How To Add Or Refill Your Trim And Tilt Fluid On An Outboard.

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CitrusMcfly: Dude i think were long lost brothers lol

Dave Seeley: Thank you bro! As simple as it seems, I like the security of seeing someone else (you!) do it first. Well done my friend, well done.

captainedc: ATF will work fine but unfortunately it's not compatable with the seals and will eventually cause them to fail prematurely. ATF in your power steering will do exactly the same thing instead of using power steering fluid.

Glyn Thorman: Great story Reel. The Q/A answered most of any more questions and I am now a certified tilt/trim oil level mechanic! One question I didn't see: If your your motor 'bleeds down' overnight, is the pump needing work? (Mercury. New manual release valve and o-rings.)

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Foskey: hey man my 90 force 150 tilt and trim works, but it slowly leaks down when i tilt it up, could it just be low in fluid? or would i need to replace the seals? thanks Mitchell

fuckofflalready: This is EXACTLY the video I needed! Thanks! I notice in the comments below you say that normal auto transmission fluid would work as well? I ask because I'm on the island of Borneo and trying to order proper Johnson/Evinrude stuff takes forever and costs a fortune.

tim thompson: my trim motor has been real sluggish last cpl months...have to tap it with a hammer to wake it up sometimes..well it finally stopped all together. I figured out i had to take the release valve with o rings out to release pressure to manually raise motor!( Is there an easier way?) So now my fluid is drained, Should motor still work? Do you think motor is done...will putting more fluid in it help motor kick on?

Bigdaddyjigga: What about the middle cylinder? ???? 

Tony Xiong: I am having problems with, took the other day out and some how the Tilt was stuck all the way up, wouldn't go d own. Thought it was low on fluids and when I decided to add fluids to it, some how it was able to move up and down. Right when it went down its stuck and I don't know whats wrong with. Any suggestions? Maybe I might of let to much air in it?

james scoccca: a little tip. before ya start go to an appliance store an get a fitting to go into the fill hole. place another one into a gallon cap of the hydraulic fluid. connect a hose between the two. turn the fluid upside down and continue with steps. no oil lose or mess to clean!! you can even leave it connected over night for the stuburn air bound pumps

Capt Jim Mitchell: Great job!! I am a River guide on the Smith River in Northern Calif for salmon and steelhead check out some of my vids

therealpoorboy: Mercury is top 3 in the nation. mercury is the offical engine. nice video, #mercury 250 proxp skeeter zx210 

BassSmacker R: i have to say, following your steps is a lot more difficult since each time lowing the motor down, the oil would spits out a lot. it makes it harder for the trim to come back up unless you add more oil into it. I went back to the manual book and doing it with the fill plug on and each time the motor is raised up, i would slowly unscrewed the plug and let the air come out. And then I would add fluid little by little. That works fine for me. 

mathew Kane: I have no idea why people would buy a mercury

jon beeler: I figured if anyone could answer this it might be you. Anyway,the T&T unit on my 50hp OMC sometimes gets stuck in the up position. You can still hear the units motor run seemingly normally. However,sometimes,when it sounds like it is going down,it simply isn't. Could this be low or watery fluid? Perhaps something worse???

Tony Xiong: Yamaha Max 150 hours 2002

NinersFaithful713: hey I tried to do the same steps as you did but the trim stopped halfway. Now it wouldn't go up nor down. and there isn't enough room to refill into the fill hole. What to do? help please. Thanks

Antoine Davis: If I don't have hydraulic fluid can I use automatic transmission fluid?

mas121473: i got a question..... on my 1995 mercury the t&t motor runs in both raise and lower positions but wont raise my engine.....and suggestions? thanks

mustafa panahi: tnx for this video , i just want to know why the trim and tilt is not going up and down completely ??? works something like to half and then stop when i change the fluid... it is yamaha 40 hk ,

shammond82: Nice video. I am in the middle of replacement my power trim electric motor and I noticed the fluid is milky. I am guessing water has gotten into it over time so I am going to drain all the fluid and replace. Any tips you can give me? 

Carry Smith: question 4 u buddy,,i have a 1997 mariner 90hp 2stroke motor, would u say a propeller thats 13,25x19 will work well for my motor?..thank you

Generic User: Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I'm curious about CHANGING the fluid too. Do you know of a DIY how-to video for that? Either way, thanks!

ReelTeaseFishing: if it goes up but very slow or rough it may be because of the oil. drain the oil and refill using the method above. Too little oil and it wont be able to lift the engine properly. (which sounds like your problem)

ReelTeaseFishing: I'm not 100% sure, but I do believe they are pretty much the same. They work pretty much the same way. The screws might be located in a different spot though.

Jay Zundel: I have a 2003 Hydroswift and the trim wont go down. It makes a click noise when you push on the trim but nothing besides that. Any suggestions on what it might be?

