Beretta PX4 Storm Vs. FN FNX-9 (Part 1)

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Frank Rizzo: @theyankeemarshal I can’t believe theirs actually dagos on here complaining that you said back hair and garlic.. I’m Italian, my back looks like the Black Forest. I had my wife shave it the other day and I looked at my bare back with the bathroom mirror and hand held mirror, it was the first time I actually seen my own back in probably 2 1/2 decades.

T.L.Genetics: Your typed jokes are the reason this fails....dumb

DC-8 Tailpost: Beretta not ambi - fail

DB Cooper: Ummm the fnx45 tac passed every test. This yankee marshal is a moron. Last time I waste my time watching anything he has to say. Typical yank

Zheus Herrera: px4 its absolutely ugly gun

Sean Patrick: Been going back and forth on PX4 and Glock 17. This vid settles it..Going with Berreta. Say...this is the compact version right? Not the sub compact...right?

Antonius Tomoredjo: I don't get it. Feels cheep or expensive? Who cares? As long it's a good gun. I like both. If i would only look at expensive feel to it, i would say that the 1911 is the best gun in the world. But that would be ridiculous. Because the 1911 is not the best guns in the world. Just because it's made out of all metal. Those two guns are far better than a any 1911 out of the box.

Steven Priester: I have a px4 chambered in .40sw. (no nub issues either) it has slide release on both sides just not mag it

steven r. clark: One thing I always chuckle about FN. they always seem to have their features down to where there edge other brands out. They are quite cheeky.

I'm not sure if you noticed but the FNX when deroostered, stays half roostered. you can also set this manually from hammer's rest position. IMO very important on the first shot as it makes the first double action pull a little less effort. the Beretta drops all the way into the frame like the 92 did.

I've planned on buying a PX4 for a while I live Berretta and FNH both are great companies as far as all around firearms I have a hard time picking between these two because they both make products in the same categories.

Duke Redline: "... the PX4 could just lie there the whole time and you would be okay with that."
Right on.

ralph hern: I have a FNX 9 AND I LOVE IT ITS A GREAT PISTOL


jared lee: Someone really like beretta.

Hogman Go: px4 wins. nuf said

iiguns: Yo Man, I'm Sicilian, Got no hair on my back :-) But I love garlic.

Seth Carden: The reason you can see through the gun on most of the polymer guns is NOT a matter of cost or material. It has to do with a polymer frame not having the Ability to have a full slide mount like a metal frame can. The fn happens to have larger and more stable slide mounts which is why it holds tighter to the frame.

Faggio: Can u give a link to the px4 plz

Alessio Sangalli: Beretta is a company with headquarters in a valley on the Alps, you will not find smell of garlic there.

Frank Napolitano: Chief Justice Scalia carried a Beretta Px4 Storm .40 S&W . Yes, even under his Honorable Robes ! :)

WH: Put 'em both in the sales ads and get a P226 !   Love my P227 as well !

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Beretta PX4 Storm vs. FN FNX-9 (Part 1) 5 out of 5

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Shoulder Holster Stystems, The Facts weaponseducation
Px4 .45 12 gauge shotgun
Px4 .45 12 gauge shotgun

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Beretta PX4 Storm vs. FN FNX-9 (Part 1)