Twirl A Squirrel Champ

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Bucky Roberts: Hang in there... #inspirational #video 

Nein danke: Poor little thing. Stupid ass, why didnt you just stop it!? You had your laught, why wont you leave it without dropping off.

Alexandru Trucu: This squirrel deserves to go to space. #will #power

Nat Crichton: What I think is going through that squirrels mind: "WHHEEEEE!!!!"

762forMeandYou: Somebody put him in the space program

Diego Lecea: That sound at 0:49 was hilarious!!!!! Sounded like the Squirrel was moaning, LOL!

radonas: some seeds are actually falling out

Max Fickas: the dialogue makes this so much better.

Jenna Kivioja: "It can't be worth it" :D Giggling like a maniac. Silly squirrel :D

Ali Shaded: #squirrelspin

fubukifangirl: I think squirrels do that on purpose because it's fun.

TheStubbornDodo: That poor squirrel deserves a treat after that! OMG! XD

Kusker: It's cool that there are different people and all, and there are always exceptions, but I look at the dislikes on these kinds of videos and it really makes me feel sorry for the friends of the people who decided the 'dislike' button would be better to push.

Nikolay Sokalskiy: Can you guys explain to me, why would you feed birds and not squirrels instead? They are much more fun!

Mak G: What's wrong with you people??!!

pcdebb: am i going to hell for LMAO at this?

Victoria Cuitiño: you must have a serious mental problem

stellrtkd: This is one of the funniest things I think I've seen in some time.

trimel81: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Middleton: Where do I get one?

Raina B: Go home squirrel your drunk

Tonnerre Lombard: …they work really well in practice!

Jolie Yin: 好堅持的松鼠 XD

Matthew Hunt: Wow. I am just dying lauging after watching this. I am way too easily amused.

Tim Johnson: #flyingsquirrels 

April Thomas: This squirrel would make a good astronaut!

Donna Zachare: *Twirl a Squirrel !* Human beings will never outwit squirrels determined to get into birdfeeders! LOL

jack hott: Mindlessness at it's best. I owe my employer 2:47 in free overtime. 

Pablo Mayrgundter: And so it begins. First, get rick-rolled through gmail FB login to a random meme. But in case you don't understand that last sentence, I'll be posting all of them: twirl a squirrel champ

Teemu Mykkänen: We have the winner!

Ruslan Bologan: AHAHAHAHA :D

Chris Shields: Legend.

Chris Shabsin: Watching this will make your day better, guaranteed. 

David Monroe: Sometimes I go on Youtube and just type "squirrel" to see what comes up. This is why.

Robert Konigsberg: Rumor is that squirrels are welcome here.

Alan Switzer: The Yankee Flipper bird feeder is designed to discourage squirrels from feeding on bird seed by making it almost impossible for them to sit securely. Of course, some squirrels are more tenacious than others. This little guy was fine after his ordeal. 

Jay Eno: Just because.

James Tolf: This Guy Is a Trooper twirl a squirrel champ

Benjamin Verd: Not at all unawesome.

Tk Orekoya: That squirrel is having the time of its life lol

Chris Richardsen: Flying squirrels 

Jesse Vandewal: This is funny

Jonathon Colman: WOW.

Anthony Nicholson: #can'tstopwatching 

Junchao XU: super squirrel

Lance McGee: Watch this...this squirrel is hardcore! 

e4rthw0rm: some say the squirrel is still twirling until this day

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twirl a squirrel champ 4.8 out of 5

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twirl a squirrel champ
twirl a squirrel champ
twirl a squirrel champ[Белка и кормушка]
twirl a squirrel champ[Белка и кормушка]
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twirl a squirrel champ