Anschutz 22lr At 50 Yards

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Richard Kendall: Try some different types of ammo. Your groups at 50 yards will be far better. Mine likes Wolf or SK match ammo. Almost same hole at 50 yards. Practice, practice

Dario Bisogno: young man in your hands you have one of the most accurate rifle ever made that old gun is a diamond ..have fun !!!and shoot safe ..

Eric Coovert: To those who are asking, the model pictured here appears to be a model 1435 A.

Eric Coovert: I'm also 53 years old and have an Anshutz 1450. It's almost identical to yours here but the rear sight is more elaborate. I've taken it and shot it off hand at 200 yards and was able to hit an orange consistently at that distance. It could have done even better off of a bench on a calm day. These guns are truly tack drivers. I purchased mine in France when I was about 20 years old. Mine is not a Savage import so I can't say if the re-branded models shoot the same. I would think so though. If you are at all into air rifles, I also own a Hatsan 125 air rifle chambered in .22. It hurls 11.9 grain pellets out the muzzle at an average of 1010 fps. yielding just over 27 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. It's favorite pellets are the 18.13 grain JSB Jumbo Heavy Exact pellets which it sends down range at nearly 900 fps. yielding just over 32 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. Plenty to dispatch small to medium size game. I'm consistently printing sub 1/2" groups at 50 yards with those pellets out of that gun. I have gotten a few sub 1/4" groups out of that gun with those pellets, but only on really calm days. The only problem with air rifles is pellets are much more subject to being affected by wind than bullets are. The reason I mentioned the air rifle, is it's the only other gun I own that shoots as accurately as my Anshutz. At least out to 50 yards. Beyond that distance, I would expect the .22 LR would have the edge. Take care of that gun. I've had plenty of offers by others who wanted to buy mine. I never took anyone up on it though. It's a keeper.

Kenneth Zullick: First of all the gun is not really old and either is your Dad, second with that gun and a 4x scope at 50 yards you should be in the same hole every time. Practice more and make sure your sighted in properly. Nice rifle.

michael13111988: i bought the same one i dont know how old it is but i cant wait to get to the club :)

Willy Pete: when you can shoot a 1 x2 inch square at 200 meters with a 22 rifle and put 20 out of 20 in it then you can say you are learning to shoot

Joseph Tay: I must be real old because that gun doesn't look that old to me

Rick Miller: work with that bad boy a bit more and you can tighten that circle to about an inch or less.

Rick Miller: I luv my anshutz....

BzerkIdeas: Near as I can tell from this vid. what you have there is a Savage Anschutz model 184 sporter... I have the same gun.. 1973 using walmart bulk ammo... I shoot 3/4" inch groups at 50 yards with an occasional flyer. with match ammo its 1/2".. most in the same kept talking about how 'old' this gun is.. quality, like these guns lasts! You own the best brand of .22 rifle in the world.. dont make excuses.. be proud!

RLtW88: I got a 1415L for my 14th birthday 10 years ago, great rifle, very accurate little rifle. Definitely heirloom stuff.

Jommpa11: i have got an Anschutz =D

Victor Gonzalez: that spinner seems to be for an air rifle

Jake Bry: sweet video man, i got a video on my channel of my dads 45 year old marlin model 99-m1. still shoots like a dream!

Braden Higgins: i got a model 520 its pretty sweet but i can find nothing about it online

Anschutz 22lr at 50 yards 5 out of 5

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Gunsmithing - How to Sight in a Rifle Scope Presented by Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA
Gunsmithing - How to Sight in a Rifle Scope Presented by Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA

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Anschutz 22lr at 50 yards