Fix Acer Aspire Black Or Dead Screen Problem

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simon davison: clever stuff how on earth did you manage to suss that out by yourself ,? computer genius ,thanks for posting 

Mc lovin: same problem, basically took everything i could out of the laptop, restarted it..screen came on then went black again as it was booting up, did the same thing twice same result...also when i turn my laptop on i can literally hear it power down, usually when i start its a constant noise..but it starts out constant and normal then kind of lowers, i think something just isnt being run

yebhx: Just fixed my laptop from this video. Thanks a ton for uploading it! Oh and I did not rename any files since there was no pdf in with the files

Stella Womack: I followed all the steps but the computer screen did not show up .now it's making a beeping sound what do I do ?

sylvester palitog: Helow Harry, I have an Acer Aspire 4740g which has the same problem as this. The power led lights on , with the fan running but no display, it does not also have a POST or it does not beep when I took out the ram, hdd and Video Card. I tried your tutorial but when the screen appears, the laptop produces a loud short beeps continuously (Im not sure if the motherboard or the HDD beeping). Also there is a black vertical lines at the right side. The bios will appear and it allows me to select safe mode, safe mode with networking etc. And then is shuts down after selecting one.
Do you have an idea about this? Thanks in advance.

Marian Koniuszko: I have the same problem with acer aspire 5742g - black screen after power off, the difference is that there is a signal on hdmi ( i can manage all win7 function). I check LCD tape (from MOBO to LCD) and LCD - nothing on it after light with external source. What do you think about it ?

Gaurav Sadhwani: My acer also doing same thing even can see acer logo and windows logo during start-up. but login screen is not displaying up. This happened as soon as I updated my BIOS driver.

Tezuka Haru: thank you for saving my laptop n my life^^

shu ming Wu: mine don't work

Jepoy Tabacug: ohh man it really worked.........thank you very much sir....

صادق الفائشي: Thank you very much 
Excuse me I need to explain 
  flashing bios from dead D 
Toshiba device Satlit 
Thank You

Tristan Jay Agno: so many light lol

justin blizard: This keeps happening to my aspire v5572g6679. I've used the bios dump twice now but I'm looking for a permanent fix.

Ajay Verma: Thank you so much it really works. . 

Jane Lieb: Hi I have Acer Aspire 5820T Same everything fires up but nothing comes on the screen just seen your video I want to know how do I know what to rename my file to once I download the flush ? I see you renamed yours but how do I knwo what I need to rename my file to ? Thank you

wisam michael: hi i have acer 5742  shold i name the bios thanks

Ranbir Kaur: This actually worked for me. I bought a non-starting Acer laptop from ebay and was going to use it for spare-parts, but it looked so nice and clean that I felt tempted to try to revive it. and WOW! it did work.

I followed your Video (and also the one explaining how to make bootable flashdrives), but at first nothing happened.
When I restarted the notebook once, then the Bios screen came up and the Notebook started nomally.

I had a look at the BIOS and it said version 1.01, so I flashed the newest BIOS from the archive just downloaded. From that point on the Notebook stopped totally.

Rotsen Ginerva: @Mr. Harry, is there any other way? because my mother board is not functioning anymore. Please reply. just happened right now to me in my aspire 4738ZG. 

Jackson Varghese: Thxs

MKD Nikoloski: please help ! in my folder i cant find "dos" / and mine wasnt with 2 folders. the bios i downloaded had all the files in one folder.

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Fix acer aspire black or dead screen problem 5 out of 5

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How-to: Fix Acer Aspire ONE black/dead screen problem
How-to: Fix Acer Aspire ONE black/dead screen problem
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ACER ASPIRE Black Screen Fix 5750Z 4877
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Fix acer aspire black or dead screen problem