Raw Hair Color Vs. Manic Panic And Splat

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MORGAN MONROE: The reason Raw lasts longer then the manic panic is because the manic is a SEMI perm color so it has no ammonia or peroxide in it. It basically is just a paint to put on your hair that coats the hair. The Raw is a DEMI perm color that penetrates the hair shaft to change your color. Not as harsh as fully perm colors but bonds more than the semi. I've committed to purple rinses on top of my red hair to get the color I like but I do it once every two/three weeks and I'm ok with that. Good review! 

Cathy LeFever: First time using raw. I tossed bottle out in trash and didn't read how long to keep it on. Idk if you'll read this soon enough haha if not I'll guesstimate. How long do you keep it on?

Jessica Sanders: I mixed red and purple hair dye (RAW) and put it in my hair. The red faded out because it was like 5-8 years old or something, but the purple has been bright and staying in my hair for about 2 weeks now. Love it :D I've used Manic Panic and Splat, too, (among other colors). Splat lasted LESS than a week. Manic Panic worked pretty good for me though, but was just as good as Raw (but less expensive). Also, Deep Purple RAW Color smells like grape juice, I crap you not. It's amazing.

shotxgunxsinners: I'm sorry but you can't say a dye sucks or it fades too fast when you aren't taking care of your colored hair properly. I have thin hair as well and I wash my hair once a week. Thats what dry shampoo and baby powder are for. Also are you using the right shampoo? You can't just buy a plain old shampoo, it will strip the color! You are also supposed to leave manic panic in for at least an hour to achieve a bright color. I just can't understand how you can review a hair dye when how you are taking care of it is why it fades, not the dye. I dyed my hair vampire red manic panic three months ago. The only reason I have to re-dye it to touch up the roots. MANIC PANIC IS NOT GARBAGE.

nicole maldonado: For raw color I put it in at night so ill have it overnight. Then ill wash it out on the morning. Then it's very vibrant and it's so great. 

Asher Lacroix: Did you bleach your hair first?

Starlight Lozon: I went to hot topic last night and bought Demi permeant candy pink and I have a light blonde hair color but darker roots, and I'm planning on dying my hair tonight, did u mix conditioner in before you put it in your hair? 

Abby Murphy: i got raw lavender cloud and it came out a silvery color and idk it sucked for me i guess its different for everyone

MsPunkRockk: omg i am SO freaking glad i found ur video. i have been curious about the SAME subject because i have friends who say manic panic is the worst for ur hair because it has nasty chemicals in it vs raw and splat which have more natural ingredients, but some of those friends love splat. i agree, manic panic sux, i used their purple 2 months ago and it lasted a weekish and turned a weird color. then i tried splat in "lusty lavender" and it lasted a week or 2 but faded (tho it did fade into cool shades of pink, but still..) and it freaked me out how much and how many days the dye bled from my hair in the shower. like it shoudnt have taken that long for the dye to stop bleeding/staining my towel and things.. my boyfriend only uses raw, it's the only thing he trusts and it lasts forever so i'm guna stick with that from now on. ANYWAY MY POINT IS that i'm glad to see/hear that u think the same and that u took the time to compare all of them :)

UnpopularSarcasm: I've used a few jars of red manic panic and they lasted about a month. On dark brown hair.. 

Sarah Harley: I love using Raw for my hair colors. It's the only coloring brand I use since manic panic is garbage. I don't know a single person who liked manic panic

Olivia Menard: Yeeessssss I hate manic panic so much because when I was dying my hair bright blue, it started fading before I went to go wash my hair. And a lot of spots in the back of my hair was this ugly dark blue which I hated so yea. And your right, everyone loves manic panic for some reason but I don't like it.

Jessie Pettett: Something I found out that works for my hair at least is a combination. I've used the Spalt color and bleach and found it faded fast. I've used Manic Panic bleach/color combo and got the same results BUT and like I said it works for my hair, I use Manic Panic bleach since it gives me the perfect blonde to white tone and then I used splat color butI leave it in a bit longer than recomended and my color lasts quite awhile. Like I said thats just something I found that works for my hair. Also washing your hair in cold water helps keep the color. :)

ThatWeirdoAsh: manic panic sucks, it washed out completely in a week for me. splat was better, and raw is amazing 

Stephanie Vetter: I love Raw this is <--- a mix of pink and the lavender cloud. FYI don't ever spend your money on Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color they wash right out. 

princess7shego: dafuq splats like 9 at heb

blackalphadragon96: raw hair color, when it starting to fade away will it still be the color you colored bu like really light?

Stephanie Chastek: Thank you so much for posting this! I bought some Raw brand fuschia dye and bleach a few months ago on a school trip, and now that prom is past, I can finally use it, I was really worried it would be junk like splat (which I used in the past, the purple was pink and the blue faded to gray within days) but now I'm soooo totes relaxed about dying my hair tomorrow. :D By the way, the color of your hair in the video looks freaking great! Thanks!

Emma B: Special effects

Katlyn Onstott: Finally my mom says that she say videos of raw not working and I want to dye my hair twisted teal and deep purple and all my friends who dye their hair personally like raw my friends hate splat and I hadn't heard of manic panic but thanks for the tip ill stay away from that dye anyway now I have proof that raw hair dye is amazing hopefully my mom'll watch this and let me dye my hair wish me luck ^.^

janiesa wenaas: I have the same issues with you on manic panic and it freaking sucks

zuleika cruz: I've used them all and i will say DO NOT FALLOW THE TIME CHART ON THE BOTTLES. I leave my plat,manic panic or raw color in for 4-6 hrs. Yes it sounds like a long time but do not worry its not going to ruin your hair or make it fall out. All of these hair dyes are semi or demi permanant colors and wil not break your hair or make it fall out. Its just a color deposit. The only thing you need to follow on time is the bleaching that is a must seein as its the only thing that will ruin your hair. Do nit shampo the first time just rince with COLD water.And always use a sulfrate free shampo. My colir always lasts me over 2 months with very little fade. 

