ZTE Score Hotspot!!

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Kara Hawk: What about straight talk zte magesty how u do hot spot 4 it?? 

jnasty29stl: Works

AmbroseSilverWolfe: It's called " quick settings " look for it on the market.

MrGintama96: u sure? cuz it works

place2bee: My ZTE Score won't connect to Wifi. I've tried connecting to my cable network, but it won't connect to that either. Anyone got any idea as to why this is happening?

MrGintama96: go to the playstore and download and install the app called "Quick settings" by HALFBIT. open up the app, then click the button on ur Zte score ( that looks like lines stacked on top of each other) then two options should pop out. click the one that says cuztomize. then scroll down and find " Wi-fi hospot " and move that up, above the line hidden settings. then click back, and click Wifi hotspot button on. TA DA!!! it works. You have just cleared level Zero,Congrats!!!

Listen Art Productions: Everyone just go and download an app called foxfi its free nd it works for the zte

Listen Art Productions: And you dont need root access to your phone and no tethering plan is required

MrGintama96: No root access No tethering plan is required (unless u plan to tether to ur computer) you can tether to other mobile devices like phones, tablets, 3ds, and Phablets .

ljbew: Go get app call FoxFi get the add on then the actual app

HahahaWilson34: did you root yours if you did tell me how plzzz

CnR Hydrex: This does not work on my zte score x500 I got that app it did not work What step by step can I do without rooting My phone

MrGintama96: no i did not root it. what this app doesn't work on ur zte?

Joshua Caban: I did it on my metropcs zte score and the icons don't show up how do i fix it or do u got some thing better like another app

NyQuetin Parks: explain more please ?

tdtank113: My phone a zte merit says error when i try to enable hotspot .can anyone help.

popgasd30000: I have net 10 android and iv got foxfi on it for ps3 wifi hotspot

Jawaan Wilson: How did you get yo phone like that

Franklin Henriquez: mines dont do dat ): wat some ways

MrGintama96: do you mean all the icons or just the hotspot icon? hotspot icon: just click options and drag it from hidden settings to the top. All icons: go to the playstore and get a hotspot widget. Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any other questions. ',:)

MrGintama96: when using it on an laptop it shows that i can't use the internet and need to pay 10 usd, but it works on phones when i connect it to the hotspot. because i never used it on a laptop anyway.

MrGintama96: I'm only showing for this exact model & carrier. Never mention net 10 3g phones on this video (u got ur own hopes up)

ljbew: or use foxfi wifi hotspot app

gensu101: so tell me how did you get it like that

gensu101: We needa have a talk buddy

joemccray98: Quick setting or foxfi don't work on my net 10 3g phone bull crap people

2010Atomix: Ok so where did u find the hidden settings? Can u give more info

youngrezey: What's the app called

Tiger Hill: thats not a cricket score, its from china or japan

gensu101: I need to know how you got that blue icon on top its pissing me off my searches are pointless

MrGintama96: Quick Setttings

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ZTE score hotspot!! 3.5 out of 5

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ZTE score hotspot!!