LWRC REPR Overview Part 1

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Colter Tolman: Nice gun man! BTW the stock is a VLTOR.

monster max: What kind of mags do you use for your Repr. I went and brought MAGPUL PMAGS 20 LR/SR. If you ever use these kind of mags. Where they stiff and didn't feed right the first time? I'm just wondering.

monster max: Hey man, I just got my LWRC Repr. I was wondering; what is the best 308 ammo to use in my rifle?

Thomas Symonds: I picked up a brown one, but that looks very handsome in Black. Nice Setup. Thanks for sharing the vid!

Wayne Ho: great vid, like the flashider or the whole gun, clean as hell,

TheSCARZONE: Hey- the LWRCI manual says that on first use you need to turn it a bunch to keep it from doing that....- I just got mine and after about 45 rounds I turned it and carbon dropped out of it at the range. I really LOVE this weapon. and the weapon shows it can perform. 

bigdan1342: my SCAR 17 is less than 8 lbs 

Chedr89: Hawk like hands made out of asbestos lol

McDank8O5: would you pay 4500 for a 18"? that seems to be the going rate out here in CA

fredstah714: my gas block setting is soooo hard to turn! any suggestion?

lvstphn: Nice.

Guy D'Agostini: is that a nighforce? 

Jeremy Esters: Today this gun is worth a lot more now. 

BlackFox416: iv look this gun up and i can't find a price would you guys be so kind as to till please 

Audie Herpel: OBR

mb78758: 3rd time watching this vid, damn im so frikin jealous -_-

Alan Reid: Its not gizelle triggers, its pronounced "GUYSLEE"

djqx: I keep coming back here to look at your gun dude. I wish i wasnt poor! :-(

Ryan Frailey: I see that you have several (or at least fired several) 7.62 platforms, I love the innovation of the Repr and the LWRC name. however reviews like the one vuurwapenblog (just search repr review) did scare me away and with a $3000+ price tag I want to be sure. I wanted to know what your honest opinion of this is. im looking for a solid, super reliable all purpose 7.62 rifle and am planning on the 16" barrel. other than that I really apreciate you taking the time to do reviews! keep it up! 

Highjak86: @Highjak86 Ahhh... got to 9:09 for forward assist part.

LWRC REPR Overview Part 1 5 out of 5

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LWRC REPR Overview Part 1