Straight Talk ZTE Merit 990G Review

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Blingdaddy1: I had this phone. It was very slow and it had literally no on board storage. One small app filled it up, and over all I didn't like the phone.

Mikayla Bradley: I got mine at walmart (laplace,louisiana) for only $59.99

Malachi Hart: foxfi works on it 

jbottenfield79: I have the same phone and the camera works perfectly it's not blurry or rainy. I do have one question the Wi-Fi won't turn on it says connecting then when I connect to my Wi-Fi it says disconnected. 


Jacob Edwards: This review helped a lot as you said i have been hounding my mom for an I phone but i saw this phone at dollar general for only $79. So to see if this was the phone for me i watched this review and it helped me a lot tyvm.

Charles Tacy: I hve this phone

Jennifer Rose: i think its a good smart phone


clarissa owens: the sd card that came with my phoneits a 2gb if i go to a 32 gb can i get more apps on thus i need to know

Xena Alfaro: I have that phone and after a lil while it gets slower and you don't have very much space at all, to download any apps.I have like 3 apps and it has low if you like downloading things,I wouldn't recommend it

Joziah Turner: Do u know how to root dis

angel3yeskai: Wow he is playing B.A.P No Mercy lol

1PANZON3: I keep trying to watch porn videos but they all freeze the image stops but the sound keeps going what good is these freaken phone for

1PANZON3: I bought these phone tried to update every app it comes with it and there is not enough internal memorie for them to update since its not rooted i have to deside which app to update freaken useless phone

OVOXO16AIA: Do you know how to take a screenshot on it?

Heather Dollar: im getting that tomarow a lot of thought but i did not depend on just one review

4dark21: THIS PHONE IS SO LAME!!! dont get it >:l but if you really want to buy one buy mine!!!1

Secureours: Mine got run over by a van 3 months ago and it has worked great till today as I got it wet. Does anyone know if I can stick the cards into another merit and it work with the same number?

Daniel Jimenez: Daniel, can this phone be unlocked so as to use with any other sims, even international? And how do u unlock it once u have the NCK/NP code? Please help. Thanks.

FloridaBeachbumMom: The phone will get you by if you're in a pinch, however its SLOWER than mollasses on a winter day. I really miss my Galaxy phone. I wonder if I can use my old phone instead of my " bar of soap " (best description yet lol)

Dee Taylor: It looks cheap, thanks for the review, this helped me a lot in my phone purchase making decisions.

Abigail Wallace: can you play youtube videos without wifi?

Cody Hotaling: Well.. So far i've had the same ZTE Merit, running on the NET10 service, for 2.5 years now. To be truthful the Internal Storage is dreadful and the phone does get a bit choppy, but I have found the app RAM Booster (little green icon, from the Google app store) to be particularly useful with this device. Also with a bit of Know-How, you could ROOT this device and be surprised at the hidden power this little 600MHz Processor has.

heyashleerae2: pretty much what happened to me on my bday...

James Sink: App limited...slow network... Dreadful to be honest. ...

alyssia kirby: can you upload vid and pics to facebook or youtube?

4dark21: my calls have all of a sudden stopped also it has done it twice :P the buttons make it look cheap and it only lets you have 1 picture widget!!!! which is pretty gay :P this phone sucks! -_____- does any1 wana buy it off me lol jk xD

Charles Tacy: I juice this phone up with Clean My Android app and a The Internet connection Booster App and now my phone is flawless

TheFallenKing93: I think it's a nice phone. My other phone (Samsung Galaxy Precedent) would just not work for YouTube and it overheated a lot. The Merit works great for YouTube, but the battery doesn't last too great. But overall, it's a nice phone.

Commodorefan64: Agreed, they just needed to put more internal memory into it for App downloads/updates, and allowed it to update to at least Android 4.0

kandi: can i use the $25 dollar 750 min card on this

melodycutexy: Hahahaha! I like your comment, I think it was sooo funny, "mollasses on a winter day, bar of soap" Hahahaha!. Thank you for the info and for making me laugh. :)

Josh Mahaday: It's a okay phone, it always says any app I am on has failed for no reason. I'm finding myself dreading I ever bought it, not saying it's a bad phone. But I honestly don't like it..

isaiah moultrie: merit a good phone for the the price.i find some trouble not bad.

Charles Tacy: So this is App limited which I hate

ninjasuseninjastars: I have this phone. I like it, I guess. It was cheap and is good for the price. I don't like that the internal memory is VERY limited. I just bought a Galaxy S III, so I might keep my Merit around just in case, or sell it.

bstarke228: Cool phone

James Ausel: question. I have have had this phone for 4 months, and the green 3g went away, and now it stays white. why is it doing this?

WONTEK: Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

Sterlin Stewart: I asked for a iPhone, my mom gave me this crap

SL0JAMZ: @jausel90 ....... its only green when active sync is on

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Straight Talk ZTE Merit 990G Review 4.9 out of 5

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Straight Talk ZTE Merit 990G Review