Tron Controller For PS3

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John Nice: I had one of these but it broke after about 6 months of playing. Buttons came loose and wouldn't press.

Joshua Bowen: I've got a question for you... I've been using mine for the past few years and my X button has started sticking and I can't seem to figure out how to get the casing open. All screws out and I've pulled and pried on it to the point where I feel the back casing is going to break but it still wont open.

have you tried opening this and if so how did you do it.


poopo: where to make one

Skufflz: To those complaining about the controller being wired, Can you imagine the amount of money you would spend on batteries (of course unless you have some rechargeables) I mean really how restricted are you by a wired controller? Are you constantly moving while playing? To each their own, but I don't see his as such a big deal. 

Matteo Genota: wired. nevermind

Mahahahahadhir: Plug in just spoil it.

Gaius ZX: true and better aiming

Bisma Rizki (Fruticake28): they say a wired controller gets faster respons 

ebertmorales10606: Got the wireless one in white and it is awesome

darkespeon64: oh great plug in....

matt hoppe: @XDmaxXD26 got there befor you

matt hoppe: Why buy one when you can make one..

Otto3Run: forgive me for that but why are you using only ur left hand?:)) i know right u record with the right hand

Stalker8080: Dear Santa...

fowls1998: rather get the xbox one

norreko: the wire killed it... 

*LügenCurtis*: gibt es den auch ohne kabel

XDmaxXD26: im gonna made a Trollcontroller 

FoodOnCrack: awsome controller! tron sucks

coolkidtutos: nice but you never see the control when you are playing

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Tron Controller for PS3 5 out of 5

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Tron Controller for PS3
Tron Controller for PS3
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Tron Controller for PS3