Twirl A Squirrel Champ

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Joshua Wolff: Hello from Best Products! My name is Josh Wolff, video director at Hearst Media (, Cosmo, Esquire, Seventeen, etc.) I just stumbled onto your awesome Yankee bird feeder and we'd love to feature it on our Facebook page to our million followers and to our partners at Yahoo!, MSN with full credit to you. Is that ok with you? I wanted to reach out for permission. Feel free to email me at Best, Josh

Jeffrey Groves: Need to grease the rungs!

Ruby Hearted: I hate these twirling bird feeders. I won't say they should be banned but I do think they're too cruel to the squirrels and I hope someone invents a better solution. There's nothing remotely funny about these incidents. It's obvious he's only hanging on so long because he's afraid to get flung off! Can't you recall having the same feeling on a playground carousel someone spun too fast? Geez, have a heart. 😠

tomtalker2000: THANK YOU for posting this...!!! You'd think i would have seen my fair share of squirrels as i've been in the avian field now for the better part of 25+yrs. And have had the privilege of working with everything from Warblers to Birds of Prey and Budgies to Macaws. But this video almost made me wet myself NO JOKE...!!! I just couldn't' stop laughing at how that furry little guy was just hanging on for dear life...!!! Who knew a bird feeder could provide so much amusement and laughter...:)

Stussmeister: 1:49 "What is going through his head?"
If I had to hazard a guess, it would likely be, "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! THIS IS RIGHTEOUS!!!!!!!!"


Jam Session: He should go on America's Got Talent!!

fotorolo: At some point he has to be thinking, "Well, this is my life now!"

nillathrilla: I want to see his dizzy ass come out of the bushes all drunk!

nillathrilla: The squirrel olympics!! This needs to be a tv show like yesterday!

Nati H: What was this squirrel thinkin'? It's gone "nuts"!

notafraid06: Hows it going in their in BOY! Lol

1973Washu: He earned those seeds.

Eric Vafaei: Why isn't everything this?

Miki Ryan: You know... for holding on for that long, I think the little bastard earned it.

happy11111100: OMG the tears of laughter
They should call that squirrel DIZZY RASCAL

joyjoyoo: Lol. What the

Sarah S: can you say animal cruelty? hes freaking holding on for his life. if i was him id b scared to let go cuz id smash my head and body on something. this is a device people made to keep squirells off? call me old fashioned or w.e. but thats freaked up...the birds dont need your crapty bird seed anyway, their just fine eating what ever they find themselves! watch david attenborough he will tell ya whats good. stupid rednecks....

Nepali Rai: why am I laughing poor guy is holding for his dear life

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twirl a squirrel champ 5 out of 5

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My Review of "Twirl a Squirrel Champ" by viteacher
squirrel twirl and whirl part 1
squirrel twirl and whirl part 1
Swirl-A-Squirrel Video
Swirl-A-Squirrel Video
Wooow  Squirrel spins around and gets launched off of squirrel proof bird feeder! FUNNY!
Wooow Squirrel spins around and gets launched off of squirrel proof bird feeder! FUNNY!
Squirrel Eating Corn on Spinning Wheel Feeder...  (watch the squirrel in HD!)
Squirrel Eating Corn on Spinning Wheel Feeder... (watch the squirrel in HD!)

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twirl a squirrel champ