Raw Hair Color Vs. Manic Panic And Splat

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wrestlingfunvideos: I’ve been doing the Alexa Bliss from WWE. Hot pink ends and my hair is bleached blonde. Everything I use washes out so fast. I’m thinking of trying RAW and you’ve convinced me!! But yes Demi last longer than Semi.

Brooklynn B: I did the teal raw and it lasted like almost a year and turned dark green... I did not like it at all.

Cassandra Liverance: Does anyone know what i can do to make my bright red hair (seriously like BOZO red) a darker red? I've been thinking about going to pick up a darker red from Sally's, but i dont want to end up with a purple again, as I've just switched from purple to red. I'd really like more of a maroon or cinnamon color. Would a darker red help or would it still turn out too bright because my base color is SO red? i would probably opt for an ion brand rather than a manic panic type dye.

corinne corinne: can you pls list the ingredients of raw, i'm really allergic to PPD. Thanks

shelby pena: I just bought raw before I had arctic fox violet dream but it faded fast

Holly Cole: because ur hairs not blonde it doesn't really work on dark haired ppl

Liz Kovach: With Manic Panic you are supposed to put some in a bowl and add water till you get the color you want

Larissa Downing: Raw and Special effects are my favs!

jessica french: You need to try punky colour

RedHopeOtaku: Raw doesn't work because the red looks like orange

Shyla Rose: I. HATED. Splat hair color. Came out of my hair within days.

suany castillo: yas bitch yas I got it and want color to last long yassssss

Maya McFetridge: demi permanent is suppose to last for 24 shampoos so yup

Nicole SanVicente: I had my hair professionally dyed with Raw and it's been a few days and it keep coming off on my fingers I don't want to touch my hair anymore because it gets on my hands then it gets all over my house :c and i had to use about 2 and 1/5th bottles to get the color. Ihad to re dye it because it came out in tons of different shades like the bottom was really really dark blue and like top section was like a bright teal and my bangs and the end of my hair were royal blue ;-; do it come off on your fingers and pillows as well because this is really annoying :'(

Unicorn Baby: Raw colors purple literally lasted a week for me.. And manic panic pillbox red turned my hair orange. Splat got everywhere :/ I use ions tbh it works really well on my hair I think it depends what type of hair you have. I've had bright blue hair for like 3 months but I'm doing ions purple and pink. c: I get it from Sally's.

Sarah Sullivan: Has anyone figured out how to remove raw hair dye? I have had the pink fuchsia fatale color in my hair for 6 months and it is still ridiculously pink and will not come out no matter what I do. Any advice or suggestions are welcomed.

Cheyenne Starling: I've tried a few different dyes, all of them being around the same shade. I haven't had to mix any of them with conditioner yet, but do you have to with Raw?

LoveStrong44: Sparks hair dye is awesome it's also the only company I found that makes colors in permanent hair dye they do not have as many choices as raw or manic panic but it's permanent and it softens as it dyes and does not totally killing ur hair like most dyes. I like it the blue is beautiful and also the green. I mix them together to make a teal color similar to raws turquoise. You can order sparks online for about 12 bucks after shipping and everything. It's 7.99 without. I say it's worth it especially since it's permanent beats dyeing ur hair every few weeks like u do with demi and semi permanent dyes.

cassie jane: im not trying to hate, I'm just genuinely wondering; whats in your nostrill. PS i found your video quite helpful

Matt Williams: ((I used Raw bleach on my hair and it made it white! It's super amazing. I've had problems with Splat and Manic Panic too, I dyed my hair five days ago, washed it twice, and it's faded now. :/ ))

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Raw Hair Color Vs. Manic Panic and Splat 5 out of 5

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Raw Hair Color Vs. Manic Panic and Splat
Raw Hair Color Vs. Manic Panic and Splat
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Raw Hair Color Vs. Manic Panic and Splat