LegendOfZeldaTP1: you made a comment on Splat being $15 and it's "pretty expensive for something that doesn't work". I'm very sorry it didn't work for you but splat stays wonderfully on my hair and I don't even have to bleach. And that's weird it's more costly where you are, I buy my splat from a local Walmart and it's only $9.99

Killo QualityRemy: try the "manic panic amplified" from sally's or hot topic online

Kitty Bowen: I have a question. I'm dying to do the teal. My hair is a greyish idigo blue ish purple (freaking manic panic) and I hate bleaching. Do you think it would be safe to dye over? I've been doing wonky colors for years now. The red I used was Ion Brillance red and OMG it never faded for me lol. Anyways, help XD?

Caitlin Jones: Word to everyone using hair dye. If you're someone who likes to dye your hair often (a new color every few months) stick with Special Effects or RAW. Now, if you want a PERMANENT vibrant color, Joy Co is the way to go. The only issue is it WON'T completely fade. Blue will turn to a lighter blue, not green. Purple will become lighter purple, not pink. I really wish you could upload pictures cause then I'd just show you. Once again--Joy Co

Ally Marie: What color was the hair dye that you used?

Alexandra Speelman: Sexual effects and punky colours are good brands

Vanessa Soto: Super informative. I know this is based on your hair type, and opinion but I've use both Splat and Manic Panic, then just recently bought Raw. This helped a tonne, thank you. Loved that color by the way.

S.A Impavido: I have loads of questions but I'll only ask a few. First, I've been wanting to dye my hair a blue turqiousey color and I was thinking of buying raw from HT. However, my concern is if it will fade easily and when they do fade eventually what color itll turn out to be. Also my second question is I have jet black virgin hair and I recently did the ombre but its not that light just yet. I've lightened it twice and its a weird gingery light brown with flecks of yellow blonde in it. My question is what shade do I have to get to in order for a blue turqiouse color to stick to my hair? I dont want it that neon just noticable but not eletric in your face just subtle but noticable in natural lighting and in doors lighting.

sierra johnson: so raw is great but special effects is amazeballs its $10 at this site but theres also free gloves and color caps its great its called fuelthearmy k thanks bye (:

angie marquez: The brand punky is also good 

Djmcnuggets: Im scared to use Splat now >.< and Manic Panic, I use Hot Hot Pink and It was AMAZINGGG until it faded a week later (it faded kinda cool though) xD

Rebekah Hinkle: I have used solar 3 times and all 3 times it lasted for about a month and a half. I have used pink purple and red. They all worked great for me

Enigma Sky: Raw is fantastic! never use anything else unless you WANT the color to come out quickly. color jams was terrible it washed steaight out. i wouldnt ever use splat, my cousin did and it fades too fast for me. manic panuc is good if you want to change uo your look. for a longer color RAW is the way to go it says it only lasts like 4-6 week or whatever but it stayed in my hair so much longe. i had bad roots long before the color faded and once it does fade it goes to a pretty color too.

Laney Elizabeth: manic panic works for me but then i again i leave it in longer then it says to that way its more vibrant and lastlonger

JazzyJawbreaker1: N'rage from sally's is a good purple it looks almost blue at first but after a few washes it turns a bright purple and it lasted me over a month. And I also really like pinky colour i have no idea where it's sold though cuz I bought mine online. But I'm thinking about trying special effects does anyone know if that one works good?

Jenn Reilly: Orchid :)

tori andrade: Aculy with al those products it all depends on how you take care of your hair i mean if ur ganna wash ur hair evryday or evry other day and deep shampoo and condition its aviosly ganna wash out but thats all in my opinion

Madison Mayhem: directions is the best . :-)

Cassy Nicole: Raw is awful, I just bleached my cousins hair to a medium blonde and the blue raw barely even stained her hair to a nasty green.

spikieava: i use splat red and it lasts around 2 months for me. but i use a sulfate free shampoo and that makes a huge difference! i just hate that the tub water turns pick every time i shower XD (btw this is the hubby account i just realized i was on his XDD

Jenn Reilly: Thanks! :p I'm from Massachusetts. My tumblr name is bacfearia if you want to chat. :) I'd put the link, but I guess you can't leave links in comments. .-.

Marissa Marie: Splat is only 8 dollars lol

mtrencher4everafter: do you mix raw with conditioner first??

Rebekah Hinkle: Yeah I am dying my hair with splat tomorrow and I bought it tonight and it was $8 o I don't know where u live but I have never seen it for 15

Samantha Richmond: beauty basic supply dot com is the best place for colors. Splat is between 6-7dollars manic panic is 7.25 and Jerome Russell punky color is 5.25

Tiana Blow: Did you bleach your hair with any of them?

Samantha Tschirhart: Your hair is crazy dry if it took a whole jar for your hair of the manic panic... Get some protein girl!

Anozira Erised: lol yea i got the green out months ago :P i just bleached it.

Raw Hair Color Vs. Manic Panic and Splat 4.5 out of 5

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