MrQuack811: Okay, i have a 2003 mercury 175 optimax. i tried to completly change all the fluid by taking the plug out at the bottom of the trim. now that ive refilled it i cannot get the air out. everytime i lower it without the cap...i lose a crap load of fluid out the hole, then it makes a god awful noises going back up.(because it lost a ton of fluid) can you help???

Bruce Ginkel: Worked for me thanks. Used an Allen wrench though. Not a flathead. Cheers!

Twobuns Fischer: Yes Great video an how to add tilt an trim oil, I"ll be going to do my Evinrude 200hp. Thanks.

Steven Williams: I had to change the pump motor, now the piston stays in one position. Do you have to prime the pump a certain way? there's another screw on pump side

Jesse Staerkel: Nice! I got a johnson that goes down fine, but comes up very slow. Last night it didn't want to come up at all. Does that sound like low fluid or a bad relay? where are the relays?

ReelTeaseFishing: Every time you lower the engine, you will lose oil. make sure that if the boat is on a trailer, the trailer jack is set to the lowest possible or that the trim and tilt is sitting even. You don't want the boat sitting to high in the front, thus it will never allow you to fully fill your trim and tilt. Also if you cant get all the air out let it sit in the upward position with the screw cap off for about 30 min. then fill her up. cap it. lower it and allow it to stand another 30min.

ReelTeaseFishing: Glad it helped :)

CharlotteBaseball25: Thanks! This helped a lot!

ReelTeaseFishing: To jump on my comment section and tell everyone that my method is wrong, is very naive of yourself Mr. TXMAN. There isn't only one way to do everything. you will be surprised at how much you can learn by listening and observing. Have a great day.

Drummer Dave: So I have an Ocean Pro 150 Evinrude/Johnson 1993 My trim motor went out on me and I had to use the manual release to raise the motor by hand so i could get home. I replaced the motor and now I can get the motor to lower but it will not raise up. How do I purge the air and fill the fluid once I get to this stage?

MrTechReviewDude: Is there any reason to pay extra for the manufacturers brand fluid such as Yamaha or Johnson compared to something like Pennzoil.

George Zaleuke: Great video buddy. Would the Mercury T&T be about the same thing?

Jesse Staerkel: when I try to move it up, the hydraulic motor is can be heard running, it just doesn't move the motor, or it does so very slowly...

Steve Odem: i have 2002 yamaha outboard 90 hp. when im driving the boat and trim down as i come to a stop it makes popping noise, it only does it when in the water. if its on the trailer it doesnt make this noise, any suggestions as to what it might be ok that i can do? thanks!

Garland Endicott: my switch will not raise or lower tilt or trim r they any way to raise up a 50 hp mercury lower unit

txman201: If you fill it with the motor all the way up, any overfill will run back out if you give it a minute before you put the plug back in. DO NOT trim down without the plug installed. This guy is wrong, per OMC shop manual.

ReelTeaseFishing: Thank you :)

txman201: I don't know where this dude got his "how to" credentials, but when I look at the OMC shop manual it says the following: "The oil level rises as the motor is trimmed down." One or more of you confirmed this by discovering that fluid gushes out after you fill to the hole while the trim is up. OMC says "PUT THE PLUG IN, THEN CYCLE UP & DOWN, RECHECK.". Not everything you see on Youtube is correct or accurate, unfortunately.

ReelTeaseFishing: If this is the case because you powerload your boat onto your trailer, this is normal. The trim and tilt is two systems. the first is the trim, it has two pistons that raise your engine only slightly, then the tilt which is made to raise it completely for transport. the engine when under a load will not stay in the tilt position, it will lower to the trim where it should stay unless you trim it any lower. read comment above as it might help you as well. but seems like its normal.

ReelTeaseFishing: Mr. TXMAN, although you may be following the manual. That does not mean it is the ONLY way. In fact, the method that I am describing is actually a more time efficient way to fill your trim tilt. By not putting back the fill screw you will allow any trapped air to immediately escape. Thus if you put the fill screw back on, the air will get trapped and mix into the oil, then you will have to wait for the air to separate and escape taking a few hours. Although my method is messy, it works better.

ReelTeaseFishing: seems like their is air in the system. lower it using the manual release screw on the bottom side of the T&T

Paul Knittle: It could be that you need a rebuild. Water probably got into the electrical area and did some damage to the brushes. Try checking the oil to make sure it is not white and try tapping the motor to see if it will work.

ReelTeaseFishing: any power trim and tilt oil will work. You can find it at any of the local bait and tackles or big chain stores such as west marine, bass pro, walmart etc.

Tracy Marino: Great video, is there any other maintenance that is done to the tilt and trim system? Thank you.

How to add or refill your Trim and tilt fluid on an outboard. 4.5 out of 5

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How to add or refill your Trim and tilt fluid on an outboard.
How to add or refill your Trim and tilt fluid on an outboard.
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How to add or refill your Trim and tilt fluid on an outboard.