Twirl A Squirrel Champ

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keroji s: That is some serious core training.

zach callahan: wierd

Tony England: lol I wanted to hold up Olympic scorecards for the little fella.

themutantlizard: It's a bird feeder not a squirrel feeder

John Turner: the next time he rides u might not be so lucky better look up how to get squirrel outta house an who locally replaces windows cheap lol

Pickle Joosz 911: In a soft Olympic Games announcer voice. 👉🏻 He's got great form, oh and he's going for the one handed swing. Not all competitors can pull off this move. Will he be able to stick the landing though? Awwweeee oops, that's really going to hurt his final score. Let's see what the judges gave him.

5252dan: i bet he hurled

Marc Kennedy: Don't you get it!? The squirrel doesn't know how to let go. He's scared and holding on for dear life. Poor thing you should be ashamed!

Bryan Murray: Sooo good lol

Robert Goodman: Did it occur to you that that squirrel was having fun?

joe Yaz: your laughing now but in 2 years of strength training that squirrel comes back.
ring at the doorbell
man: i wonder who it could be at this hour
man looks the peephole of the door and sees nothing
man opens to door to a 4 foot 180 pound squirrel
squirrel breaks the mans neck with his giant ripped squirrel hands

squirrel: you created this....

fiascomike: DEAR LORD, THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN! I have never LAUGHED LONGER IN MY LIFE! Thank you thank you thank you. I HAVE LAUGHED SO MUCH I'VE STARTED CRYING! whew. AMAZING. Laughter is the best form of revenge! tHANKS AGAIN!

Kathleen Kozak: This is truely cruel!!! Perhaps this should be done to you

coinmaster1000: He must be a little dizzy....

Ryan Curtis: RJ: HANG IN THERE, HAMMY!!!!
Hammy: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(Anybody get the reference?)

kety1234: hahaha i died this squirrel is so cute spinning around 😂😂

W TH: ...cooming soon..hopefully..larger fleabag flinger sizes (mutley beggin for sum excitement)

EDUARDO GOMEZ: At the beginning I thought it was a plastic squirrel .

okayfine849: LOL! Little booger is going to be so DRUNK!!!!! Hilarious! Thanks for sharing! Little furry rat!

twirl a squirrel champ 5 out of 5

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twirl a squirrel champ
twirl a squirrel champ
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Twirl a Squirrel
Twirl a Squirrel
squirrel twirl and whirl part 1
squirrel twirl and whirl part 1

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twirl a squirrel champ