Acid Etching The Knife Blade Tutorial

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Cerebral: Nice! Never would have guessed sharpie would work too!

Chad Hoffer: Nice job and Great Video.  Can anyone tell me who makes that knife?  I've been looking for something like that.

Dennis L (Pilotlang): Nice job! Your videos have been very informative. Thank you for taking the time to submit.

erock1253: Eastern European accent or Ukraine

erock1253: Heavy ass Russian accent bro

Franher94: just 1 question, the etching solution can be reused? thanks for the video! 

kieran burke: very nice work ! and great tutorial as usual !

Badger Nipples: enamel model paint should work, with a fine model brush to get very accurate.

The Galactic Void: Rather use a 9-Volt battery. Check out HouseholdHacker!

guloguloguy: Perhaps it might be easier to just wrap good Electrical tape (Scotch 33) over the cutting edges, and other portions of the blade that need protection from the acid etch (Ferric Chloride).  Then, paint over the edges of the tape with the 'nail polish' if needed.  I like the "Flame" effect and this technique offers a lot of potential for anyone who can 'draw' fairly well!  Thanks!!!

GORILLA UK bushcraft: Can somebody tell me for certain if this is stainless steel?

Kit Slagle: Is there a tape or something you can use for more precice lines?

Tamás Szalai: hy! what is the etchant with other word??? because the translater is dont know! but I from Hungary...

Garrett London: RadioShack sells the weirdest stuff...

skiboyscuba: Thank you

TheByrdWhoLovesRock: What kind of container can I pour the acid into that won't dissolve or anything? 

Juan Buseghin: which acid is

yp erit: Nice video, thank you for the inspiration. Only if I use the black material will not corrode? Please advise me what can I do against corrosion. I can not English, so I use google translator, sorry for deficiencies in speech.All the best.

pavol molnar: cool, thank you..

Jim Velten: It's a nice etch job. The carbon in the steel is what is being dissolved so a high carbon blade will show more than stainless due to the higher carbon content of the steel. Nice work Gav!

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Acid Etching the Knife Blade Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Acid Etching the Knife Blade Tutorial
Acid Etching the Knife Blade Tutorial
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Acid Etching the Knife Blade Tutorial