Kindle Fire HD How To ROOT

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Iam TheShit: Rootjunkie are you going to make a supertool for this? Is there a way to backup the books and apps that can reinstall them after the system is rooted and twrp is installed?

MortisedGuide TheGamerGod: my Kindle is rooted but when I tap game hacker it go light dark then normal again and I don't see requesting root access... help me!

Vel Wear: Hey I figured out what happened. Even though I turned off updates, some how it still upgraded from 5.1.1. to 5.1.2. and turned off my root access. Any way of rooting the 5.1.2.?

Vel Wear: I have the fire 5th gen. I've had to root it twice and worked out just fine. I did everything like you said but for whatever reason after so long it keeps unrooting it self back to the regular amazon tablet and then I end up having to do it again. Why is that? I disabled all updates.

Nicole Plaia: I finally got it rooted after downloading the link someone on here posted for the driver, but that super user app didn't show up when my kindle came back on? I did download that app to see if it was rooted, and it says it is, but, it doesn't seem to be working. I tried downloading apps from the google play store. It said they were installed but are nowhere to be found. I tried downloading the google play store app, and that will not open. I even tried using my one mobile app to download an app that would now be compatible, but, that doesn't work either. And, a box keeps popping up saying google play services has stopped working. I will try and figure this out, but, if someone can tell me what is going on here, I would really appreciate it.

Jayr: i get the drivers failed to install, i dont get a security notice and extracted

Adam Hartman: I cannot find the run with restore file for some reason in the folders the download links come with

Gauge Brown: My kindle is taking too long to boot up at the last restore part, so I can't restore the data, can someone help me for this?

BigShirley: do u know how to convert to a windows 8 ???

Deidre Payne: this was the only tutorial i found that actually made sense and worked. there may be others out there, but i stopped looking once i found one that worked for me.

s smith: Will it back up ALL files even games not from the app store?

Astro Code: ok so i fixed that prolem.. but now i run into yet another ... its saying that i dont have root in the app... i did everyhting you said ... do you have any recommendations?

OutOfTurns: Why is their a Camera taking pictures in the background? Or is that just the computer.

OutOfTurns: I wish their was a Easy way to Root a Kindle, Without downloading any Malware on my 3000$ Gaming PC, THANK GOD i have avast OTHER Wish my PC Would be freaked, Thanks avast!

Tianna Jacquez: anyone know about version 8.5.1??? I'd really like to root my Kindle but I cant find anything on how to.... sooo much frustration. I dont really know about what gereration it is, since this was given to me as a gift and its my first one... I don't know too much about it and I just want the Google Play store app. Then I can go from there... would take any suggestions... please and thank you :)

CiotMyster: I need help, everything works except at the end, the superuser app doesn't show up

karla bertu: will this work for kindle fire 3rd gen

CJ Thyn Derp: My computer isn't recognizing my kindle anymore, it's says it's charging from my computer but when I go to where it shows my hard drive nothing shows up! I have dev. mode on and I fiddled with the USB stuff and it still won't recognize it! Can anyone help?

Samantha Simpson: I dont see any backup options :(

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Kindle Fire HD how to ROOT 5 out of 5

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Kindle Fire HD how to ROOT
Kindle Fire HD how to ROOT
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Kindle Fire HD how to ROOT