Tornado Gravity Bong Rip, Hits Sumthin Like Vortex

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raymiedc: 2 ltr of soda, a cool aid container and a bowl add together like these glass versions cheaper and easier than this and recycles.

Early Man: One classy motherfreaker

Chiino H.O.N: Lol dat music

MyRedBronco35: Not too efficient

dabadactyl710: nice...but one thing...weed smoke stails after 7 seconds

O DAWG: yeah i no fukin lady

Carson Davis: thats pretty dope.. if you shook it while it was burning that would be cool

Hingle McCringleberry: elevator music makes the whole video

FOXBigBoss: wtf with the elevator music in the background lol

Sage v: its beautiful... :'(

FeL pZ: what in gods name is playing in the background lolll nice vid tho

TsukiKKun: thats awesome!

joe camillone: what can i say... made in china

Evan Palley: Where did you get that lighter

changeitonem: best thing I have ever seen in my lfe

NeilNaS: you take the bowl out and than rip it

Chris Avilez: dawg.....

Naddycat: that's really cool

shane collins: Hell yea man torch liters freakin suck pickles

boflexboy: i like the music
Tornado Gravity Bong rip, Hits sumthin like vortex 5 out of 5

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Tornado Gravity Bong rip, Hits sumthin like vortex