Compare: Behmor Brazen Brew Vs. Technivorm KB741

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Croozer: Been using the Brazen for over a year now and it's still going strong, the only issue I had was a leaky carafe and Behmor rectified that quickly.

My Technivorm has been moved to the back up.

Seattle Coffee Gear: Thank you for sharing your experiences with others! Really helpful as folks research. - Kat

Terry K: Brazen review 1) Be aware: You have to use filtered water. Period... if you do not the machine will have to be descaled every 30 days or less (Phoenix water). 2) If you are not careful when removing the carafe, it will catch the brew basket and dump hot grounds all over including your hands. 3) The carafe dribbles. Average design. 4) When removing the filter basket after brewing, about an ounce or so of water will leak out from the distribution holes above and require cleanup of the base area.

Seattle Coffee Gear: Yeah, and we mention it, too. - Kat

closesquarters: Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this in the comments. Technivorm - glass \ Brazen - insulated carafe. I think you guys need to account for this control in your tests. Make sure both coffees are exact same temp before tasting as too hot = less flavor & a burnt tongue! Love your reviews!!!

Croozer: BAM!

Seattle Coffee Gear: But we need to have a tie breaker!! These are mostly about having fun with coffee ... I like the split decision because it tells the story that all these coffee makers produce very good cups with only slight personal differences :) - Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear: One has to set some parameters in order to test; as I described below, we set this to the MFR recommended settings and have done all of our testing this way, with great results. Sorry this test didn't meet your needs :) - Kat

Dustin Nielsen: It's a review of coffee makers...get your priorities in order and treat people with respect.

coachafella: The entire design concept of the Brazen is the ability to adjust the pre-soak time and specific water temp for the best results. By not adjusting coffee amount, grind, pre-soak time and water temp you are creating a very limited test of the Brazen's capability. Why would anyone pay a premium for a Brazen and simply leave it at the factory settings? The pertinent question is which machine is capable of producing the best brew, which you did not answer.

psykodragz: you guys should make the votes out of 4 people, that way it can at least be equal in votes if both machines are head-to-head with each other :D

Seattle Coffee Gear: Like I said in my response, these are the settings Joe recommended to us and we have done all of our testing with them. One has to set some kind of parameters to do any kind of comparison testing. If you think we're lazy, feel free to look to others who might meet your needs. :) - Kat

alchemist4242: That's kind of an interesting change in story. Was it the default settings or settings Joe recommended? I very much doubt the later as you now say as Joe has made it quite the point there is no one suggested set of settings. That they should be changed to each individual's liking. You are right. I don't agree with your approach. I found it lacking. Lazy under the guise of fair. But to each his/her own I guess.

Seattle Coffee Gear: We left it at the settings recommended to us by Joe and have done all of our testing of coffees and comparison using those same settings. I'm sorry you don't agree to our approach, as always, feel free to test and use equipment as you personally prefer -- just like we do :D - Kat

alchemist4242: Totally unknown since they only used one temperature. All it showed was two people liked paper filter at one temp over metal filter at another temp.

alchemist4242: You folks really did a dis-service to the Brazen. Under the pretense of being 'fair' by using factory settings you instead tied the Brazen's hand's behind it's back and left it 100% to chance as to whether the brew temp was good. The temp you used is not the factory setting. Mine came at 210 F as the default setting. That would be too hot, and yours was arguable too cold. "Fair" would be brewing one pot for every temp the Brazen could be set at and comparing those results to the TVs one cup

Seattle Coffee Gear: No - this is for smaller amounts of coffee grounds; if you're going to put coffee grounds in for 10 cups and then only put 5 cups of water in, brew at the same rate. If you put the coffee grounds in for 5 cups and don't slow it down, it will run through the coffee too fast and you'll have weak coffee. - Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear: Definitely need to use water that has a good mineral balance -- too hard and it's not going to extract enough coffee, too soft and it will extract too much. So weak vs. bitter. The recommendation from the fancy kids is 150ppm ... - Kat

Caffe Lusso: The Technivorm has no water filtration system, right? Do you recommend using pre-filtered water?

ClassicsCafe: So say I like really strong coffee...and I do! So I pack the filter in with grounds but only want say half of the water container full (I can't drink all of that). So I go to start extracting based on how much grounds I put in? The filter is packed...but I only want say three cups. Now what?

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Compare: Behmor Brazen Brew vs. Technivorm KB741 5 out of 5

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Compare: Behmor Brazen Brew vs. Technivorm KB741