Tornado Gravity Bong Rip, Hits Sumthin Like Vortex

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Rob McConnell: i want one

jsgold15: make it

xXEman1992Xx: nasty i would never smoke out of the bowl that stupid

ta2joe13: pretty cool dude nice background music as well very fitting

changeitonem: best thing I have ever seen in my lfe

hongster76: i m not japanese =]

Chris Avilez: dawg.....

TheOnlyEminem: pretty chill music wut is that yo, gota do that crap up wen im blazn

TsukiKKun: thats awesome!

blaccstacy: ill music

Jim Dick: C'mon man, why waste weed? I bet I use 1/4 of the weed you do but get twice as high bongs are the crap

Kachur1: great creation yet alone something to trip out to after the seshssss

SwizzleStickMcGee: touche. Well played sir.

boflexboy: i like the music

Robin Steeg: Its really not gross in my opinion, worst case scenario you get some ash in your mouth, but that crap happens all the time. The vortex works the same way.

Carson Davis: thats pretty dope.. if you shook it while it was burning that would be cool

xvcranevx: Read the description, he did and the link is there.

ritsuzenvx: It depends on how many people you're with. If you have a group of like 4 people+ i'd say blunt, easier to get around, and you get freaked. Purple Haze Blunt FTW But for like 2 people a bong each is much better! haha or straight up both at the same time. 8]

K1ng0fpimp5: thats freakin sick

TheApothocary: Love the music and nice job on the bong. Is that home made?

Ishotup5: wow! THATS GENIUS!!!

calvinladeroute: thats a sweet bong

slickshooter5: i like the classy music in the back ground...


MyRedBronco35: Not too efficient

redjohn85: i call this the tornado bong.....*sits there giggling* man im so ripped...lets watch twister :D

thefat0612: thats sweet whered u get that tornado thing...iv seen them b4 but i cant remember where

joe camillone: what can i say... made in china

uberpunx: shouldnt be smokin wit a lighter like that

Still Ratchet: One classy motherfreaker

Oliver Coker: miles davis autumn leaves nice lol

crazysabin: nice but, wtf is with the music ...

jackmehoff31: listening to god damn jazz or some crap thats awesome

O DAWG: yeah i no fukin lady

golyz: beat music

ebonitemorich: in full agreement bro

FeL pZ: what in gods name is playing in the background lolll nice vid tho

LookEast123: thats pretty freaking sick

mannnegg: I NEED to get me 1 of those u r freakin awesome

intrga86: i remember this in 4 grade or was it 5th I cant remember i'm stoned

zker666: i'd probaly forget wat 2 do after like the first hit cuz ur talkin bout gettin stoned, buy a glass bong, dog. fuk this crap yo

nickhodom7: u need to find a way to put a carb on it but itll be tricky

SwizzleStickMcGee: im sorry, but you just took the hit from the actual fail.

forcesnfitteds: yeaaaaaa blunts n bowls freak this complicated ass shiittt

KUSH96hitter: nice...but one thing...weed smoke stails after 7 seconds

wasteofwords: hey how do i make one of these were do i get the stuff

10dollarspecial: Hahaha.

doodledoo209: Pure geniuse!

chrissyv83: wow.. dude im blazed rite now and watching your vid. love the music your playing in the background,.. Did you make that tornado bong yourself? ITS AWESOME!!! I love the close up you gave of the tornado!!! hahahhaaha, you def. get a 5 star rating from me!

sbolgert: Great Autumn Leaves recording in the background :)

Tornado Gravity Bong rip, Hits sumthin like vortex 4.8 out of 5

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Tornado Gravity Bong rip. Hits sumthin like vortex
Tornado Gravity Bong rip. Hits sumthin like vortex
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Tornado Gravity Bong rip, Hits sumthin like vortex