How To Add Or Refill Your Trim And Tilt Fluid On An Outboard.

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casey carver: Oh wow, guys do not follow this video. Not the right way to add fluid. Check out some other vids, check your manual or call a boat shop. This video is a waste of time and is totally incorrect. You don't bleed the system open like that, all you're doing is wasting time and fluid.

Timmy Sparky: Great video. Have to add fluid to my johnson 150 but it is down. Was watching your vid on how to add fluid and then saw this! Thanks a million reelteasešŸ˜Ž

Nick Henton: I want to thank you for this ,it got me back on the water. I went and bought a big stout flathead and fluid $15 later I'm good.

Swift Hoffman: So I have a 1977 Johnson 85 HP and I just bought this boat well the the motor would go down but wouldn't go back up so I put hydraulic fluid in bled the line and it was working great it was going up and down just fine then all the sudden when I went to press the button for to go up or down it would just click and kept clicking so I assumed it was solenoid well I replace the solenoid it stop clicking it wasn't doing nothing then all of a sudden it went down but it would not go back up and it made a weird humming noise coming from the trim area I am guessing and now it doesn't do anything doesn't go up doesn't go down doesnt click or any noises.. nothing do u have an idea what it could be ?

shawn javanovich: psssss you might have to work on that skeg next!

Wayne Henderson: can anyone tell me if a bass boat motor work on a fish boat

Robert Benard: Great video buddy.

Dr. Zoo: thumbs up!

Greg Bellinger: Great job on the video. I've used the video 5 times because I forget from year to year. Really good camera angle. I had to replace the screw for my Force 120 because it's place, but I keep it as a backup to the new one in case I lose the new one.

Earl Jackson: This video will screw up your motor trim. It bleeds the fluid.. NOT FILL IT!Ā Ā  Look at the fluid that leaks out when he first lowers the motor. DO NOT TRUST THIS VIDEO!Ā Ā He is causing many viewers hundreds of dollars.

Chan Fe: my trim and tilt went down and didn't come back up. I hear the relay clicking but no sound from the motor. is the motor broken or do I just have to add more liquid?
thanks in advance

Josh Pack: I have a 95 legend with 96 mercury 115. I can trim all the way up and watch it slowly leak down until it bottoms out.. Will the fluid fix my problem or is it something else? Thanks.

Backwoods Gourmet Channel: My 70HP got stuck today while on Tampa Bay. Had to idle 7 mile back to the ramp because it was trimmed halfway. It' been cavitating since I got the boat. Defiantly gonna try this. Thanks for posting.

Keylan Beeler: hey i was trying to manually lower the motor because the trim quit working i tried a srew on the side of the jackplate and fluid came out what do i do

TIM MOOMAU: That crap works!!!! Saved me $300 at the boat shop. Where do I send the check??? LOL

John Ellerd: VERY informative video! Thanks for the info.

Lucas C: hi im new to this game just got the boat and found carbs wernt working now fixed but when i fixed them trying them out the trim blew the seals now i have just replaced all seals in the tilt watched your vid how to fill good vid but want to know is it the trim or the boat has to be level as tilt going up/down good but now i think u call the small ones the trim side of it going in very very slow and when u stop u can see motor move back up a couple of mil is that stating there is still air in line but i think if my guess u will say the trim has to be level thanks sunrise

Gilberto Rodriguez: While I'm driving my boat the motor starts to lower it self on its own. If I do this will it stop that?

Timothy Kane: Nice job. Simple to the point.

Charlie Games: Really helpful. Thanks

How to add or refill your Trim and tilt fluid on an outboard. 5 out of 5

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How to add or refill your Trim and tilt fluid on an outboard.