Head Spacing A Mosin Nagant After Fixing A Broken Bolt

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No Quarter Compound: head spacing issues are usually found the the rifle has been refitted with a bolt from another rifle. If the numbers all match , should be good to go

stefpote: Well it's all jolly nice... But what should I do if it closes on the no-go gauge?

Tripp426: Thanks for this video. Very informative and I really like that you added some footage of shooting the rifle afterward. I recently picked up my first Mosin, a 1942 M91/30 and I've been told by a couple guys that if all the parts match then headspace definitely won't be an issue but I ordered a no-go gauge from Okie just to be sure.

Blaine Bugaski: I would assume that head space issues are not very common. Just replacing the piece you did should have no effect. You are more likely to run into a firing pin that isn't adjusted properly and will pop the primers.

XRayCam: Love them M44's :-)

Nelson Fields: nice shooting, go ahead and slip the sling around the dorsal part of your hand on the hasty sling. It will improve the tightness even better. Tks for the vids.

Chemiker47: Very good video. What is the best source for Mosin parts?

11b15t: Thanks; I learned something new today. I will be going after various g/nogo gauges, and ordering some of the more troublesome parts for respective firearms. Ill be bookmarking the link to the gauge guys.

alex blakeley: What is the part called? I have a bent one

sharpie443: I don't think so i can hit a 7.62x54r casing at 30 yards with a .22Lr iron sights or shoot the ace out of a card. Now pistols I've never been all that good with enough for self defense but that's about it.

mike young: Cool vid dude an im impressed somebody cans use a sling for more than just hanging a firearm good to see one used properly

NolanMGI: Thanks for the video. Two buddies and myself finally picked a few of these up. All three had serial numbers all matching so we took the bait. I'm new to these rifles but I'm tearing through all three of them cleaning them up ect. I'm pretty confident they'll fire but I think I'll find some long string just in case. Artillery tradition.

tmasters27: 666

Peter Konrad Konneker: I was confused. Just needed to do a little more homework, though, haha. Considering buying one of these rifles and grateful for the vids.

MJD1701A: You look just like Vasilly what his name in Enemy ot the Gate.

sharpie443: I didn't know about him.

clinttech: Nice vid, I'm gonna shoot my nagant for the first time since the world war this weekend wish me luck

Steven Johnson: Looks like you might be jerking your triger.

abbeyglencircle: do you think these gauges will work on Mosin T53 (Chinese variant)?

goose1077: Great video. I haven't had to do any repairs to mine, now I know more if I do need to. You know you can work that bolt without leaving the firing position. I think it's more efficient that way. Just keep it in the shoulder and your head on the stock. You work it well anyway though.

Gungeek: How could that part of the bolt change headspacing?

sharpie443: I use the strap to tighten up my stance. It works very well if i don't have a sling on the gun I change my stance to a tighter one.

sharpie443: That is not only historically inaccurate it's not giving enough credit to the gun and the Russian engineers. They are very accurate guns and have actually been used in shooting competitions. They were also used by Russian and Vietnamese snipers. My M44 with smith sights shoots dead on with just the iron sighs at 100 yards. People here on youtube have taken them out to 1000 yards.

sharpie443: The field gauge has looser standards than the no go gauge but if it is ok with the field gauge it should be fine. I would not use any hot loaded hunting rounds in it but surplus rounds should be fine. After the first shot you take with it look at the spent cartage closely to see if it is split or deformed in any way.especially near the base of the round.

XGC Scrappy: Hey, don't let people beat you up over grouping, you hit your target. My wife is a better shot than me with irons on a rifle, but she is too dang slow. Keep it in your head, is he down? Merry Christmas.

Theo Aftonomos: I will have to try it. Once my 91/30 comes in and I clean all the cosmoline off of it.

shoup2882: You only need to check headspace if you are replacing the bolt head, since that is the piece with the locking lugs that lock into the chamber, the rest of the bolt parts do not affect headspace in any way. But it is a good idea to have any old milsurp weapon headspaced just for safety sake before firing it, besides you don't know how good a day Ivan was having when he refurbished the bolt assembly on your Mosin!

mike young: I used to shoot comp. 22 with a single point bicep sling if you can shoot with one of them a two point feels great

dizkoteck: How I test all my surplus is by using live ammo.... not a good idea now that I think about it

abbeyglencircle: thanks, that was one speedy response.

TheShermandale: Good info, bro. I'm a Mosin fan.

John Flynn: Good video thanks for the useful info. I defenetly want to get me a Mosin-Nagant.

2ndslaustas: What if the head spacing was not correct? is there a fix?

sharpie443: yes it's a 7.62x54R head space gauge. It doesn't matter what gun you use it with.

sharpie443: well it's unlikely but if you look at it it's the part that separates the bolt head from the rest of the bolt. It's a good idea to check when replacing anything on the bolt.

The human shrug.: Good info. I've seen a couple vids now on how to "check" head space but in the unlikely event that it fails, what then? Do you end up with a nice looking door stop or what??

roentgen571: good video....i always wondered how to use those gauges.

MarbleDemo: Been doing a little polishing on a 91/30 to smooth out the opening I think its almost as good as it gets I'm able to operate the bolt with my wrong hand and keep it shouldered. Valve lapping compound on the slanted surface between the roostering piece and bolt body worked the parts together got it almost as smooth as glass. Nice M44 man glad to see its spewing fire again. Whats a good place to get parts?

alex blakeley: Well, I'm guessing i bent it because when i put the whole bolt together the bolt head isn't flush with the rest of it, it is offset to the left just a bit.

uscgalpha91: Thank you for taking the time to review head spacing. I use the tool that comes with the rifle to measure firing pin protrusion. It is nice to know that somebody makes go-no go gages. Well done and thank you.

sharpie443: New bolt head. That's all.

MR-FLIP: you should make a dirt pile so you know were your rounds are going great video good shooting thumbs up..

sharpie443: Wow how did you bend it? It's called a Bolt Connector. They go for $5 so no big deal. Pick up an extra while you're at it.

Luis G.: if you lift up the top round and use it to push down on the other four when loading the magazine using the clips, you might find it a little easier. also i thought you had to remove the extractor when checking head space?

crosstimbers2: If you used the same bolt head, why do you think the headspace would change?

Patatospwnall: Just saying you should have included to check the fireing pin because any slight changes in the bolt could cause that to change but mabey im just paranoyed

Theo Aftonomos: Good explanation on head spacing. You look comfortable shooting it, but I could never shoot chicken-winging it. Once I tucked my right arm in to my body my grouping got about 200% better.

sharpie443: vassili zaitsev. His 91/30 is on is display in Moscow. He was a real sniper who fought in Stalingrad. He probably wasn't surpassed as the best until Vietnam by Carlos Hathrooster (AKA White feather).

klesmer: I agree. Maybe changing the bolt head/face might but knowing mosin's I wouldn't bet on it. I have yet to find a mosin that had improper headspace. I suspect the mosin's may be like the enfields,you adjust the headspace with different bolt heads.

sharpie443: Ya it's surprising how many people don't know that trick. I leaned it from my grandfather many years ago.

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Head spacing a Mosin Nagant after fixing a broken bolt 4.8 out of 5

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Head spacing a Mosin Nagant after fixing a broken bolt