How To Install Replace Air Conditioning Compressor Bypass Pulley Ford Taurus 92-03

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makai321: Around the 7 minute mark, when he starts removing the compressor, there was a cut. During this cut, he somehow moved the assembly that connects the compressor to the rest of the AC system, the part that is held on by the 5th bolt.

As the AC in my vehicle had long since been dead, there was no pressure in the lines and I had no hopes of it ever working again, so I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to swap out the compressor.

I attempted to swap this part out in a '98 Taurus, and the assembly was in the way of removing the compressor was connected to 2 AC hoses, one on top, and one underneath, and an electrical harness, none of which I had any idea how to disconnect without destroying. In addition to this hurdle, the assembly was wrapped around the main radiator line in 3 directions. It was like an unbendable tentacle monster, and I literally had to cut the two AC hoses with a utility knife and chop the part in half with a hack saw to clear enough room to get the compressor out.

In addition to the gigantic hassle and trashing the AC system, I also had to remove the battery, battery tray, and battery tray stand to make room for removal of the compressor.

Once I got everything out, it wasn't that difficult to get the new part in, but just fair warning. Depending on the year of the vehicle, this job is not worth attempting.

nab-eid: Very helpful Thank you.

Rob Joyner: On some models the a/c compressor fuse is also the same fuse for some other electrical components. To avoid other electrical problems when disabling the compressor by pulling the fuse, leave the fuse in place and instead remove the a/c compressor "relay", usually found in the same fuse box as the a/c fuse. This leaves the fuse in place so that the other components on that fuse will be able to continue to have voltage going to them. I was able to find the compressor relay by looking in the owners manual.

Eli Pastura: bleeding a bit there, my dude. however, thank you so much for this video. im bypassing everything with a shorter belt and i was sure i was gonna have to go under the car. this is perfect and exactly what i needed. bout to head out at 9pm and knock it out.

Shelovelyy valencia: does your company make a bypass pulley for an 05 Ford Taurus 24v dohc

Mit Caru: Hello Sir, first of all a very informative video thank you! :)
i am looking at my ford taurus 2000. the radiator fan won't turn on! i took them out and check via connecting jumper cable from the battery then they worked.i wonder what is the problem. i checked the fuse it is good too, there is no engine light on as well .
i checked online for more info it said to look for cooling fan temperature switch but i was not able to locate it . can you please help me on this. : ) thanks in advance!

OutMyWriteMind: What does the engine sound when the car starts? A mechanic says the car will sound like it's on skates, which is no big deal? Yet, what is that sound and and the resolution?

Dzung tran: Thousand Thanks for posting . The video is clear and instruction also easy to understand . This way is much more easy than removing from the top .

Tim Dumoulin: Can you do this in a ford free star van??? .... My ac has seized up and the belt will melt!!!... New compressor is expensive!!...please help

Rudy Gonzales: Will this bypass pulley work the same on a 2006 ford taurus 3.0 v6 ohv ?

rhondi wellington: 1A Auto! This video gave me the information I needed to replace my air conditioner compressor with confidence! The other YouTube videos require you to remove the alternator, power steering unit and the assembly tree that holds them. I am a rookie mechanic and do my own work to save money...the method described it this video is absolutely the best advice for this installation and saved me a lot of time and grief. My hat is off to 1A Auto...many thanks!
Robert Mace
Sammamish Washington

hanzelscarlet: I have a ford taurus 2001 and it is blowing hot air when I turn the ac on. It was functioning normal one day and one day after just didn't work. I check for the pressure thinking I have lose the refrigeration but no, it actually is charged. After looking for burned fuses ( what wasn't the problem) I noticed that has a part maybe this pulley that isn't moving when I turn the ac . I wonder if the process I'll need to do id the one on this video. Also it look like you take a big piece but just put back a pulley ...I'm correct ?

Robert Cashin: will one of these work on a 99 sable dohc? 

1A Auto Parts: Depending on how much room is between the bottom of the pan and the chassis, you might have to lift the motor a little, if there's not enough room to remove the pan so that you can put a new gasket on it. 888-844-3393

1A Auto Parts: You may have to. If you follow the directions on the video you should be okay. 888-844-3393

Ryan Gray: This video was a huge help. I was helping a friend who needed this done to her car, and this video showed me exactly how to do it. I had never done anything with the AC before and I was a little hesitant but everything went well and she should be driving again today. I just need to put the belt on and the fans.

1A Auto Parts: No, but it should be discharged the correct way. 888-844-3393

devin shafar: so I thought all the Freon was out of the system and it wasn't. so I started taking the 10mm bolt off and it started making a hissing sound. will it hurt anything in the vehicle?

1A Auto Parts: If you have the 4.6 liter engine the correct part number for your vehicle is 1AEPM00025 on our website 888-844-3393 You application may be a similar process to the one show in the video.

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How To Install Replace Air Conditioning Compressor Bypass Pulley Ford Taurus 92-03