How To Touch Up Car Paint Key Scratch

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Z32-FORNEVER: 5:23 what is "rounded" for $200 🀣🀣🀣

Secondinsight: I would rather have someone punch me right in the face than get my car scratched like that.

Mohd Suandy Mohd: Hi Larry, my car got a few scratches and intend to do some touch up using the touch up paint. My question is should i do the touch up before claying and polishing or after claying and polishing? Thanks

OJSeph: Can you use T-Cut scratch remover to level out the excess touch up paint?

megaplatypus: A pencil, ha. I just bought an older BMW with a giant F.U. scratched into the hood, so thanks for the video! :D

Bob Saget: Haha they drew a big old peen on the hood

Li Heath: when to do the clear coat? after the sand or before the sand?

dibbs26: Hi Larry. Would it be better to mix the touch up and clear coat together and then apply or is it best as separate coats? Thanks. Ps Videos are great!

Jack P: Larry, i got myself into a big paint correction mess trying to fix some rock chips. TL;DR, based on some other DIY how-tos i used some 2k grit sandpaper to try and even out the chips, then with some touch up pens i purchased to match my OEM paint and clear coat i did the best i could, but it's not pretty.

The clearcoat of the touch up is not even with the clear coat of the rest of the panel. How would you go about fixing a mess like this? 2k grit wet sand it all down even then compound then polish? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Chris R: What are you thoughts on filling this with putty and leveling before using the touch up paint?

Uptown Photography: I have a 1/2 size (slightly bigger) rust spot where the paint flaked off the car hood down to bare metal. It's smooth metal, but starting to turn a rust color in spots. Can I use rubbing compound to remove the rust before I paint it with touch up paint. If yes, will Isoproply alcohol remove the compound so that I can now paint it. Thanks....

Unknown User: Elite auto salon in Colorado Springs sanded down some touch ups on my truck and looked almost flawless when done. Tolecut is an awesome tool too.

Unknown User: Mopar touch up pens are awesome, tiny almost needle sized applicator.

Stiley86: 7.35 thats a pen ☺️

Michael Hinchey: Great video. Noone wants a rusty trumbone

alvarado hector: Wanted to see the results man! Is there another video for that?

Greg Anderson: Good video but I would've liked to have seen more than 3 seconds of the result. That was kinda a bummer

Erwin Rompis: Damn pencil on the hood.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Kerry Flynn: Why would you waste your time touching up this hood. Get it repainted.

Andrew Sanders: Toothpick works a little better than a brush in this situation. Takes 5-7x longer, but it does help reduce that hump a little that you want.

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How to Touch up Car Paint Key Scratch
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How to Touch up Car Paint Key Scratch