How To Set Up PA Systems : How To Set Up A Compressor

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SHIFTmusicNOW: A compressor is NOT an Automatic Gain Control, a compressor is a COMPRESSOR, it compresses which in turn changes the dynamics, an AGC (Automatic Gain Control) is in fact what it says it is. It does not change the dynamics, it rides the volume fader to keep the overall volume at a certain level determined by the range setting. Don't listen to this bonehead!!!

Richard Rackley: I think the final statement regarding volume control applies more to a limiter. Of course compressors and limiters are similar, but whenever I use a compressor volume control isn't what I use it for... I use compressors for dynamic balancing and mix prominence. I use a limiter if I want to control max volume (technically gain).

Ali White: thanks, question having tweeter issues, have condensers don't know on witch side to put them _ or + ?

UnreaLSD Sounds: a lot of this videos on YouTube, where they use/test the compressor without even turning it on.....

GayWorldOrder: You mean 'Tip Ring Sleeve,' as in TRS 1/4" cable. There's no such thing as an RTS cable as you state, so not knowing the expert verbiage yourself, you're just further confusing the n00bs.

Peavey Cabiao: expert

yessy gims: thats good tutorial. jika anda berada di Indonesia, anda akan diajari sound system compressor oleh Sound System School, secara relevan. contact : 02193930555

Jeremy Sherrell: thanks


monmixer: you can email me if you want more info anthony. I am a professional audio monitor engineer and would happy to answer you in due time. thank goodness for digital consoles eliminating all of the extra stuff but I'll help you out if i can. Now we have compressors and noise gates on every channel and don't have to deal with all those cables. We still need to understand what we are doing though and the host here is absolutely correct on the compressor..great advise

monmixer: Anthony..some consoles have I/O 1/4 inch inputs on each channel. that is where you need a ring tip sleeve. So say your inserting a piece of equipment on that channel such as a compressor/ graphic EQ or a noise gate the ring tip sleeves are for using the input for just what it says. I/O = in /'s a dual point connector.the other end of the cable has to have an an in and an out / 2 connectors. some consoles actually have an in and out for inserts so you would use 2 cables instead of ringtip

anthony dilauri: Is there any way you can explain to me about the back of the compressor/hookup and wires? I never really understood tip ring sleeve vs mono cable vs stereo and I have a feeling If you explain it it would finally be understood

anthony dilauri: wow that a good video thanks the first clear instructor I have heard in a long time

CMB Music Productions: @kiko3212 start out with the settings he mentioned int he video, then adjust until you get the sound you like.

kiks casta: hello sir this really a good video,,but i just want to ask you,on how to make a setting for a live p.a system cause ihave a small live band that is for hire i just want to know how to make a good setting's on compressor limiter,i hope you can help me sir thanks a lot,,

Aiiemusic: *EDIT* - How To "USE" A Compressor.

MrNitemare0: Compression=Automatic volume control...well put sir.

JC Haywire: Anybody who criticizes this video might not have a feel for education. I would like it to be a bit more technical--but that's already out there. Simplification is the basis of a sound education. We want newb audio engineers to have that sound foundation. Be patient with them. This guy's a good educator.

NLGuppy: lol @ 2:10. it automatic jumps to annother attack time. Where can i buy it?

Hay: thx for this nice explanation cuse most of the time the problems in the sround system is from the bad using for the compressor , keep on uploading like this videos i like :D great job :D

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How to Set Up PA Systems : How to Set Up a Compressor 5 out of 5

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How to Set Up PA Systems : How to Set Up a Compressor