How To Setup ElvUI (Quick Tutorial)

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Derek Sabin: pretty terrible video. people watch tutorials for assistance, not to be told to figure it out. I've been fiddling with it off and on for two days now and still the chat windows are ridiculous when trying to change settings.

Plateyy: How can i get rid of the thing in at the bottom right corner? The entire box and rep bar?

gscgold: hate it when people can figure it out in a tutorial..were here to see if we can pick up any tricks or some info we missed or add to what we know, if we could just figure it out, we wouldn't be looking at youtube videos now would we.

eZiiPe3rz: My chat and loot/trade windows are to big, also i want more action bars... HOW?`

Breezy Gayton: i cant tab target when im in a raid, can you tell me how to fix this please?

Cloonie14: Hey, I was so stupid that i actually skipped the very first thing, so now its completely freaked up.. Tried to re-install it but it still starts where I stopped, help? :P

Hassan: mmm but there's no embedded addon for me

Zach Vandal: actually this video doesn't help anyone.. set up your elvui is just really easy otherwise you are showing us how to move action bars .... Elvui is really more complicated then that and you should make properly tutorials ! :)

Bev God: howd u get rid of it? I really want to so i can put my skada there.

Frankeesh: how can i change my theme back?

Alexander Vikström: I accidently removed the right chat panel, how do I enable it again so I can see it?

Flasharn4Life: my chat are bugged..

TheRagingOgre: Bro, I know it's easy... but "you can figure it out, it's not that hard" is not what a tutorial is for. You show things. Seriously. Why even make this if you're going to tell people to figure it out themselves?

Houtan Amidi: I mean bottom right sorry =/

Houtan Amidi: Hi is there anyway to take off the bottom left window forever?

DezypL: Could you not create a profile which has your UI saved onto it?

Alex Esposito: In the General Tab, there should be a reset.

Hallowed Prestige: i accadently set mine to tank and im dps how would i change it back?

Alex Esposito: It's quite easy. You can embed skada/recount on the bottom right chat, but you will still have the loot/tradechat there. Type /ec , then go to skins, then go to "Embedded Addon" and click on recount or skada. It should show up in the bottom right, so you can stretch out, or it does it for you. Now to toggle it, there should be a little arrow at the bottom right of the chatbox. Right click it to toggle the addon on and off.

Ethon: can you put the trade/loot back in general so you can have there a raidframe or omen or something?

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How to setup ElvUI (Quick Tutorial) 5 out of 5

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Easy ElvUI Setup Guide
Easy ElvUI Setup Guide
How to setup ElvUI (Quick Tutorial)
How to setup ElvUI (Quick Tutorial)
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Elv UI Tutorial (New Mists of Pandaria)
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How to setup ElvUI (Quick Tutorial)