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LaxMan2k: I would recommend adding a bucket below the hole where the material comes out that way it wont get in your pond pump and if some fine gold comes out you can retest your material that falls out if you think that you are losing gold.

michael therrien: Apparently some vibration helps also.

TheInkinJapan: I have seen quite a few `blue bowl` vids but it never clicked that it was the shape of a cake pan. I was watching another vid and they had -100 mesh, -50 mesh, and -30 mesh lines marked on the side of the bowl as settings for water speed for varying size concentrates,.

rocket1222: @SinistraLRaGe - thanks for the suggestion. Yea after a couple of testing phases and research I saw that adding material right behind the water source was the best approach. The model in the video is also a recirculating prototype and jetdry was added. Thanks again for the suggestions.

baddogonline: Love your gold prospecting videos. It looks like a fun hobby. :)

rocket1222: @wookiec41g - Just a simple pond pump. I'll see if I can find the size, but I'm thinking it's about 300 gallons an hour or so. Good luck.

Tim Slade: How tall is the cone in the middle ? It seems a bit tall and do you get a good amount of recovery ?

rocket1222: @RallyDude1515 - yea I started doing that as well. I got a small brush and just redistributed the material around the bowl. I also cleaned up any loose gold I see at that point. My center might be a little tall. My next version I will bring the center of the bowl (cone part) down about 1/2 a centimeter. Thanks for the comments.

casinogiant: I was wondering if it is still applicable to gold flake as well?

backtoiron: I have had this same idea. Great minds think alike! Nice work!

rocket1222: @Ghost92690 - Hope so. Thinking maybe this weekend with my new pyramid pro pan up in the Uwharrie National Forest. I'll keep you posted.

rocket1222: TNDREDGER - the cone is a bit tall. This video was a test of many - I have a little bit heavier water flow which is why I've got the cone so tall. I'm still testing variations to the height, but still getting very good gold recoverly with very little loss. Thanks for the comment.

rocket1222: @Khorias - I'm in Charlotte as well. Believe it or not there are tons of great places in Charlotte to prospect. There were at one point over 50 mines within 20 miles of downtown. I'm down in the Ballantyne area and try to get out at least once a week.

rocket1222: @coptechgold - Thanks for the comment. The key is finding the right angel food cake pan. I searched a number of stores and finally found one that wasn't ribbed. I found this model at Target. After further testing today, I really have it dialed in and I don't think I'm losing any gold at all.

rocket1222: @mikesmegabits - Mike... great question. Honestly I didn't even think about that when developing the bowl. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. Thanks for the observation though.

NorCalProspecting: Spray paint the bottom black and you will be able to see your gold alot better... I have a blue bowl and they work great... and the gold really shows up due to the darker color.

Joe F: Great Job. I know this was just a testing video but its better to add the material from behind the water entry source as opposed to just squirting it all around the edges. If this is recirculating water, you can add Jet dry to break the surface tension so you lose even less flour gold that can float.

Raymond Toney: i am using the same homemade design with the same cake pan lol great job that looked perfect happy hunting. lets see that gold you found next time tho :)

rocket1222: @westwood10704 - flat on top. I'll get some close-up pictures up soon.

PeaceNic91755: Coriolis ( circular flow) effects are irrelevant when using fluids under pressure. Toilets and blue bowls will run whatever way they are jetted.

mikesmegabits: Was there a specific reason you attached the water hose to the bowl the opposite direction than the store bought blue bowls? The water (in the northern hemi) wants to flow clockwise... It seems in this video the water is not being put into the bowl the same direction as a store bought?

Khorias: Just bought a blue bowl and now just need to classify my material down alot more but I am impressed with what you made! My first attempt with the blue bowl sucked for lack of a better word. More practice I guess. Where are you from in NC? I am in Charlotte and looking hard for local places to do some serious prospecting. Any ideas?

mike hurst: is that just a regular pond pump or can you point me to the right direction??

SerialDelta: Well done mate, I bet your cake didn't cost as much as a blue bowl lol? Seems you're having reasonable success, I might have a go at one cake tin gold separator myself. Thanks for posting. Well done!

Doublenotminer: Really good work on this. I was wanting to try the same thing.

Hans Ignaitis: very nice! Instead of panning the rest, try to relocate the gold and sand to the outer edge and kick on the flow for a second run. Thats what I see people do. I told myself I would build my own equipment except for the blue bowl, but wow! I might just save $75! Thanks again!

birther1968: I have -200 mesh gold coming out of a Gold CUbe, how fine does your blue bowl work.

rocket1222: @baddogonline - the only hobby that I have that you can actually make money on :-) Thanks for the comments

westwood10704: @rocket1222 yeah i've been thinking about what to do to the center, maybe flare it in towards the water...since the blue bowl has a 30' inward flare at the top to catch any heavys. Is yours flat on top? or bent in a little?

WildAndLiving: why not use a magnet then pick the black sands and sort whats left that way less work

indyme2: Nice handy work. Cool video.

Ghost92690: When r u gonna make more vids

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Custom blue bowl design for fine gold recovery   gold prospecting
Custom blue bowl design for fine gold recovery gold prospecting
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Custom blue bowl design for fine gold recovery | gold prospecting