Suzuki DRZ400 3X3 Mod

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ericw32: Informative video thanks! just one little thing i would do different if you mark out the 3x3 with pencil and use a heat gun to gently heat the area and use a utility knife it slices out smooth as butter with no plastic shavings. Love the DRZ

Jonny Rides: Its a good mod!

Lucas Mikolay: How do I no what jets to get

Chris Rutter: i have a 440 big bore kit, gpr tri oval full exhaust, going to do the 3x3 mod too. i live at sea level. does anybody know what jets i should use.l?

Mike Hunt: Haven't you guys heard of a Dremel?

hans: freaking carbs man

Matthew Wiebenga: Thanks for the tutorial!

Ben Sakas: Thanks for making this video man! I cant believe the difference this modification makes

jiminyfatal: Thank you for this video, 8 years later on a 2015 drz 400s, the method worked perfectly! Couldn't have done the 3x3 mod and jet work without your help! +1

blackman6913: Great instructions, thank you!

ted: good video. but let me add the comment that the intake and exhaust pressures are very carefully balanced when the bike is designed. the first thing every one does is put on an after market exhaust and now the intake pressure is imbalanced. then we cut a hole in the air box or take off the snorkel to compensate but of course we don't actually ever measure the intake and exhaust pressures to see if they are correct and they never are because every aftermarket pipe is different. if you check the bike on the dyno you may have gained an HP or two but it's always at the very top of the RPM range and no one rides with the throttle all the way open like that unless they are at a professional skill level on a track, in a race. for the rest of us we just end up with a bike that is louder, less reliable, backfires on decceleration, wastes fuel,

matty d: Why would you ever remove the carb to jet it? That is crazy extra work , just loosed the damn clamps and rotate one way for the jets and the opposite way for the needle. job done.

Brady Hamilton: Very good instructions, thank you

Tj1056: I find it much easier to remove the carb if you take it off along with the adapter that connects it to the engine. Will pop right off if you pull the intake pipe on the opposite side away from the carb and it will just basically fall out. So much easier the trying to pry it out for like 3 minutes tearing away at the paint down there...

Darren s: Need some part numbers for the jets? anyone got them?

BootchMagoo: Can you guys tell me if this is the correct Pilot Jet? 1 - [KVM28/486-25] Mikuni Pilot Jet (VM28/486) for RS & HSR Carburetor - 25 (KVM28/486-25) @ $11.35

Franks Ride On: I opened up my air box and brought to dealer. they recommend I not jet it, however it now pops on deceleration aolt. I also have a D G slip on. will this hurt the bike.?

Pete M: Which washer do I use in the bottom of the needle? The washer on the stock one is thicker than the one that comes with the kit.

Shawn Kearns: I have done all the these above mods, WITHOUT cutting a gapping hole in the air box!  Works mint! Removing the stock air box rubber snorkel is all that is required.   Funny how things catch on and the amount of people that follow..

idriwzrd: Filmed by Michael J. Fox.

Suzuki DRZ400 3X3 mod 5 out of 5

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Suzuki DRZ400 3X3 mod
Suzuki DRZ400 3X3 mod
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Suzuki DRZ400 3X3 mod