DIY - Repair Your Table Fan

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m007: First time i repaired my fan. Wow feels great !! thank you for this video :D

pipoygarapon: THANK YOU!!! MY FAN WORKS AGAIN LIKE BRANDNEW :D sorry for the caps. just too happy :D

Hafizuddin Abd Manan: thanks bro, will try to fix my fan today, perhaps it works. thanks again

Kabeer Khan: thnks buddy its work thnks

samuel galiza: tnx man :) (y)

luisajie: this is a temporary fix. it will eventually stop spinning when the oil smuges and becomes sticky because of increasing shaft temperature and dust. the correct fix is to replace the shaft and/or bushings if you're techy enough to do it.

atifsony: thanks for the fantastic video, I have a remote controlled fan, the problem is it will switched on bt it moves very slowly just like its jam!! any help plz.. I can upload the video in case if im unable to explain properly..

FPS t-bag: Please watch my first "How to install" video :) It is maybe a bad video, but it's my first!! How to install a 120mm led fan to a PC case [2014]

Gospelguitar1: The Video was very useful, i fixed my fan using it,,,,,nice!

Cypherdude1: Thanks for the video. Very suspenseful soundtrack. LOL. CORRECTION @ 7:20"Do not disassemble electrical appliances unless you know what you are doing".

mykrho: Thanks for the Video. But, is it OK if i use Car Oil in lubricating my fan???

espresso: 5:26 Oiling the rotor itself is pointless since it never comes in contact with anything. There's a wide air gap between the rotor and the stator body. It's the shaft and the bearings you should be oiling.

ekimzaga: try living abroad where people take time to fix things rather than trash it and buy a new one before even trying to fix it... my fingers are aching just typing this message, first world problems...smh

J0Diaz: I knew about this fix already, I fixed/oiled 2 fans at home and they worked very well for 2 months and then stopped working, what should I try? I think I should check the capacitor .

Michael Flatman: you didnt turn it off !!! :-0

RxVxG: My "broken" fan now works again! Thank you for your easy to follow guide :)

Furai Baka: Oil is not needed on the rotor itself (5:18) as there's a tiny airgap between the rotor and stator, they are not touching each other. Other than that, great video!

sukhadjeevana: good one bro k i up

TheKarlsruheprotest: Isn't it better to use grease?

Mert Coskan: Thanks my friend for your nicely done video, you save me money, help me relax and make myself feel useful. Cheers.

9Haggerty: thank you so much for this :D

Arihan Kafillas: Really suspense background music.

dylan hodgson: actually thought this video would help i turned it on, then started freaking round with my fan, looked up once, and I fixed my fan, Apparently its just something called common sense

vic86m: Different fans have different make. So you got to figure it out yourself inorder to access the motor. My cinni table fan has only a knob which itself is a screw!!

Mentorcase: They have self aligning bearings.

vic86m: Good to hear that! Congrats for your first successful fix! :) Keep fanning!

evanchapmanfanman: grease is not good for sleeve bearings because the bearings are porous bronze bearings. the oil can travel through the porous bronze bearings but grease cannot so it causes the bearings to become stiff as the grease dries and gets dirty so it is best to use oil. grease is best for ball bearings, not sleeve bearings

vic86m: Yes it has a screw inside. Unscrew it to remove the knob. I used a 1$ local machine oil. I bought it from a local hardware store nearby.

Mentorcase: Been there done that, trouble is the bearing are lube from manufacture and once they dry out they cannot be re-oiled, when my fan stopped for the same reason I tried oiling the bearings and it worked for about a week then dried out again, repeated the oiling and it lasted another week. I tried thin machine oil, engine oil, graphite and oil, molybdenum grease and oil, molybdenum grease but nothing would last.

Pterocarpous: Thank you! I have two industrial floor stand fans whose bearings have seized. I have the 1st of the two disassembled and cleaned. Wasn't sure if I should use grease or machine oil on the bearings so logged in to Youtube and found your video. Very helpful! Thank you again!

Furai Baka: But the toothed retaining rings the bearings are held down by, tend to be rather tight, so it may require some force to perfectly align them. That's my experience. Even as freshly oiled, it may act seized, especially if it was taken apart too for fixing it.

InsaneJungleCrow: Nice tutorial. I got to ask, how do we remote the knob (2:01 min) if it doesn't seem to have screw inside? Also what oil/lubricant do you use? Last time I tried using WD-40 it cause the fans to make noise and get stuck after using short while.

vic86m: I had posed the same question to the mechanic guy, he said its better to use a machine oil in table fan. I dont know what's the harm in using grease, but i'd stick to his suggestion. :)

vic86m: Thank you. Which fan it is?

BigTarantula99: What is the background "music"?

Zane wv: Someone needs to upgrade their electrical system before a fire starts.

Furai Baka: That sounds weird, there are big differences between oil and oil. Try to find one which only evaporates slowly. If needed, take the motor apart; there might be a problem with it that may remain unnoticed otherwise. That, once the factory oil dries out it's done, sounds nonsense to me. Generally the more viscous the oil is, the better.

TenkanVlog: Very well explained! Thank you so much, dude, you rock.

Nitin Thakur: Great video.It helps.Thank you

InsaneJungleCrow: Thanks for responding. I can safely tell you both table fans that I have, definitely does not have any screws in middle. In fact I accidentally broke one of the fan's knob it doesn't have any screw inside at all. Which is why I asked I don't wish to break the knob of the other fan to get it off.

ekimzaga: nice video!

AL3AJEB: wow man thats great thank you man can I use a cooking oil for that?

bambam144: had the same problem as u. in my case they are a spring at the knob. i have taken a small screwdriver and 've pushed with it the spring down so that i could extract the knob finally.

vic86m: Yes, that's the next thing you should do should try..

bambam144: very good video thx! my fan is working too now again.

Nathan Nitz: Thanks for the video! I have a Vornado floor fan that spins slowly when I turn it on low. It looks like I'll have to oil it up and check for residue. Hopefully I don't have to replace any capacitors or anything like that, as I'm not that great of an electrician.

vic86m: Oops!! Mine is still working. It's been 4 months now. I lubricate my fans once in 6 months.

Furai Baka: Cooking oil is not the best since it can turn into gunk after a while.

TheKarlsruheprotest: Well I repaired many fans before and machine oil seems to dries up easily. Take a look at bicycle chains and sprockets they are coated with grease and seems to be a better option

Jonathan Snipes: Take motor apart and clean bearings, and reoil and sand rotor, and clean it, it will work, i have a 30yr old fan still works today

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DIY - Repair your Table Fan 4.5 out of 5

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DIY - Repair your Table Fan