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Jennifer Joyce Beauty: Hello my lovelies!! I have not tried every L Ascorbic acid out there but here are a few I put to the test- ENJOY!! Tel me what is your favorite Vitamin C is- love u❤️

Liz Amador: Cystic acne just doesn't go away its caused by hormone changes in teens and adults and is treated with antibiotics to control the bacteria.

Liz Amador: Sure mad hippie gave you cystic acne.

Liz Torres: Augh it's so bad that the mad hippie broke you out. Thanks for the heads up

Brenda Logan: Thank you for researching and testing out the vi t c serum products. Your video has helped me to make a choice on a nice budget friendly quality product. I decided to try timeless.

vincent s: Hi Jennifer, i dont know of you still respond to questions but, i am dealing with really bad post inflammantory hyperpigmentation. And i was wondering i you know of this product will help me: paula's choice clinical 1% treatment with vitamine c


Jean Jones: Just started to using Mad Hippie .. and so far so good ... very nice product

Priya Deshmukh: I m frm india my skin is so pigmented will the timeless reduce the pigmentation mam??if yes hw long will it take

Margie Louise: Hey there! What do you think about the alcohol in Timeless Vitamin C?

Danica Demano: The drunk elephant one is my favorite ! I recently got the travel size pack to try everything out and although it’s amazing for my skin the price isn’t for my bank account. Thank you for the video I’ve been on the hunt for something more affordable !

violet lily: Hi Jennifer. I enjoyed your review. I've been looking for a vitamin C serum so I'll give the timeless a try. I really like the Skin Deva one but it leaves a strange smell on my hands so much that I didn't finish the bottle.. Probably my chemistry.. Lol. Ty:)

Dil Hass: Omg you look so much like Julia Roberts to me. Nice video thank you.

Thaís Dallastra: Hi, I’m a brazialian girl, and I and was completely wrapped up in US products because it was so different from what I was used to and your video helped me a lot! I'm going to test the timeless today. thank you very much for your video ... I'm loving your channel, although my English is not yet so good ...❤️

Yelena Naranovich: Mad hippie is actually my favorite before it oxidizes of course, it makes my skin look sooo good...I do wanna try timeless, I hear good things

Wendy Domann: Just subscribed and looking forward to seeing your videos 💖!

WhatNext?: I tried Paula’s Choice C serum several years ago but it seemed to make my dark spots stand out and I stopped using it. It’s time to try again. I’ve just started using a 15% Vit C serum from skinactives. It is $16.50 and seems to have good active ingredients. My skin is quite sensitive so I’ve been using it 2-3x/week to start. The Timeless serum seems to get a lot of good reviews. I may try that next. I recently started taking much better care of me skin overall, so it’s hard to tell what the impact of each individual product is, lol. Another very informative video, thanks.

Debbie Widner: Thanks for this review. I have recently started use of the Timeless Vit. C serum you showed and am loving it so far! Thanks to Mary Ellen.

christina lopez: I love the Timeless vitamin c

Ld Lutzow: Omg! I'm so glad I watched this! My Drunk Elephant is amber yellow so I am pitching it. I think I will try the Timeless. Thank u again!

Julie Barnes: I will only use Skin Deva. It's affordable and compared to Timeless price is a good choice. Timeless is too watery.

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Vitamin C : Ascorbic Acid Faves!
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