Marlboro NXT Cigarette Review - USA

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Marco Mariona: What are the perforations for???

Vanthius218: Do these taste like the Marlboro smooths? Menthol wise??

Colin McCoy: Who the freak gets excited to smoke ciggs? Boggie heads ur ganna get lung cancer .... see nothing interesting about this nic heads

Cameron Mitchell: you should do a review on marlboro slate my opinion a vary good quality cig

Richard A Pico: so, camel crush menthols are slightly better in that menthol is better? i enjoyed nxt's, but after a while, the menthol became tasteless. my first nxt was great; downhill after that.

Urano Metria: Are these common in Indiana? I hate walking in and looking like a retard trying to buy something they don't have.

Outdoorsman1944: These come in 100's?

Megan Miller: who else is smoking this cigarette while watching this video

tankgunner32: still cant believe people actually review freaking cigarettes

Johndeere Farmer: U gonna get lung cancer

chandler babin: Reminds me of a York peppermint patty. Waayyy better than camel crush.

w3pa: Smoking this now, I miss my Ice Blast cigs, it's only about $1.50 back home in the Philippines. This one is a bit too strong for me to be honest. 

Sergio Ayala: Salute from mexico buddy

WestCoastIrk: hey dan, have you done a review of marlboro Edge cigarettes?

Frogboyattacks: My favorite so far..better than a Camel Crush and a little cheaper...

StopFear: Phillip Morris or RJ Reynolds should have patented the name "Cherry" for the menthol bead. That way you could say "you popped the cherry of the cigarette". Haha

JoeyH547: Dry pop it with the bead crushed... Tastes good as crap

Jared Bauer: The Marlboro NXT is my favorite brand of smoke. It's hard to go back to regular more harsh tobacco after smoking NXT exclusively for a few months. I find that if you pop the bead at least 30mins before you smoke it, you get optimum taste, almost creamy in a way. I call it "cooking" the filter. By far the best cigs I have ever smoked!

iwannaplayfootball: Dude your a freaking idiot its a cigarette smoke it and shut the freak up

iiTzKhris-_ -: NXT is a WWE Program

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Marlboro NXT Cigarette Review - USA 5 out of 5

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Pall Mall Black Menthol

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Marlboro NXT Cigarette Review - USA