Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater

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TrueBlogge777: I like the idea of the drip valve, doing a bit of research I have found that the oil can warm up become thin and thus intern speed up in flow and burn, it's probably is a good idea to add a shut off valve at tank, as well, some people use rubber hoses on the feeds, if these
burned through there could be a problem, one oil reaches flash point it is not easy to
put out, and there a appears no way to put out the open ones quickly, in the case
of the enclosed ones you could just induce a fire damping gas and put them out instantly. metal pipes for the oil feeds are best, either copper of steel direct from oil tank with two valves some people keep the oi supply close to burner which is not a good idea if it becomes hot.

Nathan Dean: hey can i use transmission fluid instead of oil? to burn?

longshorts3: Nicely done, and inexpensive. This is the way I've done it for over 30 years. I never used a sight glass, but eyeballed it coming into my drum stove. Natural convection from the chimney drew the smoke right out of the heater, no forced air was ever needed. I also drew outside air to feed the stove by putting a pipe into the bung of the drum stove. Great fishing camp and garage heater!

Rick Nolan: How long does 5 gallon burn for?

lamberto fierro: Doesn't the heat burn or cake up the oil running inside the feed tube before it drips to the center of the fire?

Jerry Rosa, Sr.: Sorry, I just found your answer about the valve.

Jerry Rosa, Sr.: I also would like to know where you got the drip needle valve with the sight window that thing is awesome! Rosastringworks@Gmail.com

Jay Kinkade: Google, "granger 1U795", there around $43

Junk Yard: Where did you get that needle valve with sight glass? Neat setup.

Jay Kinkade: Those both sound like excellent improvements and they make sense, all that splashing in the pool disrupts even combustion and the more air the better. I guess the intake has some sweet spot, are you saying just open the whole 4" intake pipe?

Spook50: Shut the freak up. Ignorant, hypocritical sack of trash.

sking0369: My MENS oil burner looks close to this one. I had is in my basement heating my house. I found if you control the air going into the top you can reach stochiometric, or a place where it puts out the most heat and least smoke. Using an infrared thermometer I was seeing 800-900 deg.F. BUT... there is a teribly touchy maintaning stochiometric. I vented it up a non-dedicated chimney and when the draft changed and I would flame out and belch soot backwards into the basement.

Steve Madden: I have tried many ways to get a clean burn , try directing the air flow towards the flame through a small copper tube and adjust accordingly to get the right amount of air flow for a clean burn , more oil plus more air = more heat and hope fully clean burn , i experimented useing an air compressor first to get the flow, hope this helps cheers...

chopperking1122: it looks just like mine , but even using an adjustable fan to speed along combustion , it friggin stinks ! It set off my neighbours smoke alarm , its just a drip feed type set up . If you live in a semi rural area , with a tall chimney reaching to the heavens it O.K , but....I look into it and can see the oil burning , but theres just all this smoke , its like an oil burning steam locomotive ! It works good except for the smoke ! I cant subject my neighbours to that !

johncartelli: the site feed needle valve looks like the old drip oilers that were used to lubricate babbit bearings..

MrCraz6r: nice job

kf4awu: @ding0925 Google: Sight Feed Needle Valve, note they are pricey.

Jay Kinkade: @suzukimark Roger Sanders sells an eBook that has complete plans for the heater plus a lot of other useful tips and tricks. Do a Google search for his name and waste oil heater, you'll find it right away.

suzukimark: i would realy like to make one of these,,,where can i get a set of plans.....chears

Jay Kinkade: @dispatcher7007 It's not as bad one might think, it's a little worse when the heater is first lit, after it warms up it burns pretty clean. I made another video showing the chimney from outside the building, Checkout my channel for Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater Smoke Test.

Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater 5 out of 5

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Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater
Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater
Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater
Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater
free heat drip feed waste oil heater
free heat drip feed waste oil heater
Drip feed Waste oil burning heater finished
Drip feed Waste oil burning heater finished
First Attempt at a Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater
First Attempt at a Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater

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Drip Feed Waste Oil Heater