Tracfone LG840G Review

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Marcie Bishop: I keep adding minutes to my dUghtets tracphone and she still cannot text Ny of her friends. Why is this happening??

jusmeyahoo: Hi, I have a texting question.
Is their a  way to know who sent the text before opening it? I end up paying to open a text from some one I don't know is their a way to fix that? 

heather vineyard: has anyone noticed that when texting and your about to go to the second page that that it takes 15 spaces from you, example you start to text so you have 0/160 spaces for numbers/letters/spaces, so when you get to 160/160 you go to the next page and it's 15/160 and same with pg3 and so on, and if you want to use special numerics then watch carefully because you can go from 0/160 to 1/70 with just one hit. suck don't it, just another way for them to steal from us.

loughrey101: Hi, how do you get that time app with current and Dallas time? Thanks!

Niki Casselberry: I am a couponer so I am looking for a tracfone that I can use couponing apps on like Jingit, Savingstar or Ibotta. Can you tell me if these apps are available on this phone?

John Doe: The tracfone LG 840 g roams and uses fractions of minutes every time it loses and regains the signal even when not in use. FYI. I made the mistake of buying one. mine wasted 100 minutes before I figured out why. had to switch back to my old phone

Joziah Turner: Shiity ass phone

Rumpmuffins: and also great video because this is the only video i found that shows how to customize the shortcuts screen and i was wondering how. Thanks and again great video

Rumpmuffins: i think the one i bought was well worth the money cause it only cost me $20 for a refurb :P

mizgwen: Just bought this model and found your review to be extremely helpful. Thanks.

Chris Herke: My mother purchased one of these phones, and she has tried calling her sister in Australia to no avail. She is doing everything right, and she keeps getting a (restriction 54 code) which prevents her from making the call. This is basically saying she is on the wrong line, what ever that means. Her cheaper Trac phone would allow her to make the calls with no problem. When calling Trac phone, the reps. are stumped. Any ideas on that?

ansbach74: How do you shut this phone down completely? I hit the power button until the screen goes black. Some times a statement appears asking do you want to discontinue are something to that affect; I hit yes and the phone completely shut time. This doesn’t happen all the time so does mean the phone is still on?

Chad Muskaa: 1000 Txts per HOUR??? So on any given day you send out say.... 16 THOUSAND txts???

mysweetharmony: But it won't play youtube videos full screen like the Samsung S390G with wifi. This LG 340G only plays videos as a tiny 1.5 inch postage stamp size surrounded by a black screen. There's no way around this either. That was a deal breaker for me. It also doesn't have voice commands. The Samsung has voice commands so if I want to make a call I just say, "call Dave" and it dials his number.

mysweetharmony: You don't have to use the alternate keyboard to type your notes or message. Simply click the top right button with the lines, then go to input and change it to the full keyboard.

Sandra Gallahar: Thanks for this review. Just got my tracfone and so far am loving it. As a non-techy I was a little nervous about using some of the bells and whistles. (You have to know that the phone it is replacing was 10+ years old.) It's great to know that "finally" I am joining everyone else in the 21st century. Once again thank you for your clear explanations and demonstrations.

carter morrison: I just ordered this phone I had the 800g and it sucked so I'm replacing it with this phone

mfuji02: GPS? :/

itshilonieyrawr: can u go on instagram?

April TracFone: Hi James, this is April from TracFone Wireless. Good to know that your minutes are up. We appreciate your support with the service. If you have queries or anything in mind, just send us an email at Thanks.

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Tracfone LG840G Review 5 out of 5

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Tracfone LG840G Review
Tracfone LG840G Review
Tracfone LG840G Review
Tracfone LG840G Review
LG 840G Tracfone Review (Wi-Fi):
LG 840G Tracfone Review (Wi-Fi):
Tracfone LG840G Unboxing
Tracfone LG840G Unboxing
LG 840g tracfone review
LG 840g tracfone review

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Tracfone LG840G Review