How To Install Replace Air Conditioning Compressor Bypass Pulley Ford Taurus 92-03

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Robert Cashin: will one of these work on a 99 sable dohc? 

brock45005: Hello, I want to replace my AC unit all together with a new one... is the procedure basically the same as the video above. Just remove the unit same way and reverse everything to install it and then charge the AC system back up.. or is there more to it then just that. This is the first comment I ever made on your channel and i want to say i use it ALOT and have for a few years but I dont know how to use youtube very well.. but i appreciate you guys

Edward Wymer: I am not 100% sure about this car, but it looks the same as just about any other vehicle. You may be able to save a lot of time and work by removing it from underneath. I have done this successfully on a ford focus and an olds cutlass ciera. You end up ONLY removing the compressor, so long as you don't mind getting all dirty. :P

1A Auto Parts: It depends on what is causing the A/C to blow warm air. It might just need to be charged.

Brandy Hebert: just wondering...what type of engine is in this car? I have an 02 ford taurus ses with a 3.0 v6 ohv and am having problems with the compressor pulley. I have the parts to install it. i just need to find a way to get that changed. any idea how long it would take to do the entire process?

Rico Moreno: I am not skilled at car repair at all. I have no experience. I watched this video twice and spent $39.99 for the bypass pulley and was finished in 3 hours. Not the greatest time, but I saved lots of money off the $380 quote I got from the shop. I ran into 2 bumps. I had to remove fans before disconnecting the side bolt. I was also unaware of the electrical connection on the compressor and struggled to remove that with grease covered hands. Thanks for this video. You made my day! 1999 Taurus

Dave Hull: Thank you soooo much!!!!! you save me a ton of work.

1A Auto Parts: No, but it should be discharged the correct way. 888-844-3393

SiN1KbS: I got a 96 mustang gt 4.6 cyl and I was wondering if its the same way to replace it like this ford taurus

dylansmommy7311: I got a 93 Mercury Grand Marquis need to kno How To Install Air Conditioning Compressor Bypass Pulley cant seem to find any videos on it plz help

1A Auto Parts: You may be able to follow the steps that we show in the video, if there isn't anything in the way of the bolts that you need to remove.

Chris K.: I have a 98 Taurus and for 2 years Ive heard a grindy nasty rattle. Went to several service stations and no one was able to point out what it was so I ignored it until it got so bad by ac clutch literally locked and snapped the serpantine belt. This works really well. You will have to by environmental regs discharge your compressor, so you WILL NOT have AC, but this is a very affordable option rather than getting a new compressor. Most people charge 600 bucks I did this with friends for $80

1A Auto Parts: We do not have a repair shop in AZ, however we do have a warehouse in AZ.

M14SINAL0A: K thanks

TheAugmoe: Would this removel be about the same on a 03' Sable?

1A Auto Parts: Should be from 92-03

Darth Granic: This model is different from the 2000 Mercury Sable 24v DOHC I am attempting to work on. Please make an video or side notes for this model.

1A Auto Parts: You may have to. If you follow the directions on the video you should be okay. 888-844-3393

ThatMexItalianKid: 1 1/2 hours to complete. start to finish.

carolinian2008: Great! Just saved me form spending a lot of money. Thanks a bunch.

1A Auto Parts: If you have the 4.6 liter engine the correct part number for your vehicle is 1AEPM00025 on our website 888-844-3393 You application may be a similar process to the one show in the video.

1A Auto Parts: Also check the simple things, check and clean the battery posts and cable ends and make sure that they are free of corrosion. You may also want to have the battery and alternator tested to see if they are working okay. If either one of these are bad, it may cause the car to shut off. Hope this helps you out.

Da Dawah Kyng: I have a clicking noise and they mechanic says it's the compressor. My question is, with this clicking noise, do i install a pulley or a new compressor? Love ur videos.

1A Auto Parts: Yes it would replace the compressor.

1A Auto Parts: It should be very close if it isn't the same.

1A Auto Parts: If the system is still on the vehicle you may want to have it tested to see if it's leaking or if there's an issue with the pump.

bongogocrazy: Thank you soo much. I own a 02 taurus, so same exact car. Just saved me a head ache on reading. I've read 2 ways of pulling the ac, and your way is a lot easier. Ill be checking out other videos of yours.

Su Hsu: What if I want to retain the function of my AC? I have a clicking noise. what are the consequences if I choose to ignore it?

1A Auto Parts: You should be able to put this pulley right in place of the AC compressor.

1A Auto Parts: Eventually if you continue to drive the vehicle without either A. removing the compressor or B. swapping it out for the bypass pulley, the belt will snap from the friction and possibly wrap itself around something and do more damage. The quicker you get this done, the better.

1A Auto Parts: Thanks for watching. 888-844-3393

Duo996: By installing the bypass pulley system does it mean, you do not have a/c anymore?

Scott Davis: Thank you.

joe a smythe: My A/C in my 2003 Sable is blowing very hot air, no matter what temp. I set it for. How much should this cost for my mechanic to replace it.?

Madcrazy35: thanks, The bypass worked great,solved my magnetic plate problem and bad ac, only problem I had with the pulley bypass was that my "2001 ford Taurus SES vin# U" was that it need the extra spacer washer on the bypass pulley wheel and made me nervous as the pulley wheel didn't feel secure with it on. but i triple checked the bolts and have been driven my car all day with no issues. video helped out alot.would of take less than a hour but had to take bypass back off to put the washer on the wheel.

zeeba- G: You are my HERO!

ThatMexItalianKid: It is now 12:51 pm, Pacific Time. I have my bypass pulley in the car. I will be back to post how long it took me to do this, following your video. Last time I followed your serpentine belt instructional video it took me 1 hour to put it on. you are doing a great service, and I thank you. I will be ordering all my parts from you, if time permits. :)

Adam Bailey: Thank you so much for this video! Very informative and straight forward.

1A Auto Parts: I had the V6 in it. It shouldn't take to long to make the repair. Maybe 30minutes to an hour.

ThatDudesBeatz: now what do you do with the pipes that were running too it? do you just leave them there?

ob1katoby: Is there any reason not to remove the refrigerant hoses, etc. ?

1A Auto Parts: We currently do not carry a by-pass pulley for that particular year Ford Taurus.

Ryan Hubbard: I have a 2000 Taurus SES 3.0 v6, I bought the bypass pulley and it came with a washer. do I need to put the washer on the pulley to enable the serpentine belt to line up correctly?

faithbarbie: Az?

1A Auto Parts: @MrAli504 If you would like to retain the functionality of your AC then you would need to fix what's making the noise on the compressor. If you wish to do away with the AC you can replace the compressor with this pulley.

1A Auto Parts: This will not work for the DOHC engines I believe.

Alex Coxe: I'm in the same boat


1A Auto Parts: You're welcome. Have a great day. 888-844-3393

faithbarbie: Do u have a shop in an?

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How To Install Replace Air Conditioning Compressor Bypass Pulley Ford Taurus 92-03 4.6 out of 5

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How To Install Replace Air Conditioning Compressor Bypass Pulley Ford Taurus 92-03
How To Install Replace Air Conditioning Compressor Bypass Pulley Ford Taurus 92-03
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How To Install Replace Air Conditioning Compressor Bypass Pulley Ford Taurus 92-03