4003 Filter Reverse Assembly - Oil Fuel Filter Silencer Suppressor

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Tony Kinsey: Who gives a crap about obeying illegal unconstitutional laws? Not me...

Red Bullseye: i think having ur own opinion needs a tax stamp. The fact that u have free thought and choice deserves a tax stamp. 
Government doesn't care about the money, they use your info u submitted to get the stamp to place it in a tracking system along with others so they know whom has one in case a murder happens. The government doesn't like loosing control of its subjects and doesn't like not knowing all intel on a potential enemy's' weaponry capabilities. Now that u understand the situation, put ur blinders back on work mule, and have a nice day.

Mr. S: I think the BAT-freakers should be the ones in prison.

Reeled You Inn: The fact that you have several "solvent traps" attached to oil filters is a pretty good indication that you've "crossed the line" and shot some holes through a filter or two.

James Martin: Even if you shot a hole in it you could just say you were going to clean the gun and it accidentally went off. The truth is, unless you shoot it in front of a cop its going to be impossible for them to prove you intended to manufacture a suppressor.

And now for the disclaimer: I don't condone illegal activity and have never broken a law myself.

Kody Strange:  need an adapter for a norinco nhm 90 in 7.62x39 it should have the standard ak threads im not sure though.

Atka59: Not really too helpful, more like a guy video eavesdropping on himself having an incomplete thought!

Mountain Storm: Silencers and Barrel Length do not need to be regulated for any legitimate reason. They do not make a gun any more dangerous than it was before the modification. It's all about stifling freedom and raising revenue...as usual.

legolover187: youre weird bro

gunthreadadapters.com: Looks like 2q and 1s. ;-) Q1: Yes. Q2: Depends what you use as filter media. I wad up old rags, paper towels, toilet paper, whatever might work that is bound for the junk heap. No need to buy filter elements, works as good firestarter when done. Yo dawg, I use recyled rags to recycle my solvent so I can recycle while I recycle!

gunthreadadapters.com: I don't intent for my products to be used to violate the law, but they do demonstarte the insidious and futile nature of it. Someone said "OMG! You've hacked the NFA!" No, not really. The NFA is hoplessly broken and deeply perverse. I'm just pointing it out while using these items for legal purposes. I heart your avatar. I want it on a t-shirt.

AaronAlso: That is pretty much insanity that they have created a "filter" that is the ideal size and shape for use as a suppressor. Internally it is almost perfect too once reversed, you've got a blast baffle and a high surface area expansion chamber. Just add a little white lithium grease. Oh! But that would be illegal!!!

gunthreadadapters.com: I find it odd that you ask. The address is in the description. Has been that way since the video was published.

gunthreadadapters.com: Several months ago two individuals showed up in the wee hours of the morning, identified themselves as ATF agents, and told me to take down my website or they would kill me and everyone I know. The ATF has a reputation for killing people and lying about why afterwards, not merely threatening to do so. I can only account what happened, the rest is theoretical even if the shoe fits...

gunthreadadapters.com: Then you know solvent trap adapters and registered adapters are both for sale and the only difference is how they are used.

Kristopher Pierce: Can you please give us the site address for your page? It doesn't show up anywhere here. Thanks for the work on these types of Solvent Trap Adapters!!!

fabiankitchen: You have really been threatened to be killed? For this? Out of all of the simple "2 liter", Potato, etc... You can use, they really threatened to kill you over this?

Rose G: Who gives a crap, the only reason the gov cares is because of there stupid freaking tax stamp. And yes unfortunately I work for the gov

gunthreadadapters.com: You'll have to specify what "this" in your sentence is referring to. Be glad to help, but the absence of a subject for the pronoun to identify with leave the matter ambiguous.

gunthreadadapters.com: ORLY? Solvent Trap Adapters have been around for a long time. The bending of the rules to allow one to be registered as a silencer is a recent happening, and does not magically make Solvent Trap Adapters into contraband. The ATF has threatened to kill me, but they haven't arrested me. Probably because you're wrong. Read up on muzzle attachments and the wording of the law.

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4003 Filter Reverse Assembly - oil fuel filter silencer suppressor 5 out of 5

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4003 Filter Reverse Assembly - oil fuel filter silencer suppressor
4003 Filter Reverse Assembly - oil fuel filter silencer suppressor
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4003 Filter Reverse Assembly - oil fuel filter silencer suppressor