TOM FORD Beauty - Shade & Illuminate Product Review

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Juliana Lim: my gosh... you are gorgeous!!! you single? straight?  hahaha jkjk but yes, i bought this product and the only problem i have when i try to buff this product is, it buffs off my foundation and i have some acne that i try to cover with my foundation, and it just kind of... brushes off the foundation, showing off my acne.  any suggestions?

Severin Pekić: Skin product companies would like everyone to give their products a try to demonstrate their effectiveness. Have you ever seen the beauty product stand set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free test products? Well i just found a website that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) Have a look here

LipstoLashes: Just came across this...and you! Brilliant review and your skin looks insanely great with this product. Hmm am subscribing!! :)

chezzagaga: Can someone Tell me what mac brush I could use to apply this? I already have mac brushes..I'm not willing to pay 55 quid just for a brush to apply it. Surley it can be applied with another brush? :) would be grateful for help. X

rt9785: Does that break you out? Anything that has an oily consistency breaks me out. I'm not sure if this has oil in it our not, but I broke out really bad the first few times I used it. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar reaction?

cccheckmate: It's such a relief to see an intelligent person in the youtube beauty community! Everyone else talks like babies and gives the most false reviews. It's obvious you purchased this product with the incredible detail of this video. VERY helpful review, thank you so much!

Medusa Valle: You have the most perfect, beautiful skin I've ever seen....not to mention your features, hair, the whole package. You're incredibly gorgeous Michael, and so knowledgeable! Love you xo

blake93: i looooooove ur skin

mschndy1: You have the most beautiful eyes EVER!

rt9785: Hm red undertones look terrible on me. Does one of the 2 shades have a yellow undertone? thx :)

Paolo Pontiveros: if u set it with powder would it still have the effect? or finish with setting spray? does it emphasise pores, skin texture?

greathouse60: I agree best Information I have found on here thanks look forward to looking at more Videos and learning more keep up the great work .. Ms Toss

jorgemiguel12: Seldom comment but your videos are always well explained and your reviews are always well thought

matejagibert: I love that you know the TF philosophy. Tom Ford would never advise to use your fingers. The same way he disapproves of putting makeup on in the car. This product is way to fabulous to soil with fingers haha.

crazyoney2k: i need to ask do you have to wear a foundation underneath it?

crazyoney2k: just got this product today to test out

colinacat: Just said the undertone is Reddish OR grey. Which one is it? Those are two distinctly opposing colors....Thanks!

Serra Bird: Such a good video and you are amazingly articulate with none of those annoying ah, um, you know, um blabber and no nonsense :))

Lena Yi: I love how it looks on u!

Ryan: Plz do a makeup collection vid

TOM FORD Beauty - Shade & Illuminate Product Review 5 out of 5

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TOM FORD Beauty - Shade & Illuminate Product Review