How To Bleach Your Mustache

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Da'matha Chantel: are adorable. soooo gorgeous.. helpful video...thanks lady! I'm so nervous to try this...wish me luck please ­čśî´╗┐

LIN: that tongue slapping´╗┐

Pinky Chopra: First of all ur very pretty and I love ur make up ­čśŐ and second thank u so much for this video it's very helpful. It's tm first time bleaching at home and I'm a bit nervous. Let's see how it goes´╗┐

Alysia Lyons: This was really helpful, thanks so much!´╗┐

Dolph Createur: I'm a gay man - but I just wanted to tell you that you are sooooooo cute and soooo sweet when you speak... if I was straight I would have the biggest crush!´╗┐

Divine Muzia: would results turn out the same for a dark skinned person?´╗┐

CreatingSheep: Tnx for the vid it helped a lot´╗┐

Tee Dee: What if you have dry skin on ur upper lip should I wait or does it matter´╗┐

Angel Babee: Just found this vid and was so impressed that I tried it. I found the product at Walmart and also found it easy to use. Almost 50 and this is my first experience with bleaching. For me this is a better alternative to waxing since I get breakouts. The measurements on the directions are a little quirky - just use regular kitchen measuring spoons but be sure to thoroughly clean them afterwards. Also, keep any leftover product in case you have to touch up after the first application. The product stings a little and the fumes can be a little overwhelming if you have as keen a sense of smell as I do. Sit near a fan for extra ventilation. Follow up with a moisturizer after completing the process and after cleaning your face. Thanks Tiffany!´╗┐

california 123: Does this bleach the hair underneath the skin? Because even if I shave it bald, theres still dark discoloration.┬á´╗┐

Shai Mitchell: I have this friend and she is a little bit darker than you Tiffany, what color should she bleach her mustache with? Should she bleack or dye it blonde like you or what??´╗┐

mixedandnot: Next time write the questions before videotaping.┬á Not trying to be smartalec, but it saves time.┬á Also, wanted to tell you that you fix your hair nicely.┬á Natural hair always looks prettier than hair pieces or wigs.´╗┐


helloo grandmaa: how much would this cost´╗┐

Janie Silva: At first I was like what the heck is moving on the bed. But then I realized it was a puppy. Lol ´╗┐

Grace Ochieng: It works even with really dark skin?´╗┐

anngrits02: Thx...i needes this!!´╗┐

Jaylee6625: Can u stay in sunlight after? Coz bleach reacts to sunlight. Thank for the video btw it really helped. I have a girl stache to x´╗┐

Spirit Arca: I just used this stuff and it works great´╗┐

Valeria Palumbo: What does your boyfriend think of it? Does he notice it? "The bleached hair"? I been getting mine threaded for a few months now, (the lady does it fast/ less painful) but I don't like the regrowth. I'm thinking of doing this method. Thanks. ´╗┐

How to Bleach Your Mustache 5 out of 5

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How to Bleach Your Mustache
How to Bleach Your Mustache
How to  bleach your mustache
How to bleach your mustache
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How to Bleach Your Mustache