Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock Installed

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James Green III: To remove the barrel bands all you have to do is tap out the front sight post and they slip right off.

metalmullins: yea ive got 3 vids about it on my channel, all of em are fixed now tho. thanks for watchin

docroot1: Any issues with the mags yet? I heard they needed to slightly adjust the design due to heat changes that caused round advancement issues. Very nice stock though. I will be picking one up for my M44.

Webster Griffith: Wish they had one for the Mossberg 100ATR

baller1661: Thanks.

metalmullins: I cant tell for sure, it does seem a better balanced tho. maybe someone with a good digital scale and this stock can answer that for us

RTPPaintball: Does it weigh any lighter with this stock?

TheGunclappa: awsum thanks, mine shipped thursday so maybe ill get it next week!

metalmullins: 8 days total counting the weekend I believe...

TheGunclappa: 8 week days or with a weekend in there?thanks

Eternaldrkmako: did the same with those rings, the little one is .. well tough

metalmullins: thanks, hopefully gonna get to shoot it tomorrow or the next day now that i finally have some days off

Politically Incorrect: Ive never seen I type 53 in good shape it will be my luck I will get one LOL. I think these stocks are killer.

metalmullins: id say your type 53 would rock in this thing! i wanted to keep mine orignal too, but was unable to find another one before my stock came in..... at this point everything can be returned to orignal tho. no modifications to the rifle to get this to work.

Politically Incorrect: I've been thinking about buying a type 53 and doing this with. I could never do this to my tula 91/30 it looks new.

MrEasytarget925: That is a thing of beauty

metalmullins: it already in the comments here somewhere ;P

metalmullins: yes but just one.... which i think they more intended to be used for the bipods utilizing the sling stud....... there are spots at the left and right of the butt stock to put another one as well though

romyfaye2000: Hey bro when did u order your and when did u received it...i pre order mine 4/15,,,that would help me or give me idea when they gonna ship mine....look badass man

Nickoli0811: Hey the pieces that came in the bag.. was there a sling adapter included to put on the stock for a sling?

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Archangel mosin nagant stock installed 5 out of 5

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Archangel mosin nagant stock installed