How To Replace The Drive Shaft On A String Trimmer

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Chad Morgan: Are these parts inter changeable? I have 2 timers, one the engine is dead the other just needs a new drive shaft cable. they are different brands. One is a homelite, the other a troybilt.

Rob Mcmuffin: this vid was awesome bro! thanks! hopefully this is all mine needs. i was using it and the engine would run and the thing would turn slightly but not to its normal RPMs at the line end. thanks again.

Jennifer Sias: YaaY!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!! I saved about $70 in repairs. I purchased the cable from ereplacements for about $17. Other small engine stores and Ace said the cable would cost $30+. Turns out I didn't need the cable because mine had just dislodged from its housing. I'm back in business again!!! Thanks again for sharing and empowering me with your knowkedge!

GF F: Hi !! when you have to replace the drive shaft and what type of grease we can use (srm 266 T) thank you .

1234tric: What are some of the reasons that a string trimmer's head stops spinning, although, it starts and runs?

Jacob Pryor: What about the bearing that is pressed in the other side of the shaft, where can i get one of them?

Paul Kimbol: Question: I have a GT-255, just like the one you repaired. However, the shaft will not fit back into the engine housing as yours did. There's about an inch between the motor housing and the black line/black triangles, which on your machine are flush with the engine housing. How do I get the shaft back in where it belongs? Thanks.

Reggie Molette: can a echo pas-225 shaft  be replaced with a echo pe-225 shaft

Crazed Paul: got a question could i bolt the echo power head onto an old ppt230 that the motor has a scored piston? its on sale right now and a short block is close to the same price.... im pretty sure the original motor was 23cc and this is 21 but i wont be trying to kill it....thought this way you get new gas tank coil etc just bolt it on.... great video ... look forward to a reply...

Elsa Fernandez: I had to get my buddy a new machine. He couldn't get the darn thing open. Thank you!

Elsa Fernandez: Hi, how would I fix the part where the thread spool goes? My machine is no longer turning/moving /cutting. It has a brand new string. It's a black and decker weed whacker. Thank you so much.

John Dumas: Could someone tell me please. exactly the correct length of the drive cable for a PP135? And possibly a picture of the correct one?

I had mine apart and stored until I moved but can not find the shaft. Someone gave me one saying that they basically were all the same but it appears this one is too short.

I'd prefer not to start whacking the tube itself if I don't have to so I wish to make sure of the length and the part the shaft itself slides into and then fit into the tube,

Thank you,

Julia Sok: Hello. I would like to know the dimensions of oil seal crankshaft or where can I find this information. Thanks in advance. (I am asking as of now trimmer is nor right next to me(another city) but i need to buy spare part.

Gordon Paterson: which way does the drive shaft go ? if i put it in the wrong way it will get damaged easy

Marty Kelly (Makaveli): Thanks Mark! Quick question though. What do you call the ignition wire connectors that you separated? I am was assembling a new trimmer for my mum and found that one of the connectors was missing. Just need correct name to ensure I order correct one. Thanks again.

Malcolm Miles: your videos are always clear and direct. Thanks for the help!

Edward Bugash: My Echo GT-225 seems to spit out quite a bit of oil while using, is there a seal or gasket that's bad??? Is there a video on how to fix??

Brandon Bridges: i am having a hard time finding the driveshaft part for my trimmer.  Its a homelite UT22600 doesnt appear to be on your site or I am missing it. Any advice?

Antonio Biggs: I have to replace the flex shaft coupler on an Echo power pruner (pole saw) ppt-266h, is it pretty much the same as doing this?

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How to Replace the Drive Shaft on a String Trimmer
How to Replace the Drive Shaft on a String Trimmer
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How to Replace the Drive Shaft on a String Trimmer