Twirl A Squirrel Champ

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Ezra Killgood: Im crying was n ot dissapoint

Mariana Santana: to rindo que nem uma doida com esse video

M Taz: Squirrels are idiots. They keep coming back for more.

Kuro Ayase: The squirrel ballet... 11/10

Eduardo Aguayo: reported

1OFGODSOWN: His ARMS? Squirrels don't have ARMS.They have Four Legs. City folks don't know much about animals. LOL

sophie toronto: This is really sick. Once again animal abuse masquerading as human entertainment. The squirrel probably suffered neurological damage. Yeah, really funny, isn't it.

Thomas Maniura: ... what s going through your head? nothing!

World Embassy: awsome

Tisha Lawrence: This is animal cruelty. I cannot believe how many sick freaks get entertainment out of torturing an innocent animal. You all need serious mental help. DESPICABLE.

The Mikee: The squirrel are dead. End of story :)

Ferretwings: This is the Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder. Some squirrels are deterred by it, but other squirrels seem to enjoy it, and keep coming back for more. The feeder has one design flaw - it can, at times, dispense quite a number of seeds while spinning. If a squirrel can hold on long enough, a rather large meal can accumulate on the ground below.

Oaktavia: what is the name of that feeder??
I need to get one!

Joe Mug: I want one of these feeders? Where?

Joe Mug: This is hilarious!

Tony McLean: What brand name is that ratbuster?

Captain Crabcake's Closet Collection: The squirrel is trying to drain the battery

Carlos De La Garza: I feel just like that squirrel, just spinning senseless, holding onto life for the pleasure of some seeds. It is a fun ride

Mary O'Brien: It never ceases to amaze me how many people can get enjoyment out of an animal being tortured.

Travis Heinze: The squirrel is dead now, but its legacy lives on.

twirl a squirrel champ 5 out of 5

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twirl a squirrel champ
twirl a squirrel champ
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Twirl A Squirrel Demo Video
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Twirl-A-Squirrel Product Video
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twirl a squirrel champ