Head Spacing A Mosin Nagant After Fixing A Broken Bolt

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thereal dirtydan: don't you loev being dyslexic?

any Caliber: Dear sir need a little help I have a Mosin that my gran dad gave me (M27) he had taken it apart and didn't now how to put it back together (Alzheimer's had gotten him is why) but I put it back together no big deal head spaced it with the same spacing tool you used cleaned all the cosmoline out got rid of the sticky bolt polished all the bolt joint's on the bolt for a smother bolt action  but still have a problem when it's fired it's all most impossible to open the bolt and if you do get it open the shell is jammed in not every time but pretty close I use military ammo 7.62x54R any idea what is going on it's about to drive me crazy any help would be greatly appreciated

dro Cap: Good video

anonymousgunguy: The connector bar does not effect headspace.

PleksiHed1959 damo: 54r.good video.cheers.

bill65761: I'm getting ready to buy a carton of 5 from ClassicFirearms.com, so I bought the three piece set. The individual gauges are $20 each, $35 for any two and $50 for the full monty. I'm a "full monty" sort of guy, so I bought all three. They are made of 4140, milled, turned, drilled, dimpled, hardened and ground ... should be close (enough) to perfect. I like that they don't require any disassembly of the bolt to use and so can be used to check a rifle before purchasing. (If the seller has any objections, chalk it up as a "fail" and keep steppin').

Stefano Rovere: Well it's all jolly nice... But what should I do if it closes on the no-go gauge?

No Quarter Compound: head spacing issues are usually found the the rifle has been refitted with a bolt from another rifle. If the numbers all match , should be good to go

Tripp426: Thanks for this video. Very informative and I really like that you added some footage of shooting the rifle afterward. I recently picked up my first Mosin, a 1942 M91/30 and I've been told by a couple guys that if all the parts match then headspace definitely won't be an issue but I ordered a no-go gauge from Okie just to be sure.

Blaine Bugaski: I would assume that head space issues are not very common.  Just replacing the piece you did should have no effect.

You are more likely to run into a firing pin that isn't adjusted properly and will pop the primers.

2ndslaustas: Already in the mail, thanks for the info.

sharpie443: New bolt head. That's all.

2ndslaustas: What if the head spacing was not correct? is there a fix?

sharpie443: That is not only historically inaccurate it's not giving enough credit to the gun and the Russian engineers. They are very accurate guns and have actually been used in shooting competitions. They were also used by Russian and Vietnamese snipers. My M44 with smith sights shoots dead on with just the iron sighs at 100 yards. People here on youtube have taken them out to 1000 yards.

Logan Mailandt: who cares if it's the greatest grouping in the world. it's a mosin. it's a gun to hit man sized targets, it'll never be a tack driver.

Chemiker47: Very good video. What is the best source for Mosin parts?

Alex Blakeley: Well, I'm guessing i bent it because when i put the whole bolt together the bolt head isn't flush with the rest of it, it is offset to the left just a bit.

sharpie443: Wow how did you bend it? It's called a Bolt Connector. They go for $5 so no big deal. Pick up an extra while you're at it.

Alex Blakeley: What is the part called? I have a bent one

shoup2882: You only need to check headspace if you are replacing the bolt head, since that is the piece with the locking lugs that lock into the chamber, the rest of the bolt parts do not affect headspace in any way. But it is a good idea to have any old milsurp weapon headspaced just for safety sake before firing it, besides you don't know how good a day Ivan was having when he refurbished the bolt assembly on your Mosin!

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Head spacing a Mosin Nagant after fixing a broken bolt 5 out of 5

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Head spacing a Mosin Nagant after fixing a broken bolt