How To Fix A Stuck CD Tray

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Wojciech D: you can use loom band :) worked for me

asbaDoce: 4:16 and even more pertinent in 2016 when optical drives are not cheap; again!

Barbara Graham: I have a Innovative Technology Vintage wooden cd/turntable/radio.  The CD tray will not open and there is no pinhole to put a pin in.  It won't let me change to turntable or radio since the drawer is stuck.  Any fix for this?

scottvoltageable: if i leave a disc in my drive the tray opens and closes normally. if i remove the disc and close the tray its a swine to get open again

sc0zzers: thnx

Jane Frizzell: thank you

Lijo George: Hai.. i just pulled out the tray in to out..! but now i cant insert the tray.! how can i fix this tray properly.??

ResidentNetizen: Awesome! I did all the work with the drive in the PC. Once the door/tray was open, I worked the belt off the pulleys with a different paperclip like a hook. Then I pulled the belt through my fingers and past my fingernail on the three sides of the square belt. There was a lot of the belt that had some 'gritty' feel to it. Got it down to clean rubber and wrangled it back onto the pulleys. Voila! Functioning again. Total cost: 2 paperclips and about 15 minutes (including watching the video). Thanks!

thedarkprincess4196: Using the paper clip method it says theres no disk but i put one in there..does it mean something else is wrong ?

D.A. Elliott Jr.: I never noticed the tiny emergency hole in the CD drive where you put the paper clip till now. 

ThePatit: Thank you my friend everything works fine

AriesXLeo AquariesXAries: mmm My tray is stuck open?! what should I do?!

Rowan McHugh: I used a safety pin to poke through the emergency hole and nothing happened :( heeeeelp

ALIENMANMUSIC: Now i can finally  use ableton without any problems!! 

aditya narayan: Handy, and really gud video. But won't it work only on those big individual-unit drives? What to do if my laptop's drive is not ejecting? Dismantle the whole laptop, then fix the drive and then find out that the laptop is dead now and basically incur a bill that runs into tens of thousands?

I had the same problem with my Audiosonic DVD player and replaced the small belt. However the problem remained. I tracked it down to the small black pressure switch that that is supposed to cut off the power to the drawer motor. It was not working so I applied some WD40 to the switch and the drawer now works perfectly.

Lord Creepypasta: Pin won't open my tray :( Help please?

filletboy: That WORKED like a charm. I was lucky to find a rubber band in my junk drawer and it works great. I managed to put it on just by opening the drive and getting in. THANKS Guy

Anshul Ahuja: i had a small pin and i tried with the situation is that the tray opened but the pin got stuck inside due to which the tray doesnt close now. it opens automatically when i push it back.. pleaseeee plaeseee pleaseee help me with what to do next

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How to Fix a stuck CD Tray