How To Take Screen Shots On Samsung Galaxy Chat

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chandrasen sawant: sorry it is not working on my phone gets switch off why so after pressing the switch button n home button simultaneously......plzzz help

daph né: thank you so much!!


Fantage Diamond: thanx dude! it worked!

decent lateef: Ohhhh really thanKew For Dis video

Alexa alexandra: mine didn't work also. so i tried to do this: press Home and Off button at the SAME TIME less than 5 seconds. it works perfect :D

Eva Soni: THANKYOU! it worked :)

Federico Magni: Thanks a lot, it worked for me!

Josephine the Belieber: Omfod really thnks

Ionutz Cosmin: Home button + block button

KoŠarkašica: Thanks,it works :D

CoverBoy Jay: Thanks !!

Natalie Ong: cool

Orpheas Michas: Thanks dude! It works.

MARIO DUBONHERNANDEZ: Solo una vez lo hice y luego ya no puedo que pasaria

Ahmed A.S.: press home and power button.. no use of volume keys.. just hold them both for upto 5 seconds u will see a notification saying SAVING SCREENSHOT

user12345654: First press power button and then without releasing the power button press the home button within a very short span of time. Keep both of them pressed until u see an animation of the screenshot, a camera-click sound, and a notification reading "saving screenshot.."

user12345654: Thanks your suggestion worked for me.

Akshay Doshi: Its not happening

Laura Lucy: same for me

Okiemute Omuta: wow thanks man! has bugged me for so long how to do this :)

Laras Anggitan: thanks. it works for my phone once again thank you very much

Icha Han: doesnt work on ma dvce, did u use any apps?

Carly Hoachland: IT WORKS TYSM

Andrew Winner (Vecchio Canale): before press "off" AND A NANOSECOND AFTER (not a second but a nanosecond) press "home" at the same time...without stopping pressing "off"

nonik larasati: thanks :)


Mansyur M.:'s work...!!

Adil Khan: Thanks yar

Jurate Litvaityte: which aplication is that?

Mulexx Potter: thanx it works

GangTheGaming: It always opens up something but doesn't take screenshots

Anita Rwt: it works :)) thanks

sipitz sepet: thanks yooo

Mohd Hafeez Adha MHAvoc: thanks :) , hehe

Molporn Testar: Works for me :D

CrackyPotato: How to root samsung galaxy chat???

Marian - Ionut: work.s tnx..

karen dsilva: hey it doesn't work on my device. The task manage opens up with the home + power button. Please help?

LocutusOfBorg3: Thumbs up if you looked at this video with you samsung galaxy chat! It is working flawlessly on my phone! Android 4.1.2

CrackyPotato: Carefully press Home and Off button at the SAME TIME less than 5 seconds.

sparklingnight: It works but everytime i'm doing the screenshot it appears the "icon" of the volume on the screen.. i don't know how to explain it in a better way.. hope you guys understand! Can someone help me? Please i'm going mad :/

Andrew Winner (Vecchio Canale): you are welcome ;)


Prajjidna Daliman: thanks, it works

Kasongz Marabou: Thanks!

Sanjay Kumar: Yes it is working on my phone thank you very much :)

Marjoneth Jusay: thank you :) Ive been trying it since but its not working.=))))

evanscore27: Good its work thx for the info

Karen Spisso: it's not working! i followed all the instructions but it's really not working! do i need some app?

How to take screen shots on samsung galaxy chat 4.5 out of 5

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How to take screen shots on samsung galaxy chat