Marlboro NXT Cigarette Review - USA

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The Wendigo: Nxt‘s are my go to cig

Spencer Keylon: That's my everyday cigarette

AB Z: they taste like a burnt marshmallow

Sir Brellin: “Bust the bead”

Raffy Things: how does that cancer taste ?
lmao jk i️ just randomly came across this video

Chad Cook: Flavor taste and aroma they all smell like crap fuk tard

Chad Cook: Do you rate your women like your cigs

Chad Cook: This dude lives in his car and jackoff bums for cigs

Edgar Matamoros: I don't smoke & I liked the taste of NXT's.. I've noticed you're just a strong & rich flavor kind of person which explains why you like marlboros red the most lol


Outlaw 9020: what hapoened dan please come back man i loved watching your videos man really enjoyed it.

Andy King: Do they still make these?

DROOPY DON'T TRIP: ive been smoking these NXTS since 2013 best ciggerete in my opinion

ATattooedGod: why dont u block every hole in ur face and make the smoke cmz out f ur asshole

Kate Laud: So far not a huge fan

Ty McKinney: I used to smoke reds, my girl got me into these and it's hard to go back to a red, so harsh and strong. I'm used to these now and I love them. definitely a great everyday smoke

perfectDagent: Can you review marlboro edge?

Alex Smith: my favorite cigarette man great rating used to be a crush guy but had to switch it up and now every time I get cigs nxts are it

Franken Peter: How the hell do you get so many views?

Nikki H.: My fave so far. I like this one better then the others

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Marlboro NXT Cigarette Review - USA 5 out of 5

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Marlboro NXT Cigarette Review - USA