Twirl A Squirrel Champ

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fubukifangirl: I would have been puking. I bet that squirrel didn't have much of an appetite left after that.

Justicar AB: i had to pause so often cause i was having trouble breathing lol

CFITOMAHAWK2: Saved a trip to the Liquor Store..Dam Tree Rats insist on steeling...A pellet to the body is the only way they will stop..

David Brown: I usually shoot them Tree Rats with my pellet pistol..But I should buy this too, then if they insist, bang!!!!...Giving then a spinning chance is fair...

William Sloan: This looks like a good solution for a more humane and entertaining gavage.
Fois gras is back and in your face, California!

Jonathan Nagel: Died laughing.

Jason Ramirez: mlg squirre

Casper Cobrax: ready for apollo mission.

Martin Evans: Squirrel Du Soleil

Crickett: Acid. Not even once.

Robby Rob: Omg I hate some first April fools - took me some seconds to realize, but those were the worst seconds I had this year!! Happy fools day ppl.

noahevanm: you spin me round round baby round round like a record baby round round round round!

Ezra Killgood: Im crying was n ot dissapoint

kim mari: to rindo que nem uma doida com esse video

M Taz: Squirrels are idiots. They keep coming back for more.

Kuro Ayase: The squirrel ballet... 11/10

1OFGODSOWN: His ARMS? Squirrels don't have ARMS.They have Four Legs. City folks don't know much about animals. LOL

sophie toronto: This is really sick. Once again animal abuse masquerading as human entertainment. The squirrel probably suffered neurological damage. Yeah, really funny, isn't it.

Thomas Maniura: ... what s going through your head? nothing!

twirl a squirrel champ 5 out of 5

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twirl a squirrel champ
twirl a squirrel champ
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Twirl A Squirrel Demo Video
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Twirl-A-Squirrel Product Video
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Twirl-A-Squirrel. with music

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twirl a squirrel champ