Minecraft- How To Make End Portal.

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lenora paige: how   do   you   make

Charmaine copelan: Thank you

bekir uslu: eeeeee

purplestplaces: Is this it? Is this the end? What sequence of events brought me to this point? What abhorrent circumstances lead me here? Is this the cruel painful plan that was orchestrated by the malevolent deity? Who am I really? What purpose did I serve in this life that was granted to me? I suppose I'll never know. If this is what my life lead up to, and if this is truly the end, then I accept my fate.

Brigitta Aleksandra Kalmet: hy did minecraft in 2016 made . player tried swim in lava to escape sombie ? HECK YEA

Super MeatBoy: Lol mate its dont works fu you idiota

sonny arroyo: lol

Chloe Huerta: your voice is hott

Luke Matthews: he sounds drunk!

Lin Xue Ju: Everyone know how to build a end portal

serkan oe: fhcmx

serkan oe: jjnizrtl

serkan oe: abla

Team Dodger17: yeah AAAAAAAaAAAAAAAA

Darren Robinson: IT WONT WERC

Tree: oh you just have to get the eyes to face in so when you redo the frame it happens

Hyago Dudri: Muito bom msm

crazy boy: you are the first at minekraft

Ηλιας proplayer1334: i cant belive that this video took 10.905.106 views

Rainbow Flamingo //Never YT//: its still not working and i did exactly what he did

Minecraft- How to make end portal. 5 out of 5

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Minecraft- How to make end portal.