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Joel ARTPOP: what audio setting would you suggest for a concert with loud music?

Laviras Intikana: I'm looking to find a tutorial to connect and use it on my mac pro, i would appreciate some links, thank you

Ronny OnBass: You say a LOT but after all said and done... I know not much more than I did before I clicked into your video!! Blah blah blah...

Michael Schwartz: what a waste of 4 minutes!!

Iain Brennan: Don't see the point-my Q3HD does all this-and more,

Andy Simmons: 'no SD card"...."unfortunate"???? WTF?!!! Mine is doing the same thing, thanks for solving that issue, dipcrap.

Ilija Utrobicic: I have problem with uploading to Youtube.Somehow,it does not work,even with handyshare.Video is 3 minutes long.Anny suggestions?

masterpsychosis: Sarcond

Dāvis Stepanovs: Farst

Neal Sen: How long does the battery lasts?

YouBazinga: True! I bought it 5 moths ago and verified it for myself :)

Nicky Bendix: The Q2 hd doesn't have a line in, actually... a shame, in my opinion. I have the Q2 hd and I love the live sound and the video quality, but the lack of a line in really limits the use drasticly, especially for musicians needing to capture things played on your instrument on the fly, and in good quality.

B Ru: pretty no-non-sense device. Lovely!

Parody Badgers: is it 1080p or 1080i ? didnt see if it had mic input either dude you move to fast when showing it, at least they botherd to put a full sd card slot this time as those mini sd are tiny, fidly an can get lost easy, you wife or moma wont notice 1 go up the hover :)

Georgia Elander: i've just got a q2hd and when i try to record it says 'no sd card' even though there is one in there. any ideas?

SonicSenseProAudio: We just did a side by side audio comparison between the Q2HD and Q3HD. Wheck out our channel Sonic Sense Pro Audio

EricSSmith: Okay, good run-through. Now, let's do it again for real, where you plan out what you're going to say ahead of time, don't fidget incessantly for the full five minutes, and record the audio with an actual mic instead of using your goddamn phone.

SomeLittleShoe: a suggestion---reviewers shouldn't have a lot of ambient sound in their audio---i.e., they should know how to have good audio so they can gain the respect of strangers surfing by.

rdaffon23: I'm using headphones and a dac/amp combo while watching and is there a child crying in the background?

dugsbugs1: I can't understand why Zoom remove features to add others why not move ahead. The q3hd gives widescreen playback on the unit the q2 has gone backwards however they have dumped the useless built in usb connector so you can plug straight in and power through the computer with a usb lead which saves on power adapters. still a great unit though. I have 3 so I can use line in on one of the q3's.

Luigifan515: does anyone know if it has a charger?

Man AaaT: What is a line in and what does it mean? Thx.

Nicky Bendix: Yes, but then the quality of both the video and the sound is phenomenal - and there's a handy USB- to-power cable to pluck in anywhere you can. But a better solution to the battery issue would have been great.

Man AaaT: What is a line input and what is so good about it? Thx.

Trond-Daniel Kvalvik: Well, they didn't introduce the camera on this unit. The Q3 was the first recorder from Zoom with a camera, then came the Q3HD and now the Q2HD. The microphones on all of Zoom's recorders is very good, actually. So is the auto gain. It alså has line-in, and the larger audio recorders has XLR/jack inputs. The only new thing with the Q2HD is the streaming function and some of the software.

virgult: I don't get why people don't simply record a bit of footage with the Q3 and put it on youtube. This would be the only sensible review of a handheld recorder IMHO.

Andy Simmons: I have the same issue, glad everyone responded to you to help us out. Assholes.

Nicky Bendix: Too short - I am not sure if it's around 2 or 4 hours, But mine is running out of power all the time when used for small recordings on a regulary basis.

Trond-Daniel Kvalvik: Oh sorry, my bad!

Neal Sen: Damn! That sucks. :\

wilson mcphert: Very bad decision to not include line input. Can't believe it.

Matheus Almeida: Instead of the mic capture the acoustic sound of the room, you plug your instrument or mic in the line in input and he only record the sound that goes in there, so you don't get "not wanted" noises on the back of your recording. :)

BosleyBeats: My lord stop jerking off the device! I can tell you're rather excited to handle that unit

Kjartan Thorkildsen: When i connect it to my pc, will the recorded videos appear as mpeg-4 files or .mp4 files? Also will opening them in windows media player, movie maker and youtube go smoothly without any converting? Thanks!

sebulban: What's the focal length? Can't find it anywhere and it's quite important..

YouBazinga: Can it also record only audio, when no video is needed?

Thomas Robinson: Yes

Tundrurat: Stop moving & moving & moving device !!! My head blow up!

Claudia Rumondor: Could you guys help me out here? What should I buy? A q2hd or a q3hd?

federico f: is this better tahn the q3 hd? i mean is an upgrade from the q3hd im confused

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Zoom Q2 HD hands-on   Engadget
Zoom Q2 HD hands-on Engadget
ZOOM Q2HD vs. Q3HD - Comparison
ZOOM Q2HD vs. Q3HD - Comparison
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Zoom Q2HD Unboxing & Product Tour

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Zoom Q2 HD hands-on | Engadget