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yavuz güneş: never sand. no rock. whay ? this sistem never sand or sand and mini rock

Вася Иванов: beautiful

Mohammed Awad: great. Also well explained.

Robby Gee: Just buy a blue bowl........

Sourdoughjoe: If you are in the northern hemisphere, your water should run/flow CLOCKWISE, not COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.  The earth's coriolis effect will work WITH your bowl instead of AGAINST it.  I think your bowl will work better using natural earth forces...just saying!

trumpsahead: Looks like your first effort is very successful.  Sure beats spending $400 for a spiral wheel with a $5 motor. 
I've been in the "thinking" stage of putting together a diy spiral wheel because I realized first that it was only the spiral-shaped bowl that was important and secondly concluded a motor was unnecessary since flowing water can propel the wheel without motorization, so a diy could be made for under $30.
Your gizmo is even simpler and is possibly faster than the spiral.  In any case, you put together a nice working model.  Thanks for sharing and keeping me thinking.  ciao.

Adam Savage: I'm not an expert or anything, but would it help if you painted it a dark color?

TheSamchilders: What part of NC are you in? A friend and I just started out and we are looking for places to go and people to do it with! I'm close to Raleigh.

djpitr: Cool build

William Dixon: What is the name of the music that you have playing?

76guessagain: I'd paint the inside black yellow on yellow isn't a good idea

pen mightygun: you are reinventing the wheel, just copy what works, that cone is way too steep to lift non gold up, and when it does lift non gold it easily washes real gold with it.

TheInkinJapan: I have seen quite a few `blue bowl` vids but it never clicked that it was the shape of a cake pan. 

I was watching another vid  and they had -100 mesh, -50 mesh, and -30 mesh lines marked on the side of the bowl as settings for water speed for varying size concentrates,.

LaxMan2k: I would recommend adding a bucket below the hole where the material comes out that way it wont get in your pond pump and if some fine gold comes out you can retest your material that falls out if you think that you are losing gold.

michael therrien: Apparently some vibration helps also.

Raymond Toney: i am using the same homemade design with the same cake pan lol great job that looked perfect happy hunting. lets see that gold you found next time tho :)

SerialDelta: Well done mate, I bet your cake didn't cost as much as a blue bowl lol? Seems you're having reasonable success, I might have a go at one cake tin gold separator myself. Thanks for posting. Well done!

PeaceNic91755: Coriolis ( circular flow) effects are irrelevant when using fluids under pressure. Toilets and blue bowls will run whatever way they are jetted.

casinogiant: I was wondering if it is still applicable to gold flake as well?

Lets Make It: TNDREDGER - the cone is a bit tall. This video was a test of many - I have a little bit heavier water flow which is why I've got the cone so tall. I'm still testing variations to the height, but still getting very good gold recoverly with very little loss. Thanks for the comment.

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Custom blue bowl design for fine gold recovery | gold prospecting 5 out of 5

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Custom blue bowl design for fine gold recovery | gold prospecting