip and n easy carry but for fit and finish s&W tops

AARON780281: I'd like to see S&W make a slide in mod for the laser to switch it to an LED light. Doesn't have to light up a building, just light up a room for target acquisition.

Fireinahorn: The Lever is actually a pin that pivots and pulls out. I heard the pin would work it's way out when firing. Supposedly they fixed it and now you have to pivot the lever about 180* before it is able to be pulled out. I had no problems with mine.

Fireinahorn: True. I'm not a fan of the laser either.

Fireinahorn: I love my BG380. It costs more than the LCP but the quality is much better. My laser failed right out of the box, S&W mailed me a new one.

GT eye: Moron.

Jack Phillips: I just bout a DeSantis IWB leather holster from It has U7 stamped on the side and was listed for the Bodyguard. The steel belt clamp is really tight and the holster fits really well right out of the box.

WannabeaCPA: The laser is a waste. In a tactical situation lasers aren't necessary

cltinseattle1: I keep watching the videos on this little pistol and everyone keeps saying "why bother putting a safety on this kind of gun?". Well, it's not because S&W thought it was needed, it's because there are certain states where if they wanted to be able to sell the gun, it's required to have an external safety. I'm trying to find one to buy and since I don't live in one of those states I simply will not use that stupid safety. Simple. Thanks for the video.

eastsidesigns1: Just bought one today. super compact,light, fits right in my piece.

Handgun World Podcast: I've now shot about 400 rounds through it. Haven't installed the Big Dot sights yet. For the price, it's one of the best .380's on the market, get it.

Handgun World Podcast: It hasn't been a problem with mine which is about a year old. I think they've fixed it.

jamal sims: de santis has a holster for the smith and wesson .380 bodyguard called the insider

cityguyable: @HandgunWorldShow hey thanks a lot for replying. So I should just contact S&W then?

Handgun World Podcast: Yes they have replace the buttons. Much better and easier to activate the laser.

cityguyable: @HandgunWorldShow Has Smith&Wesson replaced those laser buttons or anything else on the Bodyguard? I've heard of a lot of trigger failures occurring but I don't see any recalls.

James Kluskens: +1 on the XS Sights Big Dot sight; definitely install them. I own a Bodyguard 380, and have installed these sights. It is very easy for six-shot rapid fire drills, drawing from the carry position, to be kept center-mass on the target from 5 to 7 yards away. Just concentrate on that big white dot, and squeeze the trigger until the pistol is dry. Excellent combat/self-defense sight system.

Handgun World Podcast: Yes, I shoot my guns a lot. All of them. Check out some of the IDPA videos on my channel.

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Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 Review (S&W .380) 5 out of 5

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Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 Review (S&W .380)