Baby Hairs & Smooth Edges!

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Frank Murphy: I kind of think everyone 3/2 years ago was retarded. Like honestly if they couldn't see that THIS was baby hairs they must have been. They probably think edges and baby hairs are the same. 😂

Anna M: Your baby hairs r so perfect and cute I love it

lovewins: this video is far from ratch. love you!!

Joleeze Bell: okay thank you😆

Joleeze Bell: Im white and have extremely thick hair and my top layer of hair is straight af and the underneath is kinda wavy, but anyway, my baby hairs are long and short, will this work for me even though im white? XD

Precious Davis: she very pretty

sj j: Where did you get you nose stud ? X

Jachi Lens: I love it, thank you... I was trying to figure out what to do with my baby hairs because they didnt want to lay down..

Yasmin Hamilton: Ha! I haven't heard anybody call the widows peak an Eddy in a loooooong time! Can you do an updated baby hair tutorial? love you giiiiirl!

Jordan Frazier: all i have is edges..i cant find my baby hairs 😂😂😣😯😫

Akeyria Edwards: so you don't use the edge control and gorilla snot anymore?

Dimples_kimkim: I hold my hair to lol

Desiree Nnoli: Hey ivy so you said you don't use the flat iron everyday but do u repeat the gel on your baby hair everyday? And if so do you have to wash out the previous day's gel and then re-apply it? Thanks

Marcela Forti: I came here to see the baby hair, but girl, your skin is FLAWLESS.

Rachel Williams: This video is awesome

danidbabe44: thank you for saying Eddie's are pretty. I have one and i get it from my dad and used to want to cut it off everyday and y mom was like "NO" and still says no til this day lol. But since you both seem to say the same thing about it i guess i'll keep it lol

Deshona Anderson: So good

Allison Wilder: 😍👌

Jeanne Louise Lopes: Hey i would like my baby hair (i think it is baby hair) to grow faster do you have adivice. You are so pretty love your channel

Jamir Asberry: all I do is brush them down with a soft wave brush

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Baby Hairs & Smooth Edges! ♥ 5 out of 5

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Baby Hairs & Smooth Edges! ♥
Baby Hairs & Smooth Edges! ♥
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Baby Hairs & Smooth Edges! ♥