Gravity Falls Clip - Mabel And Too Much Smile Dip

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Schwarzer Ritter: There was definitely some "Smile Dip" involved in writing this episode.

Arxoan Nixtram: Smile Dip everyday!

Mabel Pines: THE FUTURE IS IN THE PAST!!!!!!!!

sarah jennings: that stuff is powdered alcohol for kids or cocaine for kids either one makes you high

HappyScary Jeff the Killer: I used to eat about bleventeen packs of fun dip

Shonde' Gentry: Now this is imagination.

Martha G: that's why kids should not do drugs

Chao Flaka: I can NEVER take those scenes seriously for some odd reason! XD

Gluty Maximusy: This should be named "Mabel in 50 seconds"

Craig Harvey-Gurr: Smile Dip: The kid version of crystal meth.

angel absol: the future is in the past ONWARD AOSHIMA TO FLIPPEN HALARIOUS

Rodolfo M: One Piece in a nutshell..

Lambo Rocks: Gravity falls is amazing it the best show ever

x_2bunny2_x: may someone reverse what the first dog was mumbling at the beginning because i'm pretty sure there was a secret message there !

Popp1092: Smile Dip....not even once.

Sofia Banuelos: 0:07 You know that back words it says MUST.......DISTRUST GRUNKLE

Matthew Arenson: Dude its like she on Acid or some other hallucinogen. hahahaha! " The future is in the past. On ward weird Dolphin dude!" hahahaha to funny.

kurayamidesu: "[Funky Dance Music Plays]" can this be a real thing? 

crispy gonzalez: Distrust gruilw


jay tay: DONT DO DRUGS

Fons te Winkel: ONWARDS AIOSHIMA!!!!!!!! I literally rolled off the couch laughing when I heard that!

Hijiku Brynjar: ........................... im clearly not stoned enough to be a kid anymore.

vampiresRsolame: I simply cannot stop watching this!!!!!

Clara Holdy: LOL :D

Talisguy: Just saw someone dub this video "marijuana in a nutshell". ...You've never tried weed before, have you, commenter? 

jay tay: wheres the instrumental from?

M̥ͦi̥ͦm̥ͦi̥ͦc̥ͦr̥ͦḁͦf̥ͦt̥ͦ288 ⓍⒹ: Is that like cocain?

Uber Star: that's why, kids, never do drugs.

Ourworld Randomizer: ONWARD AOSHIMA.

sarah jennings: at 0:25 through 0:35 I can imagine her saying welcome to the internet I will be your guid

Waddles thepig: OINK OINK OOOOOOOOOOOOINK (licks more smile dip from mabels bag then triple flips out the window)

Jokohaha: Mabel is high as freak :D

thekaboominator1: This show is the most awesome cartoon in years. It's got stuff for little kids and older ones.

Draco gatom: now i know how 2 get high without drugs

Kelly Peart: This is why I love this show!

Andrew Amey: Don't do smile dip kids 

Star Light: Smile Dip is a hell of a drug.

Matthew BPbuds: The dog says must distrust Grunkle.

Shaohz: I want some of that crap.

It's gameing TIME!: She's high on smile dog! lololololing!!!!!!

dallas campbell: you know the dog thats saying random stuff that no one can understand, right? well it actually says MUST DISTRUCT GRUNKLE in reverse1!!

Casper Sparre-Ulrich: Mabel is my spiritual guide :-D

Selma Nicolaisen: What is this episode called??

BMO: Any one else notice that there were no subtitles when dipper said Mabel?

Ivan Cazares: How much acid is in that?

kaia nicole: When you can't find acid... Smile dip works just as well lol

MsCreepyChan: *holds up egg* This is your brain. *Puts egg on counter and picks up frying pan* This is your brain on Smile Dip *Smashes egg*

lorenzo ricci alagao: 0:08 backwards "must distrust grunkle"

Gravity Falls Clip - Mabel and too much Smile Dip 4.9 out of 5

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Gravity Falls Clip - Mabel and too much Smile Dip