How To Add Or Refill Your Trim And Tilt Fluid On An Outboard.

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Chan Fe: my trim and tilt went down and didn't come back up. I hear the relay clicking but no sound from the motor. is the motor broken or do I just have to add more liquid?
thanks in advance

Josh Pack: I have a 95 legend with 96 mercury 115. I can trim all the way up and watch it slowly leak down until it bottoms out.. Will the fluid fix my problem or is it something else? Thanks.

Backwoods Gourmet: My 70HP got stuck today while on Tampa Bay. Had to idle 7 mile back to the ramp because it was trimmed halfway. It' been cavitating since I got the boat. Defiantly gonna try this. Thanks for posting.

Keylan Beeler: hey i was trying to manually lower the motor because the trim quit working i tried a srew on the side of the jackplate and fluid came out what do i do

TIM MOOMAU: That crap works!!!! Saved me $300 at the boat shop. Where do I send the check??? LOL

John Ellerd: VERY informative video! Thanks for the info.

Lucas C: hi im new to this game just got the boat and found carbs wernt working now fixed but when i fixed them trying them out the trim blew the seals now i have just replaced all seals in the tilt watched your vid how to fill good vid but want to know is it the trim or the boat has to be level as tilt going up/down good but now i think u call the small ones the trim side of it going in very very slow and when u stop u can see motor move back up a couple of mil is that stating there is still air in line but i think if my guess u will say the trim has to be level thanks sunrise

Gilberto Rodriguez: While I'm driving my boat the motor starts to lower it self on its own. If I do this will it stop that?

Timothy Kane: Nice job. Simple to the point.

Charlie Games: Really helpful. Thanks

Dustin Doyle: I have a Johnson 150vro trim and tilt works good. But when I get on the water. Trim will not hold. what. can be wrong

Gene Po: thank you, huge savings

Robin Walker: Thanks for the video! It was well explained and easy to understand! I appreciate it. I thought I may be looking at another whopper of a marine bill.

kenny baird: I just read in a comment section where some Johnson manuals say you can use dexron 2 in place of hydraulic fluid,can anyone shed any light on this? Great video by the way.

Lyric Thompson: What type of hyd fluid you use on a 85 johnson

ivory green: on the power trim it is leaking oil what can we do and do u have a video on how to do it. How much do it cost to have this done or is it something that can be done yourself they told my husband it would cost 1200 dollars to fix it. Please tell us an easy way we need the motor when we lift it leaks

Benny T: You just saved me a 1 hr trip, and probably $300. Thanks

gary kennedy: that was a very educational video I'm so thankful for you for taking the time to show people like me how to service our tilt and trim motor I thank you

TheTuborgen: next time please use a bucket or some oil absorbent on the ground. that oil is not good for the environment. :)

NSDON McK: 2008 Etec 135 on a buddy's boat, once and a while the trim will go back up while cruising, all by itself. It will trim back down and work fine again, it goes all the way up and down as well. Haven't checked fluid level yet, but is that possibly the problem?

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How to add or refill your Trim and tilt fluid on an outboard. 5 out of 5

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How to add or refill your Trim and tilt fluid on an outboard.
How to add or refill your Trim and tilt fluid on an outboard.
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How to add or refill your Trim and tilt fluid on an outboard.