Marlboro NXT Cigarette Review - USA

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Vanthius218: Do these taste like the Marlboro smooths? Menthol wise??

Colin McCoy: Who the freak gets excited to smoke ciggs? Boggie heads ur ganna get lung cancer .... see nothing interesting about this nic heads

Cameron Mitchell: you should do a review on marlboro slate my opinion a vary good quality cig

Richard A Pico: so, camel crush menthols are slightly better in that menthol is better? i enjoyed nxt's, but after a while, the menthol became tasteless. my first nxt was great; downhill after that.

Urano Metria: Are these common in Indiana? I hate walking in and looking like a retard trying to buy something they don't have.

Outdoorsman1944: These come in 100's?

Megan Miller: who else is smoking this cigarette while watching this video

tankgunner32: still cant believe people actually review freaking cigarettes

Johndeere Farmer: U gonna get lung cancer

chandler babin: Reminds me of a York peppermint patty. Waayyy better than camel crush.

w3pa: Smoking this now, I miss my Ice Blast cigs, it's only about $1.50 back home in the Philippines. This one is a bit too strong for me to be honest. 

Sergio Ayala: Salute from mexico buddy

WestCoastIrk: hey dan, have you done a review of marlboro Edge cigarettes?

Frogboyattacks: My favorite so far..better than a Camel Crush and a little cheaper...

StopFear: Phillip Morris or RJ Reynolds should have patented the name "Cherry" for the menthol bead. That way you could say "you popped the cherry of the cigarette". Haha

JoeyH547: Dry pop it with the bead crushed... Tastes good as crap

Jared Bauer: The Marlboro NXT is my favorite brand of smoke. It's hard to go back to regular more harsh tobacco after smoking NXT exclusively for a few months. I find that if you pop the bead at least 30mins before you smoke it, you get optimum taste, almost creamy in a way. I call it "cooking" the filter. By far the best cigs I have ever smoked!

iwannaplayfootball: Dude your a freaking idiot its a cigarette smoke it and shut the freak up

iiTzKhris-_ -: NXT is a WWE Program

stonedboss: I don't understand why you are saying it tastes a lot like a Camel Crush. I am a HUGE menthol/mint fan. I smoke lots of tobacco, but stick to Camel Menthols only for cigarettes (not even Crushes or Crush Bolds anymore). The only other pack I'll smoke are Marlboro NXTs, but they are very different. Camel Crush/Bold/Menthol have menthol balls. Marlboro NXTs have mint balls that include menthol. It is quite a distinct flavor difference. The NXTs are stronger in menthol versus the regular Camel Crush cigs but the Camel Menthols have them beat imo. Either way the mint makes the NXTs taste very different than any of Camel's crush cigarettes.

Marlboro NXT Cigarette Review - USA 5 out of 5

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Marlboro NXT Cigarette Review - USA