Gravity Falls Clip - Mabel And Too Much Smile Dip

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Golden Aura: Lmfao I freaking love mabel. I want some of that smile dip she was tripping off that crap

Sandra Shocker: The future is... In the past? I KNEW IT! It all makes sense now... ILLUMINATI

MrWildcard531: Smile Dip, the LSD of Gravity Falls. 

Entei of fury 246: what ever they're smoking, i want some

Dumbledoresarmy13: Aoshima is the name of the guy that directed the 4 episodes preceding this one. Mabel's so high she's starting to break the 4th wall! xD

David Porter: If you play what the dog says backwards it says "must distrust Gruncle.

Mabel Pines: THE FUTURE IS IN THE PAST!!!!!!!!

MVangelmx: Want some of that Dip, hey Mabel share

Robert Aronson: *God help me I love this show.* I discovered it and posted about it only a few days ago, and have since purchased all of season one and seen a good chunk of it. No TV show, perhaps ever, has made me laugh so hard and so consistently. (I could do without the main character's arch enemy being a fake psychic clearly inspired by the worst of Charismatic Christian televangelists, but it seems a small price to pay.)

Gluty Maximusy: This should be named "Mabel in 50 seconds"

Craig Harvey-Gurr: Smile Dip: The kid version of crystal meth.

CR MAL: i'll have what she's having..

Zeral schneider: wow ectasy in candy

Confused walrus: This is the best crap in the world

Chao Flaka: I can NEVER take those scenes seriously for some odd reason! XD

Trina Perez: The dog says dot trust Stan if played backwards =-O 

Asura Dimension Elsword: yassssssss everybody knows this is illuminati guys in this episode robbie has a bag of ice and bag of ice is a symbol of illuminati plus he has the illuminati stitched heart on his jacket also stan's name is suppose to spell SATAN also on dippers hat the illuminati tree is on it another is on mables sweater there is constantly different symbols like illuminati llama illuminate shooting star omg there is so much illuminate in this cartoon i could make a video out of it but i wont because illuminate is so irritating i literally try to forget it but of course all i have is anime and disney and when i choose to watch disney my illuminate sense kicks in and i see 6 everywhere >.< illuminate's weakness is awareness obviously but when ur too aware u grow a sense and every 6 u see and every monster drink u see u totally flip out and start pointing out every little sign u see ITS A BAG OF ICE ITS THE PYRAMID when this is all over hopefully there will be some sorta remake of this with no illuminate and right now im just power typing cause i got nothing to do im just typing this because im bored but if u look up all the illuminate signs on here bag of ice glasses stitched heart shooting star llama some sorta symbol that is on stans hat and etc is illuminate OH MY GOSH im so tired of saying that ima just say the i so the i also has the i pyramid eye on trees in the forest and there is also a goat in this cartoon that constantly appears it also in the disney video game for this there is a powerup with a goat also the question mark is i so it is just everywhere in this game another is in the title sequence notice the demon corsp is in it with the horns representing mister d (devil i say mister d cause i dont like saying devil) anyway he is underground with horns and is dead obviously mister d and another is interesting and TOTALLLLLY creepy if u listen close it says in the end before it flips im still here or whatever and it says backwards three letters back or whatever and there is a code somewhere in the title sequence if u decode it it says stan is not who he seems referring to mister d as in satan is not who he seems also another creepy thing in the title sequence if u look close to the part showing the forest slow it down rlly rlly rlly slow and you'll see a monster like creature teleport there some ppl say its big foot or something but other ppl say it's stan (btw dog with a blog has a dog named stan referring to satan) they say stan because they think they see the hat on the figure and the question mark is also in the title sequence i dunno why thats illuminate but it just is. oh yeah i remember they do symbols too so if u watched the whole series do u remember the episode when dipper got a job at the pool and wendy was like (dont tell anyone the secret or something like that she was zipping her mouth but actually doing the ok symbol ughhhhhhhhh if this is annoying why did i just write like a whole book about everything i remember oh ya i dunno if i said this already but in this clip when the shark spits out another pair of hands its representing the palm with the all seeing eye on it since there is eyes on the hand D: disney u r so sickkkkkkkk also pyramids in the title sequence pyramids in the windows yadayadayada just dont keep talking about this its kinda summoning him i would stop reading this also it rlly is a way to make ur head all like @O@ oh yeah happy valentine's day :D im rlly surprised if u made it this far congrats on not being brain washed :D 

Natalie LaChance: i wanna smile dip

Shonde' Gentry: Now this is imagination.

Nightbug241: That's my dreams for you!! 

MrPrankmastergeneral: When I was bleventeen, it was a very good year...

Luna Vadi: I think she was trying to say 17

nevirful: Disney....DISNEYYYY?

Matheus Daroz: I gonna die 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Finn The Human: The small dog said DO NOT TRUST STAN! listen to it again ...u most :3

Schwarzer Ritter: There was definitely some "Smile Dip" involved in writing this episode.

mronesuit: this episode made me realize that the inside of mables head it truly a very scary place.

Mia Nolan: Bleventeen

lps epic Fails: "bleventeen" is my new favorite number XD

HappyScary Jeff the Killer: I used to eat about bleventeen packs of fun dip

mrroblox90: I want to eat about bleventeen Smile Dips now :3 *about bleventeen Smile Dips later* ONWARD AOSHIMA!

fhd borma: Smile dip = meth

Red X: Mabel was clearly on crack

Lambo Rocks: Gravity falls is amazing it the best show ever

Anita Holmes: Don't do drugs kids or you'll end up like her *kids scream and run away*

Tamarios Hammond: No it says must destroy Bill cipher 

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze: Smile dip, when meth, acid and cocaine combined just isn't enough

Fluttering ASMR: The first time I saw this I just started laughing REALLY hard.

Efrain Ruiz: Guys ges what bleventeen

angel absol: the future is in the past ONWARD AOSHIMA TO FLIPPEN HALARIOUS

Commander Benson: Remember kids don't do drugs.


Destiny Guru: I'm in love with the coco

flowercrystals: may someone reverse what the first dog was mumbling at the beginning because i'm pretty sure there was a secret message there !

vampiresRsolame: I simply cannot stop watching this!!!!!

Dominick Vulpis: The car alarm sound really ties it all together 

kurayamidesu: "[Funky Dance Music Plays]" can this be a real thing? 

Ferguson Landy: get high fool

Baleigh Cravens: I think she's drunk from eating to much smile dip!

TheDoctor2nd: omfg mable got high

Gravity Falls Clip - Mabel and too much Smile Dip 4.9 out of 5

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Gravity Falls Clip - Mabel and too much Smile Dip