Testing The Atari 800 Laptop Revision 3

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teki atari: where can i buy one ?

Keithcrash: I second this!

Pit Gordon: HELLO...i need repair power supply ATARI 800XL-130XE...i need service manual , videos repair's please.... Salute! :-)

zaxoniec: Fantastic job , what type display and display inerface you use to build it? And where i can found more info about this project?

paul morfin: it looks awsome

22RZE: Keep up the great work Ben!! I love what you're doing. You definitely have a niche market on these.

douro20: The Atari 8-bit family was a huge technological leap forward for Atari. When the first one came out in 1978 it had the most advanced graphics hardware of any game system. Even ten years later it proved to be a contender.

timofonic timofonic: He usually uses wood, I think to remember...

jbiddleston: Hi Ben, Great job! Could i please ask, how did you make the case?? Is is a rapid prototype??? Thanks, John B

hippa2dahoppa2: sweet dude

Nathan Taylor: awsm.

zaxoniec: Thanks, i check it. I have VBXE, arrived yesterday , new smaller version,

KyoshoBallard: Very nice, Ben. Very nice. You should post more videos! They're really fun. What I'd love to see is maybe a time-lapse video of the entire build process of one of your projects. That'd be a lot of fun, and informative at the same time.

timofonic timofonic: There are interfaces that adapt LVDS to put analog inputs., find for "tft driving board", "TFT A/D Board" or others. There are ones even with TV tuner so you can convert a cheap PC TFT (broken laptop too...) into a TV with minimal electronics skills. Find over google and ebay about in. A8 uses s-video as best output, but there are an expander that features analog RGB plus tons of amiga-like graphical capabilities. This addon is called VBXE.

lukealpha: cool

frank linke: Great Job, the Atari 800XL was my first Computer with 12 in 1984 for long time. How u made the cases ??

Bruce777999: Simply beautiful!

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Testing the Atari 800 laptop revision 3 4.9 out of 5

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Testing the Atari 800 laptop revision 3
Testing the Atari 800 laptop revision 3
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Testing the Atari 800 laptop revision 3