IPad Air Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1' Full Comparison

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Cisco Matador: Android for the open minded, Apple for the close = control by APPLE.

Ana Paula Velasquez: I speak Spanish

Freedom Cobra: If you have an iPhone, get an iPad. Apple products work best together. If you have an Android get whatever you want

OracleXR: All the ipads have better build and better internal design... While samsung wow you with specs on paper, apple shows you performance. I've never used a galaxy tab but my friends say that it starts to lag after a certain amount of usage... I've never experienced lag with my ipad. The galaxy tab defo has much better specs but i think everything on the ipad has peak optimisation so it generally does feel a lot snappier even if specs say otherwise. Also the camera, though a 5mp, has been shown to be much better on the ipad. This is purely because apple has taken time to apply special software that sharpens and brightens photos which I think is better because you don't need a high MP to take good photos. Overall, All I'm trying to say is don't be fooled by samsung's spec-parade, its the actual real time performance that speaks the difference, and in my opinion, the ipad for me out-performs the galaxy tab :)

DRUNKDONKEY100: Lol the ipad is about 5000 times better, the only people who think the Galaxy is better are propably 20 year olds who play video games for 2 hours a day.

Fikret Oz: I owned a tab pro, to be honest, too much lag. I never downloaded any games or any excessive apps...sold it last week...iPad looks ehh...1gig ram is not really charming. what year is this, 2009? step up peeps.

ots me: The funny thing is that the Galaxy is way better than the iPad, and you can get it for about $300 now. As for the iPad, the only way you'll get it that cheap is if it's used, because Apple is a freaking ripoff.

SuomiPerkele: Samsung's tablets starts to lag after half a year. I pad does not

BreezyNSS Gaming: My volume is at high on my ipad,CAN YOU SPEAK LOUDER!

Andrei Cristian Sohan: So, to sum it all up, Apple is about build quality and better designed apps, while Samsung is about functionality. Seems they both have their niche. The reason why I'd go for Apple is the quality control system they enforce on app developers, which leads to better quality apps. That's the main reason why I am buying the device in the first place: the apps. The build quality is just a plus. There is nothing wrong with Samsung or Android, but for me, I'd rather have less well developed apps, than a lot of cheaper, but questionable ones, so that's my reason for going with Apple.

Bryce *: They run kitkat I eat there ass

Aood47vru: Just got the tab pro 10.1 and I heard a lot of question about battery drain. I decided to do the experiment on the battery. I do this by leave it alone for 7 hours. After 7 hours I checked and it was only drain by 2%. The tablet is fast, a bit lag sometime but only half of second. I downloaded games and they're all work fine apart from my favourite game (heroes of order and chaos), I opened this game and it come up 'unfortunately, heroes O&C has stopped working' and it's piss me off, and I'm about to sell it to get the ipad 4. Why?, because I have ipad2 and I never have even a single problem with Apple store. Sorry for my bad English.

tnworks: I have been debating over this for a while now. I am a mixed up device guy with a Dell computer and a iPhone. I don't really see much difference in either one. I do like the variety of apps available on apple. It seems, though I may be wrong, that there are many more app options through apple. Yet, I think having the option to run more than one program at a time is more in line to suit my particular needs. Side by side, comparing them above, I think I am leaning more towards the Samsung. However, I do have a question to ask any of you who are in the know. Every song I own, every book, every books on tape and every pod cast collection I have are through either iTunes or Audible which is now, I think owned by Apple. I have had iTunes for many years and have accumulated quite a collection. So, if I were to get a Samsung Tablet, would I no longer be able to access this library? I am able to access it on my PC at home, where I can download songs to my iPhone. I ask because I read someone's comment about this and it led me to believe that I would not be able to use iTunes or access any of my songs on a tablet. Is that true? And, if it is, is there a way to convert the music over from one to whatever the tablet uses. If I am unable to do this, I may be forced to get an iPad. The cost of having to repurchase all my music and books would be more than the tablet itself.

Cloudtreker: If you've already heavily invested in Apple products, as so many iPad users have done, with Macbooks, iPods, iPhones, large iTunes libraries, it only makes sense to go with the iPad, for cross platform usability. The conflict between Android and IOS fans is without purpose. Each OS has both plusses and minuses. In the end, the decision comes down to the OS that satisfies the user. Best, is truly the decision of the end user.

karpetech: Another excellent side by side comparison. Thank you.

young mouss: Does the battery drain in sleep mode?I wanna buy one but I'm really worry about the battery life

T. Price: Nice

Velasquez〉[^.^]〈: I have a samsung galaxy s4 and I want to upgrade to the iPhone 5s, but I think the samsung galaxy tablet is Better than the ipad in terms of multitasking and the fact the android has way more free apps to offer which is great for me personally because I'm starting college soon and I need as much school apps as possible on a budget

ofori evans: Samsung is the best, multi window, storage expansion, high resolution, big but light weight.

Paul Williams: The ipad is obv better !

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iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1" Full Comparison 5 out of 5

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iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1