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jfizzay: Can I use ac only, no batts?

BahalaNation: I made it myself, there tutorials on YouTube.

Landoftheignorant: Why would I sit and pry it open in your house? Pick it up and leave.

BahalaNation: Naw only a few hundred bucks. You could definitely break into this if you had enough time, the right tools, under no stress at home and I state that in the video, if you even watched it. If you noticed this is a table top review for ease of viewing. It wasn't mounted in a preferred location. if you're stupid enough to ride down the street on your bike with a dresser on the handle bars. You are dumber than I and most people.

Snakes Are People Too: is the night table it's sitting on bolted down? I'd think a thief would try the safe and see it's bolted to the table, then just grab the table and roll out.

BahalaNation: The motion sensor is sensitive enough, and the alarm is audible within a close range. It does also have a tamper signal to let you know if it has been jarred. Overall I like it a lot because of its balance between safety, security and quick access.

BahalaNation: It would be pretty difficult because it is internally mounted.

BahalaNation: Out of necessity brother

Adam Lawrence: What is your thoughts on the motion alarm, tamper indicator? Are they effective? Loud enough? etc?

watsonst04: Looks like mine from SurvivalStraps. There are other brands, but all look the same..

BahalaNation: @rcalvert3 That make sense to a total idiot. You my friend are not criminally minded.

asher45s: good review bro think ill pick one up!

saybo88: Salamat, one of my options, mabuhay!

BahalaNation: Ok, sorry buddy a shopping cart.

localboy kealii: Hmmm.... Survival bracelet. Roll out quickly. Sounds like someone's a bit of a prepper. Right on.

Cletus32261: nice video i just ordered one from amazon

Gerry Valido: Yet another great review...Thanks Master Joel!! Where do you find this stuff?? LOL

BahalaNation: Yes, you can use AC only, but if the electricity goes out you'll need the key to access it.

GV2000C-DLX 4.4 out of 5